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(stripped beneath his paradise)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 5&6

​The mighty arms wrapped around Bluey waist.

Somehow, she felt secure in the arm……like, she has always wanted to be in the arms and for some moment, she didn’t want the arms that encircled round her waist to loosened

“watch where you’re going “The hoarse voice said and loosened his grip making her lands her butt on the ground

The voice sounded so familiar and when she raised her head to see the face of who it was, he was gone

“weird! “She thought looking around

“where did he go…… a moment he was here with me but now he’s gone …..so weird “she mumbled and got up

“ouch!!! My butt hurt. He shouldn’t have helped if he was gonna let me fall any way”She sneered

“no he has hurt my big butt”She said sadly and chuckled on her own words

She stared around and could tell the night was getting thicker

“I need to hurry home”She thought and increased her step


Arianna stretched out her arms and yawned.

“another day to behold “She said and some how she was happy

She really can’t tell why or maybe because it was another day for the people of Italy to worship her as usual especially the student of Georgia college

She quickly jumped out of the bed and hurried to the bathroom. As usual, her bath tub had been prepared

“Gosh!! “She giggled and stripped her clothes off her body

She jumped into the bath tub and shut her eyes tightly as she relaxed

“I fucking love this”She whispered to herself


Arianna put on a free yellow grown and a flip flops slippers.

“it’s still morning and I’m having lectures in the afternoon. I guessed I should do something “She thought

“A-ha! “She uttered after figuring what to do

She walked to the door and was about opening when she stopped

She turned back rather and walked towards her portray

She stared at it and traced the necklace she was wearing on the portray with her fingers

“This looks so expensive….. I hate myself for loosing it after the accident. If I should wish for one thing, it’s to have it again cuz no amount of jewelry that I have seen looks so beautiful and expensive like this”She thought

She looked at the protray closely and that was when she noticed something

The girl on the portray looks so curvy. She got the shapes any guy will die for

And looks so beautiful and then she remembered her

The girl that had insulted her in public

“Yeah you got everything but you didn’t include your expensive plastic face which you got from you your surgery. Your face and skinny body can’t amount to my beautiful face and curvy body. You can take a good look at me if you haven’t noticed ”

Arianna remembered her words…. She bite on her lower lip and balled her fist

“that poor thing…. She’s gonna regret ever doing that “She mumbled

“But there’s something I can’t seems to get. If I was Chubby then, so why I’m I skinny now…. all my curves where are they……. Could it be the doctor had done some little change on me after the surgery?? “She thought and took her lips in

“some times I wondered if this is me.. I found everything around me so new and even after four years, i still can’t brace up”She thought and walked towards the door. She opened it widely and came out

She walked through the corridor and got to the stairs. She climbed down and walked directly to the kitchen

“Good morning Miss Arianna “The maid greated and she smile widely

She shut her eyes and inhaled the aroma. No doubt!! they were surely making something delicious

“I can see you’re cooking. Can I help?? “She asked and the maid eyes widened

“No! No!! Noo!!. Miss Arianna, your mum will be so angry to see you here”one of the maids spoke out

“I insist…. It’s no big deal “She replied and went towards the maids who was slicing the cabbage

“I should help with this”She said and collected the paring knife from her

The maids eyes widened and their mouth went agape watching Arianna slice the cabbage

“What’s going on here?? “A calm but angry voice said

“Forgive us Ma’am….. We really tried to stop her but she insisted “one of maid replied and that was when Arianna turned to see her mum

“Mum “She called

“What are you doing here”She asked

“I only wanted to cook. I miss doing it”She said and her mum furrowed her eyebrows

“you hate cooking Arianna, so how come you miss doing it? “Her mum asked

“I do? “She asked

“Yes Arianna…. You hate anything that had to do with cooking ” Mrs Beatrice Walton replied

“I guessed I changed mum and there’s no big deal on it. Change is one thing that’s constant in life. Maybe I have realized something….. I don’t know but I feel I can cook. Pls don’t stop me mum. Lemme just try this once and trust me you’re gonna love it…. Pleaseeeeee”She said blinking her eyes and her mum heaved

“just this once”Her mum said and she smile widely

“Thanks mum. I love you”She said


“Gosh Arianna you’re so good. I never knew my daughter can cook this well”Her mum said and her cheek flushed.

“I told you mum……now you believe me “She smile

“you won’t blame me my angel. The truth is, you actually changed after your accident. Who would have thought my Arianna would have cooked this” She said and Arianna chuckled

“The only good thing Arianna could do is to assist the poor….. She believes no one is supreme than the other in as much we all her human…. You love the poor alot and that makes you everyone favorite “Her mum said

“really but I feel irritated when I see those poor thing especially those student in Georgia college. The college is full of poor kid. Gosh mum I need to change school “She replied

“wow Arianna…. Change is indeed constant but all this happened after your accident ”
Her mum said

“Mum how did I even get myself in an accident?? “She asked

Her mum swallowed hard

“do you really wanna know that?? ” She asked and Arianna nodded

“yes mum. Maybe it will help me heal”She said and her mum nodded

“you were just eighteen then… “She said

“go on mum”Arianna muttered

“I really don’t know why you did it but you ran away from house”Her mum added and she gasped

“I did? “She asked and her mum nodded

“Good ten Eight months you were away from home. We did all to find you but it seems almost impossible. After Eight months we found you in a burning car. How you got involved still remain a mystery….. That’s all I know “Mrs Beatrice said

“hmmm”she hummed

“glad I’m still alive. I should go prepare for lectures now”She said getting up from the couch

Bluey stared at the necklace in her arms and kissed it

“you must have cost a fortune “She mumbled staring at the diamond design in the necklace

“I don’t know how you ended up with me but I’m gonna treasure it”she said and wore it on her neck

She stared at herself from the mirror and smile

“It fitted me ” she thought touching it

She touched her arms and could see the tattoo. It was some little handwriting tattoo on her hand but that wasn’t all

She raised her top and saw the tattoo of two eyes

“hmm”she hummed and dropped her top. She walked out of the room

“mum I’m off to lectures “She yelled as she entered the kitchen

She met her mum cooking something

“oh Bluey…. Won’t you eat”Hee mum asked but her attention was still on the food sge was cooking

“I would have love to but the food isn’t ready”She said

“you can help me with it Bluey, it will be quicker that way”She said and Bluey rolled her eyes

“you know I don’t love cooking mum and beside I’m late”She mumbled

“what a lazy girl”Her mum said but instead she stuck out here tongue

“I’m off mum” she screamed and rushed out


“what’s happened??”Bluey asked Draco immediately she got to the college gate to see it locked and student outside

“you shouldn’t be here BLUEY…. Haven’t you heard of what’s happening “Draco asked..

“What happened?? “she found herself asking

“Lots of people both boys and girls were taken by the Mafia men yesterday and right now they’re roaming the entire city looking for more….” he said and Bluey gasped

“You need to leave here right away. I will take you home and make sure you’re save” He said and Bluey nodded

She was more than scared. Taking her from her mum is the worst that might have happened to her

“let’s go”She said to Draco


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