David’s mother: are you OK child! (she said
waking me up from my thoughts and i
shook my head)
me: no! mum i am not OK (i said as tears
formed in my eyes)
David”s mother: i understand how you feel
me: mum how am i supposed to know who
is who, i mean i already fell for Daniel’s
David”s mum: tumi you will have to know
what David has that Daniel doesn’t have, or
the behaviors that he exhibits and his
brother doesn’t, you know that David has
some habits with you, some private things
he does with you. those are the way you
can differentiate between David and Daniel
me: (i sighed) mum Daniel is cunny right?
he may adapt to all David behaviors and
habit and trick me
David’s mum: child you fell in love with
David and you have spent a lot of time with
him, you are the only one who will be able
to differentiate between those two apart
from me. (she placed her palm on my
chest) your heart loves only one, even if
there are so many that looks like him, you
can still tell who is who
me: thank you mum, i will do all that you
David”s mum: you are welcomed my child
but just be careful
me: OK ma ( i faked a smile and walked
out of her room, i was all confused of what
to do, why will the creator have to create
the one i love to have an exact duplicate, to
be sincere i could not have know that that
was Daniel, i got to my room and sat down
on the bed when i heard a knock on my
door) who is there
from outside the room
David: its me tumininu
me: (oh god is this the real David or his
twin, i sighed and went to open the door
and he came in looking quite exhausted
and i looked at him carefully and saw that
truly there was a difference in the twins)
David: tumi am sorry that i left without
telling you, hope mum delivered the
me: yes she did (i said but then i decided
to tell him about Daniel’s trick) but she was
a little bit late with her message
David: (he looked at me with two surprised
me: i did not know you had gone out, but
Daniel came to me dressed like you and
acted like you, he told me that he had
changed his mind concerning yesterdays
decision and that he wanted me to stay
back at home (i could see the anger in his
eyes and he clenched his fist tightly)
David: but how did you find out that it was
me: mum told me
David : (he hit his fist on the wall out of
anger) so you could not tell that i wasn’t
the one? (he asked me and i shook my
head) dam Daniel, its like as if i don’t even
have my own personality
me: i am really sorry David but i will not fall
for him again

David: that b—–d sure will not stop until i
deal with him (he said out of anger as he
walked out of the room and i followed him
until he got to Daniels room and without
hesitating he barged open the door and
before his brother could react he landed
blows on Daniel continuously and they
both began to land punches on each other,
then David’s father came alongside the
gate man and they pulled the two of them
David’s father: what is wrong with the both
of you? ( he said as they were pulled apart
and David came to me, i saw that he was
bleeding from a cut on the side of his lips
and his eyes, Daniel too was also injured)
David: Daniel i will no longer allow you to
stay in this house
Daniel: (laughed) are the owner of this
house, this house belongs to dad and i can
stay here
David: you are a b—–d why most you
always interfere with my life
Daniel: because we are twins David
David: i swear if you ever try fooling tumi
again, i will not be responsible for what i
will do to you ( he said as he held my hand
and walked out of the room and back to
my room, i immediately got some spirit and
some cotton wool to help him clean his
me: why did you get into a fight David (i
said as i cleaned his injuries)
David: i just would not sit and watch him
interfere in my life and my relationship with
me: its OK it will never happen again this i
promise you 9 i said but he just held my
hands and looked at me)
David: tumininu how do you know that if i
am the one with you, if i am the true David
and not Daniel


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