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(sold…mated…to you)?

BY:Anny Oluchi.


Expect errors❗

CHAPTER 43 & 44.

★(Back to life)★

Myles sat in the waiting room with his face buried in his palms. Lola had been rushed into the emergency unit meanwhile Lance was taking care of some details about her.

Lance walked to the waiting room and when he got Myles, he felt this sudden hatred. It was like a foreign feeling that he wanted to embrace.

“You know that this is all your fault” Lance said as he reached Myles.

Myles raised up his head and sighed. “I don’t know that has possessed but you better–

“Do you think you’re scared of you?” Lance gritted his teeth. “Just accept the fact that this is your fault”

“I feel worse than you think. Quit blaming me”

” Lola had a good life before you bought her like a merchandise and abused her, you should have seen Lola before; she was jovial, joyful, happy but you stole everything from her and now she’s at the verge of death!” Lance yelled, teary-eyed.

A nurse met him and cautioned him to reduce his voice, reminding him it was a hospital with other patients who needed rest.

Lance moved away from Myles but from where he stood, he was hatefully staring at him.

Myles was so worried about Lola,the only person he had ever worried about in this way was Summer.

He was still shocked that she took a bullet for him and for the first time in his life. He honestly felt guilty.

The memories of the time he raped and brutally whipped her came to mind, she never deserved to be treated in such a horrendous way. He finally realized something.

He was truly a monster and probably did not deserve anything good, especially someone as good hearted as she was.

‘Don’t die please, I am not worth it’ Myles thought with a throb in his throat.

{Two days later}
Ballard high school>

Summer reached school with bodyguards, her bodyguards stayed in the school compound.

She wasn’t permitted by Myles to attend school but after her discharge yesterday, she decided to attend without his consent.

Summer skipped to school with a little smile on her face. Her eyes were searching for someone in particular and finally she beheld him.

Jake knew she was present because he had inhaled her scent, it was all over.


Jake turned to Summer and he felt more than ecstatic to see her. He rushed to her and they hugged immediately.

“I missed you,” Summer smiled.

“I missed you too” Jake snickered and parted the hug. “How are you?”

“I am better than I deserve,” Summer whispered.

“You look different,” She noted while staring at his new uniform.

Jake chuckled. “Do I look handsome?”

Summer placed her hands on both sides of his face.

“You are more adorable than ever” Summer giggled and pulled his cheeks playfully.

Summer was attracted to him at first because of his good looks but slowly she began feeling something else,strangely missing him and thinking about him. Seeing him made her really happy,more happy than she had ever felt.

Gwen stared at them from where she stood and she couldn’t help but feel jealous. She wasn’t the only observer and hater because Molly was also watching them from a distance.

Practice hall>

The students were separated into sections and Summer chose to belong in the dancing sections.

She borrowed the dancing clothes of one of her ‘friends with benefits’ kind of friends.

“We have a new student,” the dance teacher said and pointed at a boy.

Summer stared at him and he looked really handsome. It was almost difficult to say who was more handsome between him and Jake but they were attractive in their own ways.

They welcomed him and started practice but first chose partners. They were to choose a folded paper and the name inside would be the name of your partner.

The jar was placed in their middle and everyone had to choose theirs.

“Ricardo” Summer raised her paper up and the boy with the silver eyes raised his hand up as well.

He walked to her with a smile on his face.

“Hi, I’m Ricardo and I guess you are Summer,” Ricardo smiled and shook her hand.

“I have heard a lot about you,” Ricardo smiled, handsomely.

“I guess that they aren’t good things” Summer chuckled, her hand still in his.

“Honestly, yes” Ricardo said and Summer laughed.

They stood adjacent to each other and watched the other dancers dancing. It was from the basics steps.

“So, how old are you?” Summer asked Ricardo.

With his bright and handsome smile, he replied. “I’m nineteen, dropped out of school for some reasons”

“Bad reasons??” Summer whispered close to his ear. there was this fragrance from him and it smelled nice.

She liked it.

