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(You healed my heart)

Chapter twelve
#Zenya’s POV

“Its been long Sean”

“I missed you, did you??” I said as I hugged him

I felt his body stiffen up..


“Oh don’t worry, am not here to catch up on the lost times,am here for business” I said and walked passed him

“Which way to my office???, oh considering I own half the company,my office should be as big as yours” I said

“So….rry, this way”

“Don’t stammer or I might visit you in your dreams” I whispered in his ear and he jumped up startled

“Hahaha, this is so fun”

We got to his office, to my surprise I saw my whole family members..

“Oh wow, is this a family gathering???”



Before I could say a word they all ran out of the office…

“Hahahaha, pathetic”

“Lets get straight to business, shall we??” I asked as I sat on the CEO sit.

#Regaleon’s POV
“The kids don’t belong to the Gray” I said

“But they look a lot like Zenya” Jay jay said

“Yea, but they don’t belong to her nor the Grays” Jake added

“So you plan on visiting the Gray’s today??” Kace asked

“Yes, I want my wife back”

“And do you think that they will just let you take her, after what you have done”

“They don’t have a choice,they don’t want war”

“Sir, Mr Alexander is here” my new secretary said

That’s right, I fired Vera, I just have to call of the engagement bowl. But I will wait till I get Zenya back. Without having a woman in my life,my position at the company is at stake.

“I never invited him”

“Should I tell him that sir??”

“No, are you nuts”

“Let him in”

“Oh, sir his here with Mr Xavier also”

“Very good then, let them in” I said with smirk

“Ohhh,the smirk, what are you planning???” Kace asked

“Nothing in particular,just a warning” I said and loaded my gun.

It wasn’t up to a minute the came in.

“I wasn’t expecting you, what owes this visit???” I asked toying with my gun

“Well nothing serious, just came to give you a warning” Alexander said

“What warning exactly” Jake asked

He looked really serious, he could be serious when it involves this two. He hates them as much as I do.

“Well, tell your men to stop tailing my sister” Alexander said cracking his gun

“Well, if I don’t??”

“You actually don’t have the right to tail her, she belongs to me” Xavier said cracking his gun also

“Well we don’t feel like stopping” but Jake and Kace brought theirs also.

“You see guys, there is something I like about us, anytime we meet” Jay jay said laughing

“You see it always ends up in a gun fight, like seriously,can’t you guys take things out peacefully for once” he added

“Jay jay now is not the time for this” Jake snapped at him

“Well fine” he finally brought out his own but moved to stand with Xander and Xavier

“Well since you guys are three, let me join them,so it will be equal and fair. Don’t you think so??”

WTF is wrong with this dude. Like seriously why do I have this kind of friend.
I shot a look of ‘ be serious for once’

“What?? Don’t look at me that way, let’s be fair okay??” He said

“Am not here for fights Leon,I just want you to stay away from my sister”

“She’s my wife,let me remind you Alexander”

“Sorry, you must be mistaken, you never got married to my sister,you got married to Zenya smith not Zenya Gray”

“Did he actually get married???’ Jay jay said


“What, I love violence, and your side ain’t making things fun”

“So I was saying, he never got married, His still a single mother f**ker” he added

“Okay like seriously this guy needs check up, like wtf ie wrong with him

“Stay away from my sister Leon, she’s getting married to Xavier in a few months”

“That’s if I let it happen”…..


I think Zenya should end up with. Jeremy??


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.