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(You healed my heart)

chapter Thirty eight(unedited)

“mom why are those men standing by the roads????” Adrian asked

“I don’t know Rian”

“Could you take another route Mister???”

“Miss this is the last route, we have gone through other routes but it’s still the same” The driver said

” Let me come down and see what’s happening first” Zenya said as she got down from the he car.

“Boss bad news??”

“What is it???”

“Leon’s men are everywhere”


“I thought you said he doesn’t know they are leaving”

“That’s what our informer said.”

“Are the snippers ready???”

“yes boss”

“Shoot at my command”Fernanda said and also got down from the car


“Zenya what a lovely surprise”

“What do you want???, why are you blocking the road???”

“Is that even a question you expect to me answer???” Fernanda Scoffed

“What do you want Fernanda??”


“You can have him”

“You think is that simple, me and you both know that as long as you are alive, Leon will never be mine”

“So what??? you plan on killing me???”

“looks like your smart”

“Go ahead Fernanda, please just kill me already, end my life, besides I am tired of this so called life, at least you can end my suffering once and for all”

‘She thinks her saying this, will change my mind about killing her, I have made up mind and I must achieve what I want, am just stalling a little time, so Leon could watch the love of his life die right in front of his eyes’

“You think you saying that will change my mind?? Huh???”

“I don’t care about that, I just want to have a peaceful life, but since you and Leon won’t let it happen, why don’t I just die”

“And your kids, who are you leaving them for???”

“You won’t be wicked to the kids also will you???”

“Who knows??”

“They have done nothing wrong!!!” Zenya yelled in frustration.

‘Leon where are you when I need you the most, I regret ever saying such harsh words to you, am sorry, please come’

“No one can save you Zenya, it’s time you leave, besides am not the only one who wants you gone”

“But why???

“Like I said you have someone I want”

“Drive faster will you??!!!” Leon yelled at Jay jay

“Dude I am driving as fast as I can alright???”

there they are” Jake said pointing towards Fernanda and Zenya.

Leon hopped out of the car immediately, not being bother by the fact the car is still in motion.

“Drop your gun Fernanda” Leon said standing close to Zenya with his gun pointed at Fernanda.

“I have never been this happy to see you Leon” Zenya whispered.

“Me too, I thought I will never see you and the kids again,am sorry Zenya for everything, I regret everything I have done to you, I wish I could turn back time and change everything I did. I don’t know how to make it come to you, but I promise to love you from now on, I promise to win your heart even if it takes me fifty years , I will wait” Leon said staring into her eyes.

“Enough!!!!” Fernanda yelled.

“You think I came all the way here for this rubbish, tell me Leon what do you see in this thing??”

“Look at me am hotter than get, more sexier, am beautiful, I have everything a man would ever want in a woman, what else do you want Leon!!!” Fernanda yelled.

“Did you forget what you did to me, did you forget you Leaving at the alter on our wedding, the humiliation I faced, you using our company assets to save your company, you making my life a leaving hell, making be a killer, a murderer, it was because of you Zenya’s life became a living hell, you are the cost of all our problem Fernanda, and what??? you expect me to just accept you back. You should thank God you are still standing alive right now” Leon snapped.

“I did it for reason Leon, I….I…..was forced to leave you…..if I had not done what I did you would have been dead Leon,, I saved your life. My father said if I didn’t do what he said he will kill you, I had to obey him”

“Dont tell me that shit Fernanda, me and you both know that’s not the truth, you did it for you and your families benefits”

“Fine I agree, I did it for myself, but I love you Leon, I have always Loved you, and I can’t bare to see you with another woman”

*Bang* A got shot was head.

“Fernanda held her stomach as blood rushed out.

“I was tired of listening to your pathetic story” Camila smirked.

“you…. you…..Leon…..Leon……”

“You deserve it Fern”

“Now!!” Fernanda yelled.

*Bang* another shot was heard

“Zenya!!!!!” Leon yelled as he pushed her behind, making the bullet hit him instead.

“Leon!!!!” They all screamed.

Zenya walked up to Fernanda slapping her hard.

“you bitch, what hav you done!!!”

“Don’t…..blame me, the bullet was meant for you, but…….since …he…chose… ..go…in your place, all the same. If I can’t have him no body will.” Fernanda said as her eyes closed.

“Ahhhhhh!!” Zenya yelled hitting her again

“Zenya calm down!!!!”

“Leon???Leon????!!” Zenya yelled as she shakes Leon’s body.

“Please don’t die on me………”


Leon’s coffesion ???

Leon please don’t die on us???????


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.