“Yeah, bad reasons” Ricardo grinned and stared at her. He is really cute and attractive. “You are pretty cute, how old are you”

“Eighteen” Summer smiled.

“Team number 6”

They both stepped out, Ricardo placed his hand on her waist and she placed her hand on his shoulder.

They interlocked their free hands and began dancing slowly to music and as soon as it changed in a hip-hop vibe. They began dancing beautifully, it was like they had practiced together.

The dance teacher was extremely impressed.

Jake and Gwen on the other hand weren’t happy with it. Jake was jealous to see another guy holding his mate like that.

‘She took Jake from me and she’s after my mate!’ Gwen thought and sneered.

Her wolf was trying to surface and her eyes had changed as well. She rushed out of there.



Summer barged into one of the classrooms that had been stuffed with chairs and tables.

“Hey!” She yelled as she saw them beating up someone.

“If it’s not the absent princess, have you come to join the ball?” Nathaniel asked with a smirk.

“Ricardo” her eyes widened, he was laying on the floor and he was obviously the one they had been hitting.

“Stop bullying him,” Summer rebuked.

“The little princess is talking,” Nathaniel laughed.

“If you don’t stop then I will order my bodyguards to give you a real beating and anyways my dad has more influence than all your parents put together!” Summer threatened and they seemed scared.

“Let’s go” Nathaniel frowned and left along with his puppets.

“Ricardo, are you okay?” Summer asked and sauntered to him. She stretched her hand and he grasped it.

He stood up and smiled a bit. “Thank you”.

“You shouldn’t let them bully you,” Summer said, sadly. “Report them to the school authorities”

“I wish it was that easy but anyways, thanks’ ‘ Ricardo snickered and caressed her hand a bit.

“Bro” his friend entered the room. “I have been searching for you everywhere”

“This is Cameron, my friend,” Ricardo smiled.

“Hi beautiful” Cameron complimented and shook hands with her.

“Hi” Summer snickered, her eyes and Ricardo’s met and she smiled.

‘Beautiful eyes’ she thought.

Hospital> Next morning.

Lola slowly squinted as the light penetrated into her eyes. The ceiling was a bit blurry at first but her vision cleared.

‘I’m not dead yet’ Lola thought and sighed softly.

She tried to move but her body felt stiff, she struggled to move her hand finally she succeeded. Her hand touched something hairy and she pulled it.

It moved and she pulled it harder.

“Ow!” Myles yelped and caught her hand. He stood up and saw that she was awake.

“Lola” He smiled at her.

Before Lola could utter a word, Myles rushed out of the room to call the doctor.

The doctor came and examined her. He stated that she had fully recovered from the coma and she was fine.

After a few minutes of checking up on her, the doctor and nurses left.

Myles walked to her side with a different expression on his face. Lola noticed that it wasn’t as cold or blank as he used to be.

“You scared me,” Myles said and the sentence shocked her.

Lola blinked again and again to check if it was the same Myles or an illusion, she even went further to touch his face.

“You are… real right?” her voice came out hoarse and low.

“Yes, you aren’t in hell yet” Myles flashed a smile at her.

“I thought I was dead” Lola rolled her eyes and moaned painfully as she struggled to move her back.

Myles sat on the bed.

“Why would you think such?”

Lola kept mute.

“I want to thank you for–”

“I wasn’t trying to save you, I was trying to die” Lola interrupted him.


“It was the easiest way to commit suicide and leave all this suffering and betrayal, I’m tired of life” Lola replied with tears in her eyes.

She really had nothing to live for.

“I wouldn’t let you die just like that, remember I own you and that is something to live for” Myles muttered and leaned closer to her.

“I mean, if you think…that…that you are not important then you are wrong because you are important…to me” Myles stuttered.

Lola stared at him, unable to comprehend anything. Myles suddenly pressed his lips against hers.

Lola’s eyes widened but she slowly closed them, giving him entrance into her mouth.

The door quietly opened and Lance stepped in, holding a bouquet of roses but they dropped to the floor.

Myles never kissed anyone.

Lance staggered backwards, he was beyond shocked and hurt. Jealousy was an understatement for what he felt.


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