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BULLIED – Episode 1


🌞Monday Morning🌞
Today marks the beginning of my experience at a new school, so I hurriedly wore my new uniform and pack the books that was gotten for me by Mrs james ( Ashley’s Mom).

“I’m ready ma’am” I said as I got to the car where she was waiting for me with her daughter.

“Wow! You look great in your dress”. She complimented.

“Thanks ma’am” I replied

“So are you sure you’re ready to do this? She asked referring to the news school I just got enrolled in.

“Yes ma’am” I replied

“Fine! Now, let’s go” she said

Seriously mom! I wonder why you choose to delay us by asking her unnecessary questions.

“Who cares if she’s ready or not? She isn’t worthy enough to be in our school though” Ashley said rudely and went in the car.

“Don’t mind her” I hope you get to forgive her for all she’s been doing to you. Her mom said

I want you to have faith that all will be well one day. She said and I nodded

I sat at the back seat and said my prayers silently not forgetting to include Mrs James in the prayers. I want God to continue to bless her for me.

I clutched my backpack to my chest because I was nervous due to the fact that it’s my first day at a school for the rich kids and I’ve never attended one. The ones I’ve attended right from my childhood was government schools.

“Here we are” Mrs James said as she stopped the car. thereby, jolting me out of my thought

Oh, alright! I said and went out of the car.

She did the necessary things for me and made sure I was given the necessary things including the key to my locker.

Make sure you don’t hesitate to ask for anything if you need and remember all I discussed with you before, okay? She as she set to leave the school.

“Yes ma’am” I replied with a slight bow.

“Bye ma’am” I said and waved at her.

A guy whom I guess is the head prefect boy because he’s using the tag was asked to take me to my classroom first, then show me around later in the day.

“I’m Charles, the SS3 student and the head prefect of the school” he introduced.

“I’m Stephanie, an SS2 fresher” I replied

Wow! It’s nice meeting you, I’ll take you to your class now and will come during the recess period to come show you around. He said

“Alright, that’d be nice. Thanks” I said.

We were about entering the class when he sighted our homeroom teacher, he took me to him and introduced me to him.

The man dismissed him and took me to the class instead.

“I’m Stephanie Coker” I introduced.
Coker is the name I’ve been using right from my elementary school.

The class clapped for me as I walked to my sit as ordered by the teacher.

Some girls stared at me admiringly while some guys stared at me lustfully.

My eyes met with Ashley’s and she shot me a deadly glare, I took my eyes off immediately and proceeded to my seat.

Some students came to me immediately the teacher left the class, to introduce theirselves. We were busy exchanging pleasantries when Ashley suddenly went to the front of the class and banged the table for attention

“Hey guys! I’ve got an announcement to make” she said sounding like a queen

Hey bitch! She called, I know she’s referring to me but I acted like I don’t know.

Bitch! Bitch!! Bitch!!! She called again but I Still didn’t answer her.

Girl what’s up, who are you calling, or did you bring your do to school? A guy asked.

That’s the dog that came to school with me. Ashley, are you fucking deaf!!! She barked angrily and the class roared and turned to look at my direction.

Before I knew it, two girls stood up and walked up to me.

Have you become deaf? Didn’t you hear her Call your name? One of them asked.

Excuse me? She called a dog, so as a fresher that I am, I was looking for the dog she’s calling… I replied

The other girl pulled me up forcefully and dragged me to the front of the class.

Guys! This girl here is nothing but a maid. She’s a maid in our house. She bewitched my mom and that’s why my mom got her enrolled in the school.

I want y’all to help me torment her life I want you to treat her like trash till she release my mom off the bondage she put my mom in. She announced

Ashley I didn’t do anything of such, why do you detest me so much. Is it my fault to be poor? I said in a teary voice.

What!!! You dare say a word when I haven’t finished talking? She said and raised her hand to slap me.

I closed my eyes in expectation of the slap to land on my cheek and tears streamed down my cheek as I thought of how miserable my life has always been

“I opened my eyes when I heard the students chorus an Oooooh”


Is there a savior for her on her first day already?😱


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