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(You healed my heart)

Chapter twenty nine

“Where’s Rissa???” Athena asked as she got seated on Zenya’s bed.

“Same question I was about asking, I haven’t seen her in a week and she clearly asked us to meet her here, but where is she??” Lia added

“She seemed excited when she called”

“Hey bitches!!” Rissa said coming in.

“Where have you been??”

“Why did you call us out???”

“Which guy did you scam now, that you all excited??”

“I did not scam anybody, but guess what???”

“Talk Rissa”

“You know we hate suspense”

“Well, you know the guy I told you guys about??”

“Yea, what about him??”

“We had s*x”


“What do you mean??”

“Well is a long story, but we had s*x, he also said he was gonna take responsibility” she said blushing.

“Rissa you know his Leon’s friend right??” Zenya asked

“Yea, I do! so???”

“Her point is the are all f**k boys” Lia said

“Jeremy is different”

“So you think, I heard his the playboy among them” Athena said

“Whatever, you guys won’t discourage my love life”

“So Zenya how’s you and Leon’s drama coming along??”

“What do you mean Drama???”

“Well you know, I think you should just reconcile with him he already apologized” Lia suggested

“I will pretend I did not hear you Lia”

*Ring ring*


“Good day miss Zenya Gray, we are calling form Crown high, your kids, Aurora and Adrian did not appear at school today, so we are calling to confirm if everything is alright???’

“What….what do you mean they didn’t come to school” Zenya stammered

“Yes ma, we didn’t see them today, that’s why we are calling to confirm if…..”

“Are you alright?? My kids are clearly taken to school, I don’t care what you do, but I want to see my babies in the next ten minutes.”Zenya yelled

“And you had the guts to say good day ma’am, what rubbish, if I don’t see my kids you will surely regret it” She cut the call

“My ba…my…babies they are gone”


“Calm down Zenya”

“Leon!!!, It must be him who took my babies” Zenya yelled as she got up taking car keys and running out.

“Zenya!!! Zenya wait”

Let’s go after her”

Zenya arrived at Leon’s company Not long, without knocking she bagged into his office.


“Oh what do we have here” Leon said standing up to meet her.

“Did you come back to beg for forgiveness, cause if you did I……….”

A slap landed right across his right cheeks

“I don’t have tine for your nonesence Leon, so just give me back my kids”


“I don’t know what your talking about”

Zenya raised her hands about slapping him, he cut is midway.

“You can’t just come into my office, accusing me okay??”

“You clearly kidnapped my babies from school”

“What!! My kids were kidnapped?????” Leon snapped.

Which made Zenya shrink in fear.

‘Maybe I should have thought things through, he looks so scary right now. Oh God Zenya what have you done’

“Let…let go of my…hand”

“Answer me Zenya!!!” He yelled

“”Their school teacher just called me, informing me that they didn’t come to school, but the driver clearly took them”

“And you decided I was the one who took them??” Leon asked, hurt clearly seen in his eyes.


“I get it, I did have that thought, though is you I wanted kidnapping”


“Did you ask the school to check their CCTV cameras???”

“Not yet”

“Your dumb”

Just then Alexander barged in.

“Leon where is my nephew and niece??” He gritted his teeth in anger.

“What’s with you and your sister, I may be a mafia lord, but u can’t go that far”

“You kill women, you are capable and f going that far”

“Well since you mentioned it, I am indeed capable of doing it” Leon smirked.

“Enough both of you!!!” Zenya yelled.

“He isn’t telling one who took them”

“If it isn’t him, then who???”
A few hours ago. (At crown high)

“Big bro are you gonna take me to the park though s evening??” Aurora asked

“No, focus on your book”

“You are no fun duck head” Aurora said sticking her tongue out as they got down from the car.

Be for the could reach the gate a black clothes was placed on both their heads as they were shoved into a black jeep.



“Mummy,dadddy!!!” Aurora kept yelling.

“Shut it” A voice yelled at them.

“Don’t blame me little once,I can never let your parents be together, and for me to achieve that,you both have to disappear…….”


Who is responsible for kidnapping the kids.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.