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( You healed my heart)

Chapter two

Damn, his beautiful. His perfect eyes, well sculptured nose, cute lips. Wait what heck Zenya.
To bad I won’t get to taste it.

“Hey, am Zenya” I said stretching my hands.

He looked at the hands and walked into the house .

*ouch that hurt

“Sorry my son I’d usually cold, don’t worry you guys will get to know each other soon”

I smiled and walked inside too.

We arrived at the dinning table , with my family sitting at the left side, and his at the right.

“So tell me about yourself” Mr Hunt said.

“Well am just a normal human being, whose in search of something precious”

“Really? What’s that?” Regaleon asked.

“Death” I answered and sipped my wine.

“What!!” Mrs Hunt answered shocked

I could clearly see Regaleons surprised face.

“Yes ma, death is what am searching for ” I said and focused on my steak this time around

“Hahahaha, don’t mind our Zenya, she has always been a joker” my dad said, trying to lighten the mood while shooting me daggers through his eyes.

“Well then, she is the perfect match for Leon” Mr Hunts said chuckling.

The dinner went on for about an hour.
And finally it came to an end.

“No need to leave, you will be staying here starting today Zenya” Mrs Hunt said.

“Yes mom” I answered

“What a lovely child she is”

“Congrats on your wedding sis” Bella said and hugged me.

“See you in the afternoon life, too bad I couldn’t taste you first” sean said.

“Thanks bro, I hope you also get married soon and die, so we could actually meet in the after life” I replied

He stepped back immediately,shooting me deadly look.

If looks could kill, I would have been dead by now.

“Well thanks mom, thanks dad for taking care of me till now” I said and hugged them both.

With that we saw them off.

“Well Zenya, welcome to our family”

“You are now mrs Zenya Regaleon Hunts.

“Thank you”

“Well then, the maids will show you your room, and prepare you for what’s next” Mrs hunt said with a wink.

I was led upstairs to a magnificent room.
The deco is nice, everything is mostly black

“Miss the water I ready”

“Thank you, I can’t bath myself, you may leave”

#Authors POV
“Did you get the drugs I asked for” Mrs Hunt asked

“Yes ma’am, and its very strong at that”

“Good, I hope you added it to the drink?”

“Yes sir”

“You may leave”

“Dad, what you did wasn’t right,think about Zenya” Isadora said.

“What do you expect us to do, we need grandchildren”

“But this isn’t the best method”

“Do you have any option?” Noah asked

“Your the first son, you are the only meant to be getting married”Dora commented and left.

“Shes right Noah when are you bringing your girlfriend over”

“Soon mom” he said and left.

I walked into my bedroom and met my wife to be sitting at the dressing room

“What do toy think you are doing” I asked

“Getting ready to die”


“Yes I heard you kill women and am next, so yea, am getting ready to die, do you have a problem with it” she said standing up.

I have right admit she’s bold and freaking hot. Damn.
What’d wrong with you leon, snap out of such thoughts.

“Am glad you know whats coming”

“Okay, so when is it gonna happen”


“The death, when Is it gonna happen” she asked again.

I don’t know what got over me but I suddenly feel hot and tore her clothes. Flying her to the bed.

“What do you think you are doing” she asked confused.

Of course she is, am also am.

“Shut up”

“Stop it….please..I wanna die a virgin”

“That’s not for you to decide” I said and knocked her out.

I really don’t know what’s happening,but all know is I really wanna f**k her.

‘Now let’s have some fun’ was the only thought in my mind. As I f**ked her while she was still unconscious.

When I was done,I cleaned my self up and called my guard.

“Clean this trash”


“Are you deaf???? Throw the body out or feed to the dogs,just get it out of my sight.

I feel so frustrated.

“This should be a warning to my parents”
I said as he drag her body out.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.