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(sold…mated…to you)?

BY:Anny Oluchi.


CHAPTER 41 & 42.

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★(Devils at war)★
Two days later…
Ballard high school>

“How is your so-called mate?” Gwen asked with a little frown on her lips.

“Stop… anyways she’s getting better but still at the hospital, I kind of listened to your advice and I am gaining more control over my powers” Jake replied with a sigh.

“I thought you took her pain away”

“Maybe I didn’t take enough of it” Jake sighed and they heard loud chattering from behind them.

Gwen and him turned to see three students walking down the hallway.

“They are new students”

“He’s handsome”

“But that second one is…”

Gwen rolled her eyes at the comments and turned to leave but then there was this strange scent, it was like roses; intoxicating.

Gwen turned back and her eyes fell on him, brown hair and rare silver eyes. He looked like some supernatural being, more of a god-like look.

‘Mate, mate, claim him’

Gwen’s eyes widened as her wolf got triggered by this strange follow. His scent made her dizzy as he passed by her.

“Gwen” Jake caught her before she fell back. “Are you okay?” Jake questioned.

“I’m good, thanks” Gwen’s lips quivered as she responded.

‘Who was he or rather what was he?’Gwen thought, staring at his back view.

‘ I finally have a mate ‘Gwen thought but refused to smile at the thought.


“Daddy, seriously I feel better” Summer rolled her eyes while staring at the hospital food.

She felt better and the doctor said she could be discharged but Myles had been so adamant. He refused to go home but preferred staying here.

“I know Sunshine but daddy loves you too much to risk you falling sick again” Myles smiled at her.

“I was poisoned, not sick and I know that you are trying to protect me but daddy, it’s becoming suffocating. ” Summer frowned.

“Shut up and eat” Myles muttered and stoked her messy hair.

“Daddy, this food is awful” Summer grumbled but it earned her one of those fatherly stern gazes from Myles.

Summer sighed and began eating.

“Good girl” Myles smiled, he was quite relieved that her health had improved. She was in a coma and it really scared him that her life was at risk.

“You don’t know how exhilarated I am to see you safe and healthy” Myles muttered and pecked her cheek.

“I was scared”

“I’m sorry for appalling you” Summer mumbled sadly and kissed his beard. “I love you”

“I love you too, eat” Myles smirked. He knew that she might cajole him into changing his mind.

“This food makes me sick,” Summer whined.

He rolled my eyes and walked to the chair close to the wall.


“Summer, you are eighteen; quit acting like a five year old kid” Myles replied, obviously annoyed.

“But I’m your Sunshine” Summer blinked cutely and Myles couldn’t resist those cute puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, I will order something for you” Myles sighed and sat.

Someone suddenly barged in and it was Lance.

He rushed to Myles and grabbed him up by his collar.

“You bastard!” Lance yelled and landed a hard punch of Myles face.

Myles staggered because he didn’t expect it.

Lance knuckles cracked and he shook his hand in pain.

“What f*ck was that for?” Myles yelled, holding his face.

“Lola is gone” Lance yelled, he was shaken up inside and worried as well.

“W–what are you talking about?” Myles glared at him and used his tongue to rub his inner cheek.

“Lola is nowhere to be found after you asked your men to brutally punish her, is that why you asked me to travel to Singapore?” Lance shouted.

“So that you could punish her brutally, there was f*cking blood in that room and the pieces of her clothes; her f*cking scent, you animal!” Lance launched at Myles again but Myles dodged the punch and pushed him to the floor.

“What the heck are you saying?” Myles asked in confusion.

First, he had never seen Lance so angry in the time they’ve known each other and he had no idea what he was spouting.

“You ordered your men to punish Lola and she has suddenly disappeared”

“What!” Myles exclaimed in total shock.

Lola was gone.

“I think they killed her and took her body away, ‘ Lance said with tears in his eyes. “I should have gotten her away from you sooner but now…”

Summer was scared as she observed from where she sat.

Myles felt anger igniting in him, his eyes darkened.

“I didn’t ask anyone to punish Lola, i didn’t–”

“I swear I will kill you if you can’t find her. I should have escaped with her from the first day but I was so afraid and stupid!” Lance gasped, he was already in tears on the floor.

He had left for Singapore the very night of Summer’s poisoning and he returned to find Lola gone.

Lance palmed his face.

” Make the order, I will be back, Sunshine “Myles muttered and threw his phone to Summer.

He rushed out of the room leaving Lance in his devastation.

” I should have gotten her out of there, f*ck! “Lance lamented.

