i told my friends about the progress on
finding my parents but sharon commented
telling me that when mama d mentioned
that i have three siblings, daniel, david and
damilola are siblings and i could be their
sister but i told her that god will not let that
be because david can never be my brother
and daniel too can’t be, well we waved that
idea off and we returned to our hostel but
when sharon went to the club and bidemi
slept off i remained awake thinking about
all that mama d said, i was thinking about
how it would have been if i wasn’t stolen
from my parent, maybe i could or might
have lived a better life, but all has
happened and all i want now is to find my
parent after 19 years, then the thought
came into my mind concerning what
sharon had said about the probability that
david, daniel and damilola were my siblings
both i then waved that thought off, it could
never be possible and i don’t want it to be,
then i went to bed, after thinking about
david, i have not still heard from him and
although i badly miss him i just want to
give time and let destiny take its course
over our love, the next afternoon i left with
bidemi to the station where mama d was
already prepared and so where the security
that were going with her, i guess she had
already told them where we were going to
because immediately we got there, we got
into their van and we set out, my suspicion
began when we drove into david’s street
and my heart increased its beat when we
got to david’s gate and the gate man
opened the door as we drove in, i could
gather from all the cars packed there that
they were all in well all except daniel who is
in jail, we got down and i looked fro but in
my mind i wished that sharon’s word will
not be true as a lot of things will go wrong
in my life, when we got in i saw david’s
father sitted down with david’s mother and
dami also sitting stood up as soon as she
saw me and she came to hug me)
dami: tumi we have missed
me: i have also missed you too dami (i said
then david’s parent stood up)
david’s mum: ngozi what are you doing in
my house (she said to mama d, well i
guess they already knew each other from
long ago because i never knew that mama
d was ngozi) after all that you and your
husband did to my family, you still have the
rights to come to my house (david’s mum
said angrily, i have never seen her this
angry before, then the inspector spoke out)
inspector: mrs odetola calm down please,
this detainee is hear to say some truth and
it will be good if you hear her because she
has limited time (he said to david’s mum
who just nodded and looked at mama d)
david’s mum: so what do you want to say
mama d: my husband was the one who too
your second daughter
david’s mum: what (she exclaimed)
mama d: but when he took her, he then
faked the news that he had thrown her into
the river and drowned her, he did that so
you would not be able to find your daughter
(as she was speaking my mind went totally
away accessing every information that
comes out)
david’s mum: so where the heck is my
daughter, where did your husband take my
little girl too (she shouted at mama d)
where is she
mama d: (she is here (she pointed at me at
first i thought she was pointing at someone
else but then i realised she was pointing to
me and then i heard a loud “what” and i
looked back and saw david, he was so
shocked that he was glued to his feets, was
he there all the time, i also became shocked
so i was their stolen daughter)
david’s mum: (she pointed at me with her
hands shaking in fear and i could see tears
forming in her eyes) she! tumi is my

mama d: yes she is the eight month old
twin sister of this daughter you have with
you (she pointed at dami, what the f–k
dami and i are twin, its impossible we don’t
even look alike, definitely this woman is
talking rubbish) i am not lying about this
kemi, my husband took your daughter and
brought her to me, but he died two months
later after been in an accident, i then
deliberately refused to give you back your
child (her voice had become cloudy and
her eyes were now teary) because my
husband always loved you over me and he
would do anything for you, he thought of
you till his last breath and so i made sure
that i will make your daughter pay for that,
i made her into a prostitute, at an early age
because i know how much pain it will
cause to you finding your daughter as a
prostitute (she said and then i realised that
she was referring to me, so that was why
she always hated me, i knew there was
more to her hatred for me but what i cant
still accept is that the odetola are my family
it just could not happen)
david’s mum: why did you do all this, why?
(she asked as tears rolled down her eyes
and everyone else just watched like as if it
was a drama, david was stumped shocked
and i could not tell what he was going
through because he just remained blank
but i could tell what was going on with me,
i felt sad, happy and angry at the same
time, i finally find my family after nineteen
years but then they turn out to be the
family of the only man that i love, all this
truth is just getting me crazy, i don’t think i
can handle anything more, i can not)


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