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(You healed my heart)

Chapter thirty three

“You can now see him” the doctor said

Zenya immediately rushed into the room.

“Adrian!! My Rian, am sorry, and Really sorry, for letting this happen to you, am sorry”

“Mom your noisy”


“I can clearly hear you mom, stop shouting please”

Leon walked into the room and stood by the bed side.

“How you doing little one???”

“Mom i Would like to take to him alone” Adrian said


“Don’t worry,nothing will happen”

“Okay love”Zenya said as she placed a lingering kiss on his forehead and left.

“You scared me there little one” Leon said as soon as the door closed.

“I thought I will also die” Adrian said with his head down.

“At least you didn’t, aren’t you gonna thank me for bringing you to the hospital??”


“Thank you, say it”

“Your welcome”Adrian replied him.

“Besides its your duty, were just gonna watch your son bleed to death??”

“Am sorry”

“For what??” Adrian asked confused

“For everything, I have done to you, your sister and mother, I know I hurt her and you guys, but I will do everything to make it up to you guys”

‘My plan is to use the kids to get to Zenya, once the love me, it won’t be bad to make Zenya love me also.’

“Apology accepted, but you can’t be my dad, I can’t imagine calling someone who caused a lot of pain to my mom, dad”

“But you did, at the warehouse”

“It was the heat of the moment”


“Yes Mr Regaleon.”

“What should i do to make you call em dad again??”

“Did you take care of the people responsible for our kidnap, cause if you didn’t, then you don’t deserve all the bragging I bragged about you”

“I did, happy??”

‘Gosh why do I fell like a kid being interrogated by an elder’

“You know am your father right??? You can’t keep asking me questions as If am a kid”

“But you behave like one” Adrian smirked

“Do you want me to pray to you back into Coma???”

“I can see your not ready to make my mom yours then”

“Am sorry sir” Leon smiled.

‘I wish this moment will never come to an end’ he mused


“Huh???” Leon looked at him shocked

“I don’t think they people who kidnapped us, were working alone.”

‘Did he just call me dad???, my son just called me dad!!!’

“Dad??? Are you listening???”

“Huh?? Oh yes”

“You see why I say you don’t behave like and adult”

“I said I don’t think uncle Xavier an that grandma were working alone, they have someone above them”

“Why are you telling me this, instead of your mom???”

“Cause if i tell it to mom, her action will be to leave the country with us, to a place you will never find us. And I don’t want that, I like it here”

“I understand”

“Also do me a favor Mr Regaleon, please let Aurora stay with you for the main time, don’t worry about my mom, she will agree”

‘ one moment am being called dad they next moment is Mr Regaleon’

“And you?? We need to keep someone to keep you safe”

“Uncle Alexander is enough”

“You sure are a smart boy”

“Of course”

“I love you son” Leon said as he walked to the door.

“I love you too dad”
“Zenya can we talk??”

“Sure, go on”

“I think is best if Aurora stays with me”


“You don’t have a choice,they are also my children and I can’t bare to see them in dates, if you think I will run away with get, then your free right come and stay with us”

“But I……”

“It’s decided then, I will send someone to go get your stuffs” Kevin said smiling as he walked out.

“I have to see Vera fast”

“Why???” Jeremy asked

“I don’t think she and Xavier were working alone”

“I felt the same too” Kace said while Jake kept mute.

They arrived at the safe house Vera was kept

“Hey vee, hope your good??”

“You think you will get away with this Leon???” She gritted her teeth in anger.

“I don’t think, I know I will, quick question, who sent you guys to do what you did???”

“What can I say?? Your son is really smart I can see, am hundred percent sure he was the one who told you we weren’t working alone”

“It doesn’t matter who told me, just answer the question”

“I can’t tell you, but let me give you a hint,its someone you owe your heart too”

“What do you mean??”

“You…will..find…out..soon…enough” Vera said as she coughed out blood and passed out.

“Is she dead???” Kace asked

“She’s gone”

“I think she was poisoned’

“Its a trap Leon” Alex said

“Adrian!!, will have to go to him fast”

‘Nothing must happen to you Rian……”


Awwwn I like Adrian and Leon’s father and son talk??

???M.L writes


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.