David’s mum: he was involved in an
accident, he drove off the road,he wanted
to kill himself
Me: how long has he been like this
Bidemi: for three days just like you were
and we are hoping that he will wake up
David’s mum: child you need to rest
Me: no!(I knew that they wanted me leave
David, but I am not leaving him alone, I will
stay with him until he wakes up, I do not
care if we are brother and sister as this
doesn’t change the way I feel towards him)
David’s mum: tumi both of u matter to me,
don’t you know how much pain that I feel
when three of my four children are
suffering, you and David and Daniel are
hurting very much
Me: (I looked at her) I don’t want to be
your child (I said as tears gathered in my
eyes, I couldn’t just accept her as my
mother, I even wished that I hadn’t knew
the truth, I actually preferred the lies at
least I will have less troubles to worry
David’s mum: please my daughter, I have
longed so much for you
Me: I am not your daughter please, I don’t
want you to be my mother
David’s mum: it’s ok my child, I understand
how hurt you are, (she said as she walked
out and I moved closer to David and I held
his hands as tears gathered in my eyes and
I remember the first time we met and all
out time together, why is Destiny playing
with us, why is life so unfair to me despite
all that I have been through, I still can’t be
happy, I have always wished to know my
parents but now I wished that I never knew
them, no amount of words could describe
how I felt and I know David must have felt
the same way and then decided to kill
himself, I squeezed his palm lightly and i
hopped in my mind that he will wake up
and be alright, I felt a gentle hand on my
shoulder and I looked back and saw

Bidemi: let us pray for David
Me:(I never believed in prayers but now I
just need to hold on to something, I need
peace in my life so I nodded and Bidemi
held my hands and told me to say amen to
her prayers and I said it until she was
through praying, she left me and I laid
beside David on the hospital bed and
stared at his face until I feel asleep, I woke
up later to some one speaking to David’s
father, I did not open my eyes but I listened
to what they said)
Doctor: we have the results of the DNA test
David’s dad: what does it read
Doctor: why do you think that David and
daniel aren’t your children
David’s dad: because my wife’s first child
was a boy but that baby was born dead
and in the same hospital another woman
gave birth to twin boys but she died and I
knew my wife will not handle losing a child,
so I took the twin boys
Doctor:how could you do that( I couldn’t
believe what I was hearing and I felt as if
there were more truths to be told, then
suddenly I felt David move his hand that I
was holding and I thought as well that the
doctor and David’s dad noticed as well as
they stopped talking, but David did not
move his hand again until he squeezed my
hands and I opened my eyes)
Me: David(I called to him as he opened his
eyes slowly)
David’s dad: he’s awake!(he exclaimed as
the doctor came to him and checked him
although he was been attended to by a
doctor he still held my hand, I am so happy
that he is awake)


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