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BULLIED – Episode 2



I saw a girl with glasses that’s of the same height with me. Although, I’m a year older than Ashley, she way taller and fatter than I am.

Her stature really makes her feel popmpous.

The girl held her hand while she made attempt to slap me, thereby stopping the slap from getting to me.

All Ashley and her friends did was laugh hysterically.

“Look who came to save a bitch like herself from getting assaulted” Ashley said as she jerked her hand away.

Even if you choose to be a bully in your entire life, you shouldn’t show yourself to a new comer.

You could’ve at least given her a week to welcome her. The fact that she works as a maid in your house doesn’t give you the damn right to bully her and treat her like trash.

“Who knows if you’d later become a maid at her house in the future” the girl said angrily.

I guess you’ve forgotten who you are in the class, just because I wanna free you from being assaulted because you’ve got a junior now doesn’t give you damn right to sass me, okay? Now fuck off!!! Ashley said and pushed her roughly that she fell to the floor and her glasses flung away.

I rushed to where the glasses was flinging to. I was quick to catch it before it get to the floor, to avoid it getting broken.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry about that, thanks for saving me. Here is your glasses” I said to the girl.

“I’m fine too, thanks for saving my glasses,it means a lot to me” she replied.

“Bunch of wretched bitches” Ashley cursed us both. So class, feel free to send them whatsoever errand it is you wanna send them. Ashley said to the whole students and they finally walked to their seats majestically

Lot of teachers came In to teach us some subjects and I must confess, I understood everything that’s being taught. I’m the brilliant type, but the schools I’ve been attending weren’t good ones, so it didn’t help me increase in knowledge.

I was feeling uneasy, so i decided to go ask the girl that saved me for the direction to where the restroom is.

C’mon girl, everything in the school is easy. There are arrow signs placed on every walls of the school and the direction of where it leads to are written there.

Come let’s go together, I can as well show you some places within the vicinity. She said

I’m Tessa, you? She said as we walked back from the restroom.

“I’m Stephanie” I replied. “It’s nice meeting you” she said

Is that how rude and heartless Ashley and are friends are? Do they bully you? I asked

“Yes” infact, they act like they own the school. Those are the queens of the school.

No one, not even the seniors in SS3 dares to question their authority. They call themselves “AFI” girls. Ashley-Flora-Irene and Ashley happen to be

They’re the school best group of dancers….

They’ve been bullying me ever since I got to this school. That was after they got to know I got enrolled into the school on scholarship.

It’s not that I can’t fight back, I can always stand up for myself. But I’ve been warned never to engage in things that’s forfeit my scholarship.

I’m just a maid like you are, but a maid in a woman’s house whose children are grown ups. She’s the only one at home, her children and hubby aren’t here in Nigeria.

I pleaded to her to let me finish my secondary school, so she helped me obtain the scholarship examination form and I was lucky to pass the examination and get admitted into the school.

Ashley hates the less privileged ones with passion, that’s why she treat us without respect.

Do you mind telling me how you ended up being a maid? She requested.

My parents dumped me at the front of the orphanage while I was q baby. A childless couple was fortunate to find me before anyone in the orphanage did.

They bred and fed me till i grew up a bit, tho not without maltreating me after finally having their children.

I’ve been running from one house to the other working as their maid and that’s how I got myself sponsored to government school till I got to this level… I narrated including how I met Ashley mum too.

She told me hers too but not as pathetic as mine, because she has a mother who happens to be poor too.

“We’ll continue our discussion later” I said as we got back to the classroom.

“Alright dear” she replied.

It was lunch period already, so ever students hurried down the stairs to the school cafeteria.

Tessa and I also went out of the class after concluding the exercise a teacher gave us to do.

Tessa was called by a teacher, so she asked me to wait for her at the stairs.

I was lost staring at the hallway admiring it’s beauty when I heard someone talk behind me.

Hey bitch! I heard and turned back to face who it was. Before I knew it, Ashley pushed me down the stairs.

I didn’t even step on a stair because she pushed me hard. I tried holding something but couldn’t, all the students were just staring at me, no one helped me.

Aaaaaargh!!! I screamed frightfully as I got closer to the floor, all I could do was close my eyes ready to meet my fate.

💥 i’m wishing my dearest fans A prosperous and happy New year😍🌋

May this year favour us all💓


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