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(You healed my heart)

Chapter twenty five

(Warning: The scene is very detailed, if you are not comfortable, please skip)
Ps: read at your own risk.

The conference finished past midnight.

Jeremy walked up to Rissa..

“Hey magot” he said as he got close to her.

Excuse me???” Rissa said and faced him.

“I told you,we will eventually meet”

“Well you were right” Rissa swayed

She was already drunk.

“Could you take me somewhere other than here??”

“Sure why no, I own this hotel, so I have a room”

Rissa staggered as the got into the elevator.

“You haven’t apologized for what you did” jay jay said as he stood at the side with his eyes closed.

“Um mm” Rissa hummed

*ding* the elevator door opened

Jay jay brought out the card and swiped the door open

Immediately the door opened…

Rissa gently pulled him towards herself and pressed her lips against his, sucking his lower lip with her sweet ones. He lips were warm and inviting. Her sweet little moans when they kissed, drove him insane

Jay jay felt her need, she clearly made him feel what she needed.

Jay jay gentled the aggressive kiss Rissa started. He eased away just enough, do he could feel the curve of her lips.

His hands gently caressed her neck as he brought his lips and settled them on hers. He pushed her towards the bed and was now on top her.

Rissa unbuttoned his shirt and caressed the taunt muscles of his chest, feeling his hit skin with her bare hands……

Jay jay felt Rissa soft touch on his bare chest, his heartbeat increased with the sensations her simple touch sent him, making him groan in pleasure. He has never felt like this before, a his life of having s*x.

Basking in the pleasure of her hands touching him, Jeremy closed his eyes, when suddenly Rissa rolled on top of him, pressing him under her, leaving him surprised.

He knew she was feisty but never expected her to be this strong.

“His eyes started burning as his gaze fell on that lean long body as Rissa started stripping in front of him, leaving only her bra and panty on..

“She decided to do this….”jay jay mused and gulped

“His hands unconsciously raised and stroked her neck, down to her sides…

He slid his hands down her shoulders, trailing the curves of her breast from the sides. He traced her waist and took his hand over to her hips…

His touch sent shivers down her spine.

Rissa moved her hands, unhooked her bra and threw it in swift motion. Her breast, high and perfect, with small pink nipples thrusting out proudly, wanting to be touched.

“Oh shit,you are so perfect ugly magot” Jeremy muttered as his body clenched tightly, already aching hard. He gathered all the strength he could mutter and pinned her on the bed.

He unbuckled his pants and quickly removed everything, displaying his lean naked body….

Rissa’s eyes trailed his body and Jeremy felt more aroused when her eyes stopped at his erect shaft.

He immediately crawled back on top of her to run his palm down the center of her chest and then every single part of her body…

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“Jeremy….” She moaned as the heat of desire was consuming her whole body, just from his touch alone.

“Shh…” Jay jay hushed as he continued to caress her body, running his palms further south of her stomach.

This time it wasn’t just his hands but his lips that moved on her body and touched one of her beheaded nipples. And echo of her shaking breath fluttered from her mouth as she gasped and ached her body……

A warm feeling surged in her as Jeremy’s mouth held her breast, and his mouth and tongue playfully sucking and licking it. Making her shiver and moan over and over again…
His hand continued to gently kneed her other breast, before replacing it with his mouth.

“Oh God…it feels so good…” Rissa hummed

Another gasp escaped her mouth as she jerked under his hands, while he threaded his fingers inside her panty and into the vee of her legs. He brushed his fingers against her already wet and hot cleft and very swiftly slid her panty down and removed it completely….

“Hmm mm”she couldn’t help but whimper in pleasure. But Jeremy had other plans, he wasn’t even started..

He split his attention between her sweet breast and the fascinating throbbing of her clit. He pulled on her nipple with his teeth and laved at the pink tip, while he stroked on her more delicate flesh with his fingers….

He himself was dripping while he felt her swell and wetter with her arousal.

Rissa ached her hips…urging him with her needs.

Rissa felt she will soon go crazy with with the pleasure….when she suddenly felt Jay jay between her thighs. He was kissing the sides of er thighs and she gasped when she felt his hot breath on her most delicate part for her body….

Jay ran his tongue into Rissa’s fold. He wanted to taste her sweet body, every inch of her.

Rissa was trembling already as she grabbed Jay jays hair. She felt his tongue plunged between the soft folds of her s*x and she moaned loudly. She bucked and tried to twist away, but Jay jay hands held her still on her hips.

Hearing her cry of ecstasy, Jay jay dragged his tongue across the cleft of qr body and plunged deeper inside to taste the very sweet essence of her.

Jay jay wanted her to reach her climax , so he controlled his own urge and gave her the best climax ever.

He used his fingers to separate Rissa’s folds and slowly inserted one finger into her wet,leaked cave.

Rissa growled as her muscles clamped Jay jays fingers.

“Oh jeremy…” She hummed when she felt his finger thrust in and out of her s*x. Her body arched…

He was nibbling her clit with his mouth while his fingers continued to thrust inside her.

Rissa’s back ached as a wild sharp cry escaped her lips. Jeremy closed his lips over her clit and sucked it into his mouth as he quickened his finger in and out of Rissa’s cave as fast as he could, feeling her muscles clenching inside.

His manhood jerked, hearing Rissa calling out his name as she reached her climax, her body shuddered and clenching hard around his fingers…..



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.