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( you healed my heart)

Chapter one



“I clearly told them I wasn’t interested. Looks like some blood will be spilled today” I said to my friends as I loaded my gun.

After I told my parents that I don’t want anything to do with women, they didn’t listen. They even had the guts to set me up for a marriage.

“Yo!!..dude, if you ain’t interested, don’t kill her just yet. Let me have fun with her first” Kace said. He is such a j*rk and a player.

All of my friends are.

“That’s if she’s worthy of having fun with” Jake added

” she’s the Smith’s first miss, the most beautiful lady among all prestigious ladies, so yes she’s worth having fun with” Jeremy Narrated

” you seem to know a lot about her.” I said, Somehow annoyed. Why does he know so much a little her?

“Well I wouldn’t say alot”

“She’s a beauty, what else do u expect from Jay jay?”

We chuckled…

What will I do without them, we have been friends since we were 3 years old.I met with Jeremy ( Jay jay) first, then Jake and kace, and since then we have been inseparatable.

“Well guys am not interested in anything that has to do with a lady” I said standing up,looking at all of them. “She will be a lesson to my parents, to never set me up” I said smirking

“Ahh….. I love that smirk”

“Get over with it quickly”

“Good luck bro”


“Miss, your makeup is all done” The hair dresser said,all smiles.

Yep the hired a hair dresser for me!

I have been up since dawn thinking.I am excited, cause the day I will finally be married and dead is here!! At least my goddamn life is coming to an end soon.

“Thank you” I said standing up

“You look pretty”

“Thanks” I said and looked myself in the mirror.

Wow!! Am this pretty? I never knew that I was this pretty. Well it’s good to look good on the day you die, right?

” are you ready……” Sean came in

” wow! You….look…uhmmm” he said and walked round me.

“Well I wish I could have a taste of you” he said and grabbed my waist.

Now what is wrong with this pervert? Until when is he gonna bully me?

“What do you think your doing, let go now!!” I said struggling

“Shssh,” he said placing his hands on my lips.


I slapped him hard and made space between us.

“Since this is the last time you will be seeing me, I may as well give you a piece of my mind” I said and gave him another slap.

It felt good to do that! To defend myself even for once. I even felt so proud of myself.

“Next time don’t try this” I walked passed him. “Oh.. There won’t be a next time” I said and smiled.

I walked out feeling good. Well I have to admit. I am more than excited for this.

I got downstairs.

“Wow… You look good” they commented

“Let’s get this over with” I said and walked passed them into the car.

We arrived at the Hunts not less than 30 minutes.

I got down with a smile plastered on my face and soon arrived at their front door.

“Welcome, you must be Zenya?” Mrs Hunts greeted

“Yes ma’am”

“Well nice to meet you Zenya, your a beautiful lady”

“Thanks ma’am”

“This is my daughter Isadora, my first son Noah and your husband to be, Regaleon.” Mrs. Hunt introduced with a smile of her face.

I turned and faced the husband to be.

And Woooow.!!!
What the heck………


???M.L writes


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