Summer watched him, fazed.

Hunt’s mansion>

Myles drove home like a psychopath, he was going all zigzagging, cursing and beeping his car horn madly.

He drove into the compound and brought his car to an instant and rough halt. He went straight to the dungeon.

When he reached there, he saw the blood and the pieces of torn clothes like Lance tag mentioned and even though they had been stained with blood, he recognized them as the clothes she wore that day.

No one had ever escaped from his mansion, it must have been done by someone from inside.

He left from there and went to the camera surveillance room. He sat on the chair and checked the footage from there.

It weirdly made him hurt as he watched how she was whipped and when Cherry had electrocuted her.

“Those bastards” He sneered and forwarded the footage.

He saw one that caught his attention and he paused it. What caught his attention was the person setting Lola free.

“Cain” Myles gasped and banged his fist on the table.

Myles headed back to his room, straight to his inner room where he kept tracking devices of all the servants, guards and slaves.

Tracking devices were usually inserted into them.

He checked Lola’s own and luckily he was able to track her, there was hope.

Myles stared at the red dot which signified Lola’s location.

He looked up to see Lance barging in.

“Where is she?” Lance gritted his teeth.

Zane’s penthouse>

“Now you are clean Bambina “Zane smirked while trailing his fingers on Lola’s face.

They had made her bath.

Lola was weeping softly, she still had little strength in her. She thought that Shawn wanted to help her in order to make up for his past mistakes.

She was totally wrong because he simply sold her to another monster, she had never met such a heartless person before. Myles was a monster but he never tricked her.

Shawn was nothing but a sly fox.

Lola tried screaming but her mouth had been gagged.

“Quiet, shh” Zane smiled and transferred his hands to her thighs.

“You are more beautiful in person, when I f*ck you properly then we would go to my main mansion. That is if you can please me but if you are a disappointment then…” He paused and demonstrated how he would slit her throat.

Lola shivered and tried moving but the ropes had tightly secured her to the chair.

‘Someone save me’ Lola cried inwardly. She didn’t deserve all this pain or did she offend someone in her past life.

This torment was too much for her to take in.

“So beautiful” He pressed her thighs and took his fingers in between her legs.



It began with a quiet murder but in a few minutes it turned to a raid of bullets. There were bullets flying around and hitting both Zane’s men and Myles’ men.

Zane was at a disadvantage because most of his men were situated in his mansion.

“Get me out of here!” Zane yelled and three of his men guarded him out of the room.

Lola was left all alone and she wondered what was going on. The sounds of bullets frightened her.

She was shocked to see someone breaking the window. A hand stuck out and then the person’s full body.

‘Myles’ Lola thought. She didn’t know whether to be relieved or angered.

Myles rushed to her and freed her from the ropes. He ungagged her mouth and cupped her face.

“Lolita” Myles bent down and pulled her into a hug. Lola was astounded by it.

“I didn’t order you to be punished, I don’t understand…” Myles sighed. He had always hated distraction but he simply wanted to hug her.

Lola was shocked that he didn’t know about her punishment but he had ordered it.

“Who did that to you?” Myles frowned and parted the hug.

“H-Hennessy” Lola sobbed.

“That woman!” Myles sneered. “I will get you out of here” Myles smiled and pecked her forehead.

Getting to this particular point wasn’t easy. Myles kept holding Lola.

“Stop!” Someone yelled and Myles turned back to see three men, in an instant more men joined.

“Move away a bit” Myles whispered to Lola and left her.

Lola watched as he began fighting with them, he was really skilled but they were tough. He still was able to combat them and they were left more injured, he hardly had a scratch.

“Lola” Lance reached there and pulled her away from there.

“You are safe,” Lance muttered and kissed her lips.

Lola was taken aback but there was no time to think about it.

“Let’s go!” Lance urged and dragged her away.

“What about…Myles” Lola asked and Lance was stunned that she showed worry.

“You shouldn’t care, let’s go” Lance sneered and pulled her away.

Lola turned and saw Myles standing with all the men down either dead or groaning. She sighted one of the men who was laying down struggling to hold his gun.

He was further away from Myles but the bullet would surely hit him.

“Let go of me” Lola muttered and wriggled out of Lance’s grip.

She ran towards Myles who thought she was coming to hug him. She fell into his arms but as he was about to hug her back.

A gunshot sounded.

“Lola!” Lance screamed.

Lola groaned a bit and spat out blood. Myles was stunned to realize that she had just taken a bullet for him.

His hands went to her back and they were stained with blood.




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