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After the meeting at the park, they met each other again, till they became friends. Fernando was always with her though he never met her father once, as he was a business man as they say.

Lola’s mother, Maria is also close to his parents due to the friendship between their children.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Valerie asked, jolting him out of his thoughts.

She broke the hug to look at him.

“You’re shocked too, right?” She scoffed.

“How can he just appear out of nowhere claiming to be my father after twelve years. Twelve f**king years!” She blew out air from her mouth angrily.

“Who’s he to you? How did he get into your room?” She questioned Fernando.

The door opened and Alex entered.

“Boss, Don just left now and he asked me to tell you not to do anything now. He said we should lay low as things are getting twisted” He said.

“You can go” Fernando said.

“About Andres… Now that Don said…”

“Just leave!!” Fernando growled which startled both Alex and Valerie.

Alex looked at Valerie before bowing his head

“Yes Boss” he left the room.

“Ferdie, Is the man who left here just now Don? He’s the one who saved you from Arturo? The one who ordered you to kill me?” Valerie asked slowly.


“How could he? What if you had ended up killing me, will he have the gut to come here and tell me he’s my father?!”

“Lola…” Fernando called slowly.

“I… I miss you” he whispered.

“What are you saying?” Valerie asked, slightly confused of what he’s saying.

“It’s me… Ferd. It’s Ferd, I miss you so much” he pulled her to a tight hug.

“Did you just say Ferd? You’re Ferd?”

Fernando nodded repeatedly. He couldn’t believe his long lost love was right under his nose and he never knew.

He should have suspected it immediately he craved for her the very day he met her. He should have known when he never kill her no matter what she did to him…

“My goodness! You’re Ferd! I miss you, so f**king much” Valerie smiled happily.

“Why did you suddenly disappeared without any words? You left without even telling me anything. I lost my mom and…”

Fernando cuts her off.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled.

I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.. If I hadn’t insisted on seeing you that day, your mom wouldn’t have died. My parents would still be alive by now. They wouldn’t have killed them” Fernando muttered.

Valerie quickly disengaged from the hug to stare at him.

“What are you talking about? My mom? Who killed my mom?”

“That day, I wanted to see you because I missed you, my parents couldn’t do anything but to do it for me as I’m their only child. We were on our way to your house when we were suddenly ambushed by Arturo and his men. They killed my mom and Dad without any pity, they also tried to kill me, but I ran out of there according to my mom’s instructions.” Tears fell from his eyes as he narrated the incident to her.

“They chased after me, I was so scared as I couldn’t get the scene of my parent’s getting killed by them out of my head. Then, I saw your Mom as I was almost close to your house. Your Mom died while saving me, she took the bullet that was meant for me. It was my fault, I blamed myself for it every night. I just couldn’t forgive myself as I see myself as a murderer. I killed my parents and I killed your…. I killed your mom” he sniffs.

Valerie was taken aback from his sudden confession. He killed her mother? The reason behind all her sufferings was because of him? The reason why her Dad suddenly left her was all because of him?

“Lola…” Fernando tried to touch her but she quickly stepped back.

For a second, hurt flashed in his eyes as she stare at him with nothing but hatred.

“Don’t… Don’t come closer” she warned.


“Don’t come closer you bastard!” She screamed.

“You… My mom!” Tears came rolling down her cheeks like a river.

“All my life, I asked myself why my Mom suddenly left me without a word. I asked myself why my loved ones kept leaving me. Firstly, it was my Mom, then my Dad and then you! I searched everywhere for you, Ferd. I was alone, I was traumatized” By now, her eyes was already red as a result of excess tears.

“You killed my mom! You made me an orphan! I regret ever knowing you, Fernando! I regret ever meeting you! And, I’m going to get rid of this baby in my stomach! I can’t give birth to a monster’s child” she said bitterly.

She looked at him for the last time before rushing out of the room in tears.

“Valerie!” Fernando rushed out of the room but she was nowhere to be seen.

He punched the wall beside him angrily in rage as he yelled out angrily.

His eyes was already red, he was in fire. He could feel his heart shredding into pieces as he suddenly felt empty.

For the first time in his life, he was suddenly scared. He was scared of losing her, their baby and lastly, he’s scared of losing the only thing that have ever want to make him happy.


Valerie kept running out in tears, she was already having a running nose as a result of the excess tears. Her head was already throbbing badly but still she cared less.

The thought of the man she had come to love was the reason why her mom died was like a knife piercing her heart.

“Mom….” She called inwardly.

Tears clouded her vision as she kept running, she was heading out of the clan as she couldn’t imagine herself staying with him anymore.

Andres was on his way to visit Arturo when he saw Valerie running out alone.

A thought suddenly crepy into his mind and he let out an evil smirk.

He quickly came down from his car when he was so close to her and brought out his gun from his pocket.

When he was close to her, unaware to Valerie as she was lost in her own thoughts.

Andres used the bottom of the gun and hit her head very hard. Immediately, Valerie fell to the ground, losing her consciousness as blood seeped out of her head slowly.

“You shouldn’t have come out alone, Val” Andres mumbled to himself.

He looked around and when he saw no one in sight, he carried her and walked to his car.

He dropped her on the back seat, after locking the car door, he entered at the other end and drove off instantly.

“Arturo will be so glad to see this surprise” he smiled to himself.



“What’s wrong? Val isn’t back yet. I badly wanna know what the Boss said” Camila said.

Jade sat up weakly, she was suddenly feeling weak that she wondered what she was actually drugged with.

“Let’s be patient” she muttered.

“I’m just curious” Camila sighed.

A knock was heard and she suddenly went to open it, hoping it’s Valerie but she was disappointed when she met Alex by the door.

“Is Boss lady in?” Alex asked, breathing heavily.

He was standing by Fernando’s door when he suddenly felt to urge to pee, he quickly went to restroom and by the time he was back, she wasn’t there anymore.

Fernando was really mad when he heard he wasn’t with Valerie. He had instructed him to make sure she’s safe or else he was going to lose his head that very day.

He took to his heels immediately and rushed to the only place he knew she would be… Her room.

“Is she in?” He asked again.

“She’s not. Isn’t she with you?” Camila asked.

“No, she’s not” Alex said. He could feel his heart thudding loud in it’s ribcage.

He’s surely dead if Valerie turns out to be missing.

“What do you mean she’s not with you? I thought you’re her bodyguard” Camila said.

“F**k!” Alex rushed out of the place immediately in search of Valerie.

He searched everywhere in the clan and she was nowhere to be seen. One thing that made him more mad was that, he discovered Andres isn’t in the clan also.


Fernando paced around his room restlessly, his mind was mainly on one person… Valerie

The door was suddenly opened and he quickly turned to look at the person who entered.

“Is she in her room?” He quickly asked.

Alex shook his head.

“Boss lady is missing” he dropped the bombshell.

Fernando could swear he heard a loud bang in his head. What he had long been preventing suddenly happened.

The only person his mind went to that could do that was no other than….

“And… Andres is missing too” Alex said.

Fernando’s head exploded immediately.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.