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Chapter 15&16


✍️authoress gabby pov ✍️

“You fool!! “Bluey screamed as he torn her clothes apart

She tried to cover up with her arms but who was she kidding

Of course her hands were handcuff and her legs were widely spread apart

Angelo had an evil smirk as he eyes fuck her. She was looking ravishing to Angelo. He licked his lower lip as he moves his gaze round her body

His facial expression suddenly changed as his eyes landed on her stomach

He gasped and suddenly stood away from her

“The…. the eyes” He stuttered pointing at it. He rubbed his eyes slowly….maybe it was all his imagination

He opened them again and saw the same same eyes

“it can’t be”He muttered and moved his gