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(You healed my heart)

Chapter Thirty four(un edited)

“Get the boy and leave fast” Fernanda said as soon as the got into Adrian’s ward.

Her men walked up to the bed, rapper him up in the blanket and left the room, rushing out the hospital through the back door.

“did you get him??”

“yes we did”

“Good, now remain the little girl” Fernanda said as they drove off.

“Leon, I will make you mine by all means, you have always belonged to me and will forever belong to me”

“We are here for our Grandkids” Mrs Hunt said folding her arms.

“They audacity of you to say that”

“What Grandkids? I don’t remember marrying off my daughter to your family” Mr Gray said

“They children have the Hunts blood in them.”

“Leave our House, before we call the cops, don’t forget your son raped our daughter, tried to kills her and now my grandson is in the hospital cause of him, you have no right to come claiming the kids!!!”

“We …we..have right”

“We are sorry, but your son doesn’t have custody over them,which means they are not your grandchildren. Besides we will never accept your son for our daughter, after all what he has done”.

“And who says we want your daughter for our son, who knows what she was doing outside the country or how many men she has gone out with snd slept with, we just want our Grandkids so they don’t follow in your daughters footsteps”Mrs Hunt Scoffed.


“send them out and never let them set foot here again”Mr Gray said.

He got into the house with his wife following closely behind.

“,Honey don’t you think you were to harsh, after all their sin is still the kids father”

“Harsh!!!??? I was planning in accepting him, but they had the audacity to call my daughter a slut!!! I will never let him be my grandkids father”

“I also agree”

“Book a plane flight and gather their stuffs.Zenya and the kids are leaving the country this coming weekend,
they will never be coming back here”

“Noah, aren’t you gonna help your brother with all that is going on???” Liam asked as he and I start on the sofa at Noah’s house.


“won’t you help him’

“I already did”

“what do you mean??”

“Adrian!!” Noah called out and Adrian came into the parlor.

“yes uncle”He smiled.

“Hello Little one” Noah said as he got into Adrian’s room.

“Good evening sir”

“sir?? Don’t call me sir I’m your uncle”


“yes your father’s elder brother”

“ohhh, I know you, I have seen some news about you before”

“Really?? what type of news??”

“About you liking a man”


“uncle it’s not s bad thing, don’t feel ashamed”

“I like you boy, I wish you were my younger brother instead”

“I need a favor uncle”

“sure anything for my nephew”

” Can you take me to your house for some days???”

Hmm Why??”

“I will explain after we leave uncle”

“Sure” Noah said as he called the nurse, they carried Adrian and put him in a wheelchair as they pushed him into Noah’s car.

“okay now can you tell me why you are making me break you out of the hospital???” Noah said as the settled down in his car.

“Because of that” Adrian pointed at Fernanda’s car that just drove in.

“hmm, you are way smarter than that father of yours”Noah said patting hid head.

“Thank you uncle”

Liam turned to look at Noah shocked.

“But won’t Leon be worried??”

“yes he will”

“what are you gonna do about i?”

“Don’t worry, I will see just how much my younger brother trust me”

“what do you mean”

“well I was the last person who visited Rian, so my nsnr will be there, so I will see if he will trust me or suspect me”


“this is gonna be fun,so just sit down and relax”

“uncle I wanna be like you when I grow up”

“really?, Then I will take you under my wing. But promise me one thing”

“you will find a very lovely lady when you grow up and get married,so you don’t face critisms”

“I promise”Adrian smiled and hugged Noah.

,Me and Noah have regrets. we both love each other and want to be with each other, but the world is not just for us. We plan on getting married, to prove to the world you can be with who ever you want and love, doesn’t matter who.’

Leon and Alex barged into Adrian’s room as soon as the arrived at the hospital.

“my,son?? where is my son??” Leon grabbed the doctor

“calm down sir”

“I should call down??!!!!” Leon yelled

“who was the last person that visited him???” Alex asked.

“Mr Noah”



Do you think Leon’s parents were Rude??

Do you think Zenya parents. Were harsh???

Will Leon trust or suspect Noah??

???M.L writes


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.