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( ★Surviving Them Is Hell★ )

{The Light To Their Darkness🍊}.

By, Authoress P. Bey Writes

🌺🌺.CHAPTER: 1.🌺🌺

In the morning by the road side on Westbrook street was a young looking girl wearing a green jacket like clothing. In her hand were newspapers and fruits. “Good morning, do you want fresh fruits?” She asked a woman when a vehicle stopped.

“Hmm, papayas, bananas, melons and grapes? I’ll take 3 bags.” As requested the girl sold the fruits to the woman, “Have a lovely day miss!” The car drove off when the stoplight hit green.

“RM RM look!” A child who’s most likely from the age of 8 to ten yelled running to her, “Oh my lord Kayla what are you trying to do get yourself killed you crazy girl!”

“I have a flower! It’s pretty, just like you.” Putting down the fruits she smiled at the girl, “No Kayla, it’s pretty like you.” She took the flower and placed it in her hair.

There, in the middle of the road were two girls. The elder one selling news papers and fruits is Roxanne and we’ve already met Kayla. “(Giggles) I love you sis!”

“I love you too. Now come on I’ll help you cross the road.” After taking her to the other side where a cranky wooden stall stood she sat Kayla down and went back to selling her goods.


[Southern Canada_Silver Airlines]

A shiny golden jet peered through the white fluffy clouds, bringing out it’s wheels it got ready to land. After it landed the engine was shut off 10 minutes afterwards.

Slowly, an automatic stair case came down. Some hefty men dressed in full black suits and sun glasses climbed down the stairs carrying large suitcases along with them.

Soon after the men carried down all the suitcases, one of them dropped a suitcase by mistake breaking something inside of it.

“Hey! What the hell!?” A voice shouted from Inside, coming from the plane a guy maybe in his late teen teenage years held a stack of cards. He took his dark glasses off glaring at the men. “Nothing better not be broken from that suitcase, you’ll pay dearly if even a pin breaks.” He gave a rather stern warning.

The man gulped, he didn’t know what to tell his young Master. Meanwhile, car engines sounded throughout the airport and completely black vehicles came around the corners.

“Young Master Lee, your parents have arrived. Don’t you wish to go meet them sir?” A butler from the jet stepped out holding a tray with Caviar and Orange juice on it. “Sure…” He dipped a spoon inside and ate the Caviar savouring the taste.

“And tell Twinkle to get his áss out here. His stepmother and father are here for him.” The butler bowed, “Yes Young Master.” After finishing the Caviar and drinking a bottle of freshly squeezed Orange juice he walked down the flight of stairs still clutching the cards tightly.

From the vehicles, two of which are limousines emerged two different sets of families. The first had a pair of Pre-Teen twins with a rather good looking couple. The next had a young girl and another good looking couple.

“Lee Lee!” The female twin yelled running to meet her elder brother, “It’s just Lee Danika not Lee Lee but I miss you too.” He hugged and swirled her around laughing with her. The other twin texted on his phone completely not caring about what’s going on.

“Daryl! Your brother just got back from his trip and your here using your phone? Go greet him this instant!” The mother snatched the phone, Daryl wanted to complain but the glare he received shut him up.

“Hi, Lee.” With his face expressionless he greeted Lee, “Whatever, get the hell away from me.” A rude response came. Daryl glared at him and glanced at his mother, she rolled her eyes.

“Lee, why can’t you be nice to your little brother?” The mother and father went to greet him, “Read my lips… ‘I Don’t Like Him’ and you won’t force me too. Look how ugly he is why can’t he be as good looking as Danika?”

“Lee! That’s not how you talk to your brother!” He rolled his eyes with a sheepish smile, “Does it look like I care because I don’t.”

“You….” He embraced her in a hug, “I just got back from Korea and you can’t even greet me! You don’t love me anymore mommy?” Lee faked a cry.

“(Chuckles) We all miss you, even though you’ve only been away for a few months and you missed your Orientation.” His father chimed, “Cut me some slack dad!” All laughed in joy.

“Lee dear. Where’s Twinkle?” A woman who looks rather young, maybe 38 or so asked walking over. Her heels clicked as she stepped on the floor. “Wait, he isn’t out here? Moray!” Lee yelled out for the butler, from where he is he heard an ear piercing snarl followed by the butler running out looking horrified.

“What is wrong with you I said get Twinkle out here!”

“I tried but Master Twinkle said he doesn’t want to be disturbed and chased me out.”

“I’m not going to get him you go.” Lee walked away still holding Danika who looked happy, they all walked off talking happily to each other. The woman glanced at the man and the little girl ran off with inhuman speed to the jet.


Inside the jet, by the black tinted windows. There lay Twinkle, eyes shut, headphones on, one leg up with the other flat, hands under his and a bottle of water in a cup holder placed next to him. He seemed quite comfortable where he was indeed.

He looked rather peaceful and calm, “Twinkle your back!” Alessia the young girl from earlier yelled, Twinkled heard but didn’t move or showed any interest of somewhat in the girl.

She, didn’t give up. Going to sit next to him she stared at his face, from her little back she took a red packet. “Here, I brought this for you…” Her voice was so meek and tiny. Twinkle was still silent, “Twinkle…” She touched his arm.

That’s when his eyes opened, they shun bright gold color. Pupils were sharp like that of a cat, vision keen and clear. Gaze sharp like razors, he still didn’t move but gave a vicious glare.

