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(sold…mated…to you)?

BY:Anny Oluchi.


CHAPTERS 39 & 40 .

★(Unlucky girl)★

Lola was dragged away to the place which they called the dungeon. It was a house that looked abandoned.

She used to see the house and ruminate over its relevance but she deemed it no business of hers.

Lola was screaming for them to leave her but it was fruitless,she was dragged into the place. It was dark with human skulls and bones. It really scared her to see such things.

Her cries slowly turned into pleas but she was still tied up according to Hennessy’s instructions.

“Please, don’t do this” Lola pleaded, tears were gushing out of her eyes.

One of the guards grabbed one of the large whips on the wall and walked back to her.

“I beg you please” Lola sobbed. A lash came on her back and she screamed loudly “Aaaahhh!!!”

Another lash came and it tore her dress, three more lashes hit her back and her skin peeled.

“Please stop!” Lola cried out in pain.

Ten more lashes and the back of her clothes were filled with holes as a result of the whips. Another ten lashes and blood spilled from her back.

“Aahhh” Lola shrilled.

Atlas’ room>

“What is this bullsh*t I’m hearing?” Atlas queried with anger in his voice.

“What have you been hearing?” Cherry asked in a nonchalant tone.

Atlas suddenly grabbed her both arms and she gasped loudly.

“Atlas, you are hurting me” Cherry gasped and tried wriggling out of hua hold.

“The instruction was to poison Myles, why the f*ck did you poison Summer?” Atlas yelled half way but lowered his voice as he finished his statement.

“I did as instructed” Cherry cried from the pain she was earning from his strong hold.

“You are such a liar, I had instructed you to kill Myles but you did the opposite, so you could spite Lola!” Atlas yelled at her.

He discovered what she had done when the servants were discussing how Lola had been blamed for poisoning Summer.

“Yes I did it to get my revenge, what is it to you?” Cherry gritted her teeth angrily.

“I know that you like her, I see you when you stare at her recovered photos from your repaired camera” Cherry spat jealousy. “She also got Myles wrapped around her fingers”

“Did you think that I would let that b*tch, good-for-nothing despicable sl*t get away with it?” Cherry Aust uttered venomous words, however she was rewarded with a hard slap from Atlas.

Cherry landed on the floor and writhed a bit.

“You are lucky that I feel something for you because I would have killed you by now!” Atlas hissed angrily and sat heavily on the bed.

“F*ck this!” He yelled and swayed his bitten arm. “F*ckkk”

Black moon pack>

“I heard that the crescent pack has gotten a new alpha,” An elderly but strong looking male werewolf questioned. He was seated on his throne with a sword by his side.

“Yes Alpha, the young son of late Eugene is now the new Alpha but he is still too much of an amateur, I also heard that he had not discovered his powers fully” his informant said to him.

“Gamma Drake, I want only facts and not hearsays” The Alpha frowned heavily. His face became angry.

“I’m sorry Alpha, they are facts”

“This means that we have a great chance of ruling over the crescent pack, I see that Eugene never taught his son well” The Alpha smirked evilly.

“Jacob resides in Seattle and goes to a high school,” Gamma Drake added.

A loud growl could be heard then an eerie silence. After a while someone walked in, he had a handsome appearance and a model-like body.

“Alpha” He bowed as he came in front of the Alpha.

“Oliver” The Alpha smiled warmly at him. “I heard you were interested in going after the head of Jake Sully”

Oliver smirked, his former handsome appearance devilish and wicked. He was one of the demon werewolves. Half demon and half werewolf, he was named one of the most tactful and skillful warriors.

“Yes, I would serve his head on a platter of gold,” Oliver boasted with a smirk.

“Show me” The Alpha challenged.

In a swift second, Oliver had twisted the neck of the guard standing beside the Alpha. The guard dropped dead on the floor.

“I can see that you’re really ready, Oliver,” the Alpha shimmered.


Jake sighed while standing by Summer’s side.

He didn’t leave after dropping her, he stayed on the tree in her house watching her.

When she got sick, he was really scared but followed her up to the hospital. His father once taught him to teleport but he hardly paid attention then but now it came in good use.

It took him a while to do it but he finally succeeded. Walking through the door, would be a good idea and breaking through the window would draw too much attention.

Jake held summer’s hand and began taking away her pain. It was the only way he could help her though taking away her pain could reduce his Alpha power but he didn’t care.

He wanted her to be healthy and safe.

He withdrew his hand when he realised he was taking too much of her pain.

“You need to get better, mate,” Jake muttered and pecked her forehead.

He heard footsteps and focused his mind on where he wanted to teleport to and he disappeared.

Myles walked into the room and his heart broke into a million pieces while staring at Summer in the state.

“Oh sunshine” Myles gasped in his nose mask.he walked closer to her.

“I am going to kill those who did this to you”Myles grimaced and pecked her forehead.

He felt anger running through his veins and he thought about Lola but he couldn’t still bring himself to believe that she would do such a thing.

He knew he had hurt her to the extent that she would love to exact vengeance on him but there was something about her that made her seem so pure and harmless.

Myles had never trusted people but he didn’t know why he wanted to trust her.

He was completely bewildered by his emotions these days.

“Sunshine please get better, I can’t lose you too. I lost your mother already and I would die if I lose you” Myles pleaded with tears gathering in his eyes.

Hunt’s mansion>

Cherry entered the dungeon.

“We have only a little time here, Cherry,” One of the guards muttered.

Cherry has given him free s*x for him to allow into the place. She stared at Lola’s body with sheer Jealousy even though her body was bruised and injured.

She stretched her hand and the guard placed a stun gun in her hand.

She smirked and went to the front of Lola who looked terrible. Her face was red and filled with tears while her eyes were closed.

“Do you think you can turn Atlas against me and take Myles from me?” Cherry yelled.

Lola could hardly open her eyes or even hear anything she said. It sounded muffled to her.

“You b*tch” Cherry sneered and turned on the stun gun.

She pressed it against Lola’s stomach and Lola began shaking vigorously. She was being electrocuted.


Stun guns aren’t too powerful to kill except used for a longer period, delivering more voltage.

“Cherry, that’s enough” the guard said but Cherry refused to stop.

“Cherry, you are going to kill her,” He warned.

Lola’s body began convulsing at a dangerous pace.


FC cult>

“Any news for us, my dear” the head of the cult asked while sipping his wine.

Those around always wondered if it was wine or blood he was sipping.

An unknown person in a veil stood before him.

“There is a problem, Earl” , it was feminine voice.

“What is the problem?” Earl asked.

“I think Myles is falling for someone, Myles is having a soft spot for a woman” She said and the glass in Earl’s hand shattered.

“Isaiah is in love” Earl said, there was a smile on his face behind that smile was a gruesome hatred.

He had hated Myles for a long time and that bastard did not deserve happiness…

Earl had vowed to take away every happiness from Myles especially when pertaining to his love life.

“Who is the unlucky girl?”



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