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Broken hearts?
(You healed my heart)

Warning‼?this chapter contains mature contents.❌❌❌

Chapter five

After the heated argument with the brat, I ended up at Liam’s. I don’t know how, but I need to be with him at the moment, and I feel weird need to talk things out.

I rang the bell twice and he opened up immediately, just to see him shirtless. Damn his torso is hot…

He didn’t bother to say a word and left me standing, I could feel his angry, so I just went in.

“Liam we need to talk”

“Talk about what Noah?? Me me guess you want to tell me you need time to sort things out??”

“We are grown f**king ass men Noah!! And can decide who we want to be with, for Christ sake” he yelled.

I could see how angry he is. I know he is, am trying to make things better between us.

“Liam, you know my parents are gonna freak out when they. find out. I am the heir to the empire and you know those reports are gonna go crazy about they news” I tried to sort things out.

“Who said your the heir to your families empire?? Huh?? Noah???

“Leon has been the one taking care of your families empire, and you think his gonna let you take what he has been taking care of,specially noe that he knows about us.” He said feeling ashamed

“I am the heir Liam, and he can’t take over the company,he doesn’t have a wife”

“Neither do you Noah”

He came closer and placed his thumb on my cheek, gently caressing it.

“Liam you know I love you right, I can’t afford you loose….

Before I could complete my sentence he slammed his lips on mine,his hands on my neck, he pushed my neck closer so he could depend the kiss.


I got lost in the passionate kiss. Somehow we ended up in my room.

I took his shirt off, since I was just getting dressed, it made things easier for both of us.

Truth be told we really need to talk, but as it is now I don’t think is possible.
Before I knew it I was in cloud nine,as he stroked and sucked my d**k. Hestood up kissing me from my torso to my lips. I decided to return the pleasure and drew him to the bed.

I tied both his hands above his head. I could see the shock on his face. Yes his shocked cause this is the first time I have tied his hands while we have s**

“What do you think your doing….. Lia…..” He stammered as I drew lines from his chest downwards

“I feel like I should punish you Noah”I said with a hush tune

And vegan my work.
I started by sucking his nipples and licking it.

“Ahh,please.”Liam..let me touch you…..”


“So tell me,should we go public??” I asked as I held his erected shaft in my hands.

“No……we can’t……” he stammered

“I see”. I sadd and licked it
“”So tell.me,should I continue??” I asked as I bit his tip.

“Yes please….Liam ….don’t stop” he pleaded.

“Then reveal our relationship public” I said

“No we ….can’t”

“Fine then” I stood up and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door

I am really pissed off,what is wrong with him. Why can’t he hurt reveal the fact we are gay.

We are obviously grown men. I screamed out in frustration as I let the hot water burn me.

I was left shocked on the bed.
How could he do this to me. I understand his upset, but he can’t leave me hanging like this. I stood up and cleaned myself up.

“Liam, let’s talk things out” I knocked on the door

“Get Lost Noah”

“If you cant reveal out relationship, I don’t see the need to continue it” he said.

I could sense anger in his voice.

What can I do, I can’t reveal our relationship now.
I will but not now.

“When you calmed down ,call me” I said as I grabbed my car keys and left.

I have to talk to Leon, we need to decide who is taking over the company. Once that is decided, I can reveal my relationship with Liam.

“Ahhhhh” this is frustrating. I screamed as i hit the steering wheel with anger.

“Dude , people are beginning to think your gay” kace said

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he is” Jake said

“Then how did rape Zenya???” jay jay commented

“Come to think of it, I thought you weren’t interested in anything women, howbdid you rape her???” Jay jay added

“I am not interested in women, but I am a straight man, and I have a well functioning d**k. But besides i was drug, okay?” I said getting annoyed

I have been trying to find Zenya, but to no availability

*how’s Noah though???” Jake asked

Speaking of the devil, get opened my office door with force

” hey dude, don’t break it” I yelled

“Who is taking over the companies??”

Me or you???”



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