Rotimi came down and met atinuke with her load at the sitting room placing her hand on her cheek ”
he cleared his voice and cut a glance at the food on the dinning table ” he stares at her and dropped 3 thousand on the table and turn to leave
” rotimi.” she called him back holding her bag ” Am I not leaving again”she ask looking sad.
Yes” he excuse outside and noticed her at his back ” rotimi thank you. I promise to behave myself ” she smile and opened the door to enter inside ” rotimi ” she couldn’t complete her statement when he drove out ”
atinuke felt so excited and finish the food on the table “she remembered her orange and drank it feeling excited “she carried her bag inside and check the mirror adjusting her wrapper ”
she counted the money with her and fold two thousand at the edge of her wrapper ” she closed her door and rush down drinking water ”
she closed the main door and walk to the gate calling audu ” she noticed no respond and sneak out without making a sound ”
she walk down to madam Hannah shop and met Felicia peeling orange “copper, copper “she kept halling. Atinuke. Good morning “am done serving OK ”
she gave her orange smiling” what of madam Hannah”she ask looking around.
She went to the market. OK” she smile staring at her
see, sister Felicia.God save me yesterday ” my husband almost sent me to the village ” she came closer to her speaking softly ”
sorry about that .so how do you do it ” Felicia look serious ”
I don’t know ooo ” he just forgive me” she pick a orange to peel
madam Hannah join them dropping from bike “Felicia and atinuke rush to help her ”
she sat down greeting atinuke. Felicia brought out her phone “atinuke snatch it looking surprise ” it look like TV. My husband is also using this kind of phone ‘
his own has apple at the back ”
that iPhone. “Felicia spoke laughing ”
Ehn! Ehn “atinuke kept peeping at her chat ” I love this cloth and shoe”but I can’t buy it, it might not fit me.
Common, you pretty. It would look good on you” really! How much ” she ask in excitement
just 8 k”
waw! I think I have 6 thousand. If my husband give me money I would add to it, I would buy tomorrow “she look excited ”
what is the Time”she ask in haste “3”30″ Felicia spoke checking
I have to go’my husband would be angry ” bye ” she left waving at them ”
Felicia stares at her smiling ” she is so lovly to be with “she watch her left waving and smiling………..
Atinuke got to the gate and knock gently ” audu rush out and was surprised seeing her “she directed him to open the door without making a sound ”
she entered and cut a glance at her husband car “she placed her hand on the head and bent down gently peeping at the door ”
she opened it gently and walk in seeing rotimi kissing a lady on the sofa “she was shock and kept apologizing holding her bread ”
am sorry o. Am sorry o ” she entered the kitchen and located fry pan “she find it hard to on the cooker and covered her eyes turning around ”
she dropped the egg hitching her neck ” she cut a glance at rotimi squeezing the girl on the sofa “she covered her ear and grabbed bournvita and milk running to her room ”
she came down in a minute to get cup and covered her eyes climbing down gently” she kept eyeing the lady and walk to her room closing the door…. ….
she woke up the next morning sweeping the compound ” she noticed rotimi out of the house with a lady ” she continued sweeping and heard her name at the gate ”
atinuke ” she dropped the broom and run to the gate in excitement ” she ordered audu to open and greeted the guy smiling ”
brother thank you for that day. I really appreciate “she held his hand smiling ”
Waw! you sweeping. the guy stares at her house ” yes. am use to it ” she noticed rotimi horn and whine down ”
go inside ” he hand her money and whine up giving her bad look” atinuke rush inside waving the guy bye *********************


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