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(stripped beneath his paradise)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Chapter 3&4


“Common Arianna, eat you food”Her mum Beatrice said and Arianna swallowed hard

She stared at her mum and then to her father who stared back at her

“eat Arianna, your food will get cold “Her father said. She swallowed hard again and stared at the cutlery in front of her

“Arianna ” Her mum called again and that was when she picked up the cutlery with shaking hands

She looked around the numerous maids and guards watching her

Yeah! Don’t be surprised….. The Walton family has its record of being the wealthiest family in Italy…..

They got the money, the influence but not as powerful as the Mafia “ANGELO BANDINI ”

Arianna dipped her cutlery into the food but her hands kept shaking….cold sweat ran from her hair down to her face

Tear rolled down her eyes.

“was this how she’s gonna disgrace herself in front of everyone …again? “she thought as her hands continued shaking

She knows all eyes were on her and that made her nervous the more… She hands continued shaking, she couldn’t dipped the cutlery into the food and raised in into her mouth

She just couldn’t do it. Her hands hit her plate and the broken plate fell to the ground,

It broke to pieces making everyone gasped

More tears flow from her eyes as she stared at the broken pieces

“Arianna!! “Her father sneered in anger

She shrieked more in fright….

“Not again ” she thought

“how long are you gonna bring my reputation to ruin….. How long are you gonna disgrace me. You embarrassed me in front of everyone at the conference meeting. The other day at the party you acted differently and brought my name to shame…….You seem not like the child I’ve raised up from years…… Not like the child I sent out of the country for school….. You came back and after what happened four years back, you changed completely. My Arianna Is also sharp….. Do things in a modern way……. Only her appearance could give someone the impression that she’s indeed from a classic home, she was my favorite but after the accident, everything changed ….. Tell me are you truly my Arianna” he yelled out

His eyes were bloody and could scare anyone at that moment

“calm down honey…… Pls don’t say that…. She’s Arianna, she’s our daughter, she’s your favourite…… even when she did something bad and ran away from house for good ten months you never stopped seaarching for her…….you love her, so why the anger???…… Calm down honey. She only needs some time…. The four past years of her life wasn’t easy….. she’s gonna come around….. Please give her space…. I beg of you”Arianna could hear her mum breaking voice and was all her fault

“common honey, four years it’s enough time for her to brace up…. Four good years is enough for her to come over the incident…… “Her father yelled.

More and more tears flow from her eyes

“I’m sorry mum…. I’m sorry dad”She said. She stood up and ran upstairs

“you’re making it hard for her”Mrs Beatrice said and stood up too

“clear the mess”She said to the maid and walked upstairs too

Arianna got to her room…. She shut the door and lean behind it as she started crying profusely

“this is not me…. Who am i”She asked no one in particular. She covered her face with her palm and cried into it

She took some steps and walked towards the portray of herself on the wall

She looks so innocent and beautiful…….

This was her face four years ago before the accident. But after the accident which damaged her face, she had to undergo a facial surgery for a new face

“are you really me?? “She asked the picture on the wall

The door opened and she quickly wiped her tears. She knew it was her mum and she didn’t want her to see her in that condition

“my angel “Her mum called and hearing her voice brought more tears from her eyes

“mum “She called and sobbed more

“it’s fine…. everything is gonna be fine “her mum said and hugged her

“it never will…. Why do I feel this is not me. Who am I mum?? “She asked in between tears

“your Arianna Walton….. My only daughter…. The heir to the Walton empire. That’s who you’re “Her mum replied

“But….. ”

“Don’t say anything….. all will be fine my angel “She said and hugged her tightly

Arianna hugged her back and cried on her shoulders….. She broke the hug and stared into her eyes

“I love you mum”She said

“I love you angel “She replied

She stared at the picture on the wall. She was wearing a silver necklace

She touched the necklace slowly

“it’s beautiful and must have cost alot”She whispered

“yes Arianna….. It was given to me by my mother and when you where born I handed it over to you. It was your favorite jewelry…. You wear it everywhere you go but after the incident you lost it”Her mum said sadly

“I’m sorry”She pouted her mouth

The door opened and a maid walked in with food

“you didn’t eat your breakfast…. Eat now and go for lectures “Her mum said and she nodded taking the tray of food from the maid

She placed it on her bed. She opened it and stared at her mum

“go on…. You can used your hands “Her mum said

“thank you mum “She said and rushed to the bathroom. She watched her both hands and ran back

She opened her food and started feasting on it with her bare hands

“this is so delicious “She said inbetween the food

A tears escaped Mrs Beatrice eyes. The Arianna she knew wouldn’t think of using her bare hands to eat….. She was very good in cutlery and talking while eating is what she hate most.

Arianna kept packing the food into her mouth even when her mouth was feed up

“easy Arianna…. You’re gonna choke yourself “Her mum said

“I’m sorry mum”She replied inbetween the meal

More and more tears escaped Mrs Beatrice eyes

“she really changed….. How long was she gonna continue with this?? “She thought as she watched her daughter eat


Arianna climbed down the stairs…. She was done eating and was her way to lectures

She saw her dad and her heart skipped

“was he going to yell at me again “She thought and gulped down

“Arianna!! “Her dad called and her heart skipped

He walked towards her and held her hand

“I’m sorry…. I shouldn’t have yell at you”He apologize and she nodded slowly

“all you need is time and daddy is gonna give you that time. You know I love you right?? “he said and she nodded

“I love you more daddy “She said shyly

“come here”Her dad said and kissed her forehead

“lemme drop you at school before heading to the office “He said

“alright dad….i should wait for you at the call pack”She said and walked out


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.