CALAMITIES – Episode 1

Episode One.

Helen James was in the kitchen preparing rice and stew for her husband and son who were running late from work, it’s almost nine pm yet they weren’t back.

Her husband, kunle had called her thirty minutes ago to prepare something to eat while they were coming, now she was wondering why they hadn’t come home even though she had this bad feeling, she brushed it off and guessed it was traffic holding them up.

‘Lagos and their traffics’ she smiled as she had that thought remembering when she was in a traffic jam that lasted for a good one hour when she was returning from the market.
She brushed everything off as she resumed cooking.

Her other son, Timmy who was half of his brother, Jimmy; in other words, twins.
He came rushing down the stairs and heading to the kitchen.

“Mummy you have a call”. He said handing her her phone, she quickly cleaned her hands with a kitchen towel as her phone was still ringing.
“Hello.” she said into the reciever.

“Good evening, is this the resident of the James?” the unknown caller asked.

“Yes, this is Helen James speaking. So who are you?” she asked again irritated.

“Okay, am Dr. Phillip Abu from Healing Balm hospital.” the caller informed.

“Okay so how may I help you doctor?” she asked wondering why a doctor would call her by this time of the night.

“Am calling to let you know that your husband and son was involve in a ghastly motor accident and am afraid, they were the only ones who didn’t make it”. The Dr told her, then suddenly there was scream and a clash of something that sounded like a pot falling to the ground and he heard a voice saying something that sounded like mom and was wondering what had happened, he was still in the phone hoping for someone to answer at least to know everything was ok, luckily, A boy picked the phone up and before he could say anything, he screamed into the reciever making Dr. Abu to adjust the phone from his ear.

“What did you tell my mum?” Timmy demanded.

“Easy young man,” doctor Abu said.

“Tell me what you told my mum!” Timmy still demanded.

“I just informed her that your dad and brother was involved in a ghastly car accident and they didn’t survive it.” he said then suddenly he heard the phone being dropped hard and was disconnected.

Timmy held close to his mom, he wanted to cry but couldn’t.

“What if what the man said was true?” he heard his mom said still crying.

“Mummy we can’t be sure.” Timmy was trying to reassure his mom.

“Them why ain’t they back from work, Tim?” his mother asked and Timmy couldn’t answer that, instead he suggested they try their number again which Helen did immediately Timmy suggested it, she was apparently faster than a raging cheetah the way she rushed the phone and immediately speed dial her husband’s number.
It was switched off and she immediately tried her other son’s number, it was also switched off and this confirmed her fears and she suddenly decided to try the doctor’s number, at first it wasn’t going through but she still dialed it again and this time it rang and the doctor picked it.

“Doctor Abu please it’s Helen James, where’s your hospital located!”. . .


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