CAUGHT IN THE ACT … (18+) … Part 1

“Hey guys don’t forget about my bday party tonight. Its bound to be awesome.” Leriq announced to his circle of friends. They had just finished a boring lecture and six of them were hanging out at a sit-out. Fola, Leriq, Funke, Orji, Faith and her boyfriend, Ola.

Funke: You dey mad ni? How we go take forget when we have been invited to a free meal?
Orji: And free booze.
Leriq: Make I no hear say somebody couldn’t make it. Na then una go sabi say harmattan dey chill body.
Faith: So, whats up? What kinda food are we expecting?
Leriq: Food keh? Na pepper soup things. Fola and Funke will come over later to start preparing it. My girlfriend has already bought the condiments.
Ola: Na me go dey in charge of drinks department o.

Orji: Na who dey talk that kain talk? Omo, make me and you no drag that area o.
Faith: (to Ola) baby, let me rush to my apartment. I’ll have to go to the cleaner to get the dress I want to wear.
Ola: Should I wait for you?
Faith: Nah, I’ll meet you at Leriq’s place.
Ola: (frowned) You sure?
Faith: Don’t worry bae, I’ll be there on time.
Fola: Love wantiti
Orji: It is love nwantinti. Onye ofe mmanu a.
Ola: Jealousy!

Later, in the evening when the party was in full swing, Leriq led his girlfriend into his room. He was staying in his family house, but his parents and siblings were out of town. So, that was why he decided to host his party there. When he had ente red his room with his girlfriend, he started kiss ing her and she responded. Soon, their clothes started flying out of their bodies and unto the floor. He positioned her in the missionary style (chai, this missionary style don suffer kwanu). He didn’t waste time in entering her. Her body movement told him that it pained her, so, he removed his dick. He stretched his hand and grabbed a small bottle of lube and smeared it on his dick and inside her kitty. Her vagina was dry because she wasn’t really horny.
After he had fucked her for six minutes, she whispered to him to cum quick that she still has an all-night rehearsal that night. Feeling a sense of duty, he directed his mind to an early ejaculation. He increased his thrusting speed which soon had her moaning gibberish. He released and they cleaned up. She left afterwards.

Ola came into his room minutes later with a drink he was drinking.
Ola: Dude, whats up? Why are you here alone?
Leriq: I just want to rest a little.
Ola: (sniffed around) Where is your girlfriend?
Leriq: She has left.
Ola: Already?
Leriq: Yeah, she said she has an all-night rehearsal.
Ola: Oh, theatre arts students.
Leriq went to his fridge and brought out some drinks. He told Ola that they should see who will finish more bottles. So, they started a drinking contest right there in his room. Hours later, they both became inebriated and soon started chatting dirty.

Leriq: I just finished fucking my gf, she didn’t even suck my dick before she left.
Ola: Yea, I smelled sex when I entered. You didn’t ask her to suck you?
Leriq: I guess she was in a hurry.
Ola: You like being sucked that much?
Leriq: Who doesn’t like getting head?
Ola: Aii, let me see how your dick is. If it’s bigger than mine.


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