“Twinkle, please take it.” She pushed it towards him. Furrowing his brows he closed his eyes again, she started sobbing. Her parents walked in, seeing her cry they confronted him.

“Twinkle! Do you have to be so rude? She’s giving you a welcoming gift and all you can do is ignore her? How selfish can you be!?” She was angry, Twinkle showed no sign or remorse.

“Twinkle I am your mother you answer when I speak young man!” That’s when he sat up, he slashed the window opening it completely. The sunlight shining on his skin made it twinkle, that’s how he got his name.

“You. Are. Not. My. Mother.” Were the words he said as he turned to look at her, each one was cold and held no emotion in them. They were sound and clear, “I may not be your birth mother but I am your step mother! Show at least some respect son.” Trying to touch his hand he stood up.

“Good. Don’t compare yourself to my mother, your not her…” He placed a finger on her chest, “And you’ll never be her. Stop trying to replace her. And don’t call me son, you’ve got one child and that’s her.” He said referring to Alessia.

“Twinkle! Stop being childish will you talk to your mother!” His father who got frustrated yelled at Twinkle, bad decision. In a flash he was before his father, eyes blood red, breathing ragged, jaws clenched, fists balled. “Don’t. Raise. Your. Voice. At. Me.” Each word were cold like newly made icicles, they were sharp, ready to pierce through someone’s heart.

“Or what Twinkle? What will you do? Hit your father?” He laughed dryly, “That could be arranged.” Twinkle walked off making sure his shoulders collided with his father’s. His stepmother glared at her husband. “What?” He asked.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to piss him off you know how he is! Be nice.” A low growl came from her throat and she walked out taking Alessia who was still sobbing.


Arriving outside he put the headphones around his neck, he saw Lee sitting on the Limo’s back chatting with his family happily. A certain anger came to him, clenching his jaws he went straight to the vehicle but was stopped by Lee.

“You okay T?” Lee tilted his head to the side, “You can stay at one of my Villa’s if you want.”

“No. I’m fine.” His response was dead and dry, he walked straight passed him and went to sit inside a vehicle. Lee didn’t seemed bother, seems like he’s used to this type of behavior from him maybe.

Twinkle’s family came later on, soon everyone part ways heading to separate mansions. Lee will be spending the remaining time he has left with his parents until he goes off to college.

The car ride was silent, Twinkle hummed a soft tune as he rest his head back on the seat. His eyes were closed, he looked so calm. Alessia looked up at his face and smiled. She scooted over closer to him and rested her head on his arm.

At first, he felt annoyed but let her do what she likes. “Twinkle, how was the fly back?” His stepmother, Violet asked breaking the silence. “Good.” His reply was breif and uninterested. “Okay so, how was Korea? What did you do? Where’d you go?”

“To see my ‘Real’ Mother’s grave.” Eyes opened he glanced at Violet, he stressed the word ‘Real’ purposely to hurt Violet. She cleared her throat. “Okay, so how does it look? Does it need to be cleaned or anything?”

“That’s non of your business. Stop questioning me I’m not in the mood for you bullshít.”

“Twinkle!” His father has had enough, “Your mother’s death isn’t to be blamed on Violet.”

“Firstly, don’t raise your voice at me. Secondly, you both are lousy disgusting animals. Thirdly, you both are to be blamed for her death.” His father was enraged, “How dare you…” Before the sentence was finished Twinkle vanished into thin air.


It was now evening, Roxanne had a small break. She sat in the stall with Kayla still seated curious as usual glancing at all the vehicles driving by.

“RM, when your a singer one day will you buy a car?” A question came from the blues, “When I’m a singer I’ll buy whatever you want. For now, I’ll have to work hard for that okay?”

They smiled warmly at each other, after her break Roxanne gave strict warnings to Kayla not to leave the stall. Under the warm evening sun she held the newspaper and tried selling them.

As she stood there, a cool wind blew and her hair scattered all over her face, after removing it, from a distance she saw the most shiny vehicles she’s ever set eyes upon.

In total, there was three with the middle one being a Limo. She stared at it, everyone stared at it with admiring eyes. The windows were so dark it’s impossible to see who’s driving or even the passengers.

Roxanne looked away after sighing, whoever is in it must be so well off. She turned away and went to sell someone, the window slid down from the top and slender flawless fingers came from the Limo, between them were notes of money. The person dropped it to the floor. When the light hit green it drove away.

“Thank you so much sir please come again!” Roxanne smiled warmly tucking the money in her pocket, she went back to her spot after and saw the notes. She took them up and counted them, “What in the name God!?” She looked around desperately to see who dropped so much money. There was no one.

Ten frickin Thousand dollars was what got dropped in total when she counted it, with a confused nervous look she tucked the money in her pocket and shed a small tear.

“I can buy my uniforms now!” Her happiness was over the moon, she quickly packed up and crossed the road to where Kayla was. “RM I’m hungry.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll buy you something nice today!”


“Come come.” Roxanne took Kayla to a local bakery, one she’s only dreamt of going in. She bought her and her sister donuts and croissants. Of course she saved some for her parents.

But as her and Kayla ate suddenly some men rushed into the store, they had black masks on. They were robbers, “Alright everybody get down on the floor now and no one gets hurt!” He shot bullet to the ceiling making everyone scream.


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