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Minutes later, she returned to meet Isabella’s curious gaze.

“Miss, are you perchance pregnant?” She asked.

Valerie smiled before nodding her head.

“Then why are you here? Did you do something to them?” Isabella asked worriedly.

“I didn’t. I wouldn’t have been here if I wasn’t selfish” Valerie mumbled.

“What do you mean?” Isabella asked.

Valerie was about to reply her when the door suddenly bursted open.

She wasn’t expecting less when Andres appeared before her.

“I guess you are surprised to see me” Andres smirked.

“Why am I here?” She asked slowly, glaring at him angrily. She felt like killing him that instant.

“You brought me here, didn’t you?”

Andres smiled.

“Who else do you think? Oh, you think I’m a saint?” He laughed.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not”

Valerie flared up in anger immediately.

“You devil! Fernando trusted you! He took you as his brother! How could you do this to him?!” Valerie shouted.

“Because I hate him! I’ve been his greatest enemy right from the beginning and being the fool he was, he didn’t even noticed” Andres said.

“And you? You shouldn’t have entered his life, you should have come with me when I asked you to. Now, you’re a pawn in this game. I’m going to use you to eliminate Fernando”

Immediately Isabella heard Fernando’s name, she sprang up and went to them.

“Did you just say Fernando? You know my son?” She asked Valerie.

“You know my Ferdie? Tell me, where’s he? Where’s my son?” She cries.

“Get the f**k away, old lady” Andres said angrily and pushed her away.

Isabella screamed as she fell to the floor and that was what made Valerie angrily. She stood up and landed a very hot slap on his cheek.

“You bastard! You don’t deserve to live at all! I thought you are a human not knowing you’re a beast, you monster!!”

Andres growled lowly and landed a punch on her face.

Valerie fell to the floor, her hands went to her cheek which was already stained with blood. Isabella quickly went to her.

“Lowly bìtch” he spat.

He bent and grab her hair very hard.

“Listen here, Fernando is not here to save you and mind it… If Fernando should not appear here before midnight, then consider yourself dead. Let’s see how important you are to Fernando” he said.

Valerie spat at his face in anger.

“You’ll never defeat Fernando, he’ll be the one to kill you”

“Shut the f**k up!” He yelled, hitting her on her face again.

“Stop it! Stop hurting her please!” Isabella begged

Andres ignores her and drags Valerie to her feet.

“Proving tough, huh? I know how to deal with bitches like you”

He drags her by her hair very hard and Valerie had to squeeze her face in pain.

“Don’t do anything to her please, don’t hurt her! Hurt me instead!” Isabella begged.

Andres ignored her and dragged Valerie out of the room.

Isabella watched as he dragged Valerie out in pain, she was just so sad that she couldn’t do anything to save her.

“She’s pregnant” she sobbed silently.



“What are you going to do now? She seems to be very angry with you” Mateo said.

“Take me to where those bítches are” Don said angrily, referring to Della and Sara

“They’re in the torture room, follow me” they both went to the torture room.

Della and Sara were being tortured by the time they got there.

“Master… We’re so sorry, please pardon us” Della begged. Her body was already filled with blood.

“I placed my daughter under your care, but what did you do? You f**king treated her like a slave! You and your daughter maltreated her and do you know the repercussion? Death” Don growled.

Sara’s eyes widened.

“Master, please we beg of you. Please don’t kill us” she begged weakly. She was already feeling weak.

“I don’t joke with my Lola and you know that!” Don looked at the men.

“Torture them to death, let them feel what my daughter felt when they were treating her like a slave. Let them feel what my daughter passed through for those years I was absent from her life”

“Master please! Master!” Della screamed as they started beating her.

Her cries of pains filled the room and she was beaten badly.

Don ignored her and left the room.

Sara bit her lips hardly, at that moment, she suddenly wished for death. To her, death was far more better than this.

“Arghhhh!!!!” She screamed loudly and starts coughing out blood almost immediately.

She was bleeding from both her mouth and her ears.

“Mom….” She stuttered out before losing her consciousness immediately.

“Sara! Sara!!” Della screamed.

“Please save my daughter! Save my daughter!” She screamed.


“Master! There’s a message!” A guy rushed to Mateo and Don.

“From who?” Don asked.


Don quickly look at him.

“What’s it all about?” He asked.

The guy handed the letter to him.

“WTF!!!” Don yelled after he read what was in the letter

“What happen?” Mateo asked.

Don quickly entered a room and came out with different guns.

“Prepare some men, we’re killing Arturo before daydawn” he ordered and Mateo stares at him in confusion.



“Alex! Did you have an idea of where she might be?” Camila asked immediately she sighted Alex.

“She’s with Arturo” Alex replied.

“What?! How come?”

“This is all because of me and I must stop this too” Alex said.

Jade stares at him.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I’m going to Arturo and it is right now!” He said.

“What! Are you out of your senses?” Jade yelled.

“That’s because I have to save Boss lady and her baby! If anything should happen to them, then I’m dead!” Alex fired back.

“That’s not the way Alex…” Camila tried saying.

“I already made up my mind and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me” Alex muttered before walking away.

Jade followed him immediately.

“Jerk! Do you realize you may die there?!” She shouted.

Alex stopped walking and turned to face her.

“I know, I’m sacrificing my life for the Boss. That’s how loyal I am to him” Alex replied.

“Then what about me? What do you expect me to do when you get hurt? What do you expect me to do when you don’t return back?!” Jade shouted


“Do you think I can take it? Don’t go, Alex, please” Jade begged.

Alex moved closer to her.

“I’ll be back, I promise. I’ll be safe” he muttered.

Jade broke down in tears.

“This is the right thing to do, I need to protect Boss lady, to make sure she’s fine” He added.


“I’ll be back, I promise … For you” he whispered before slamming his lips on hers.


Who’s ready for the battle??????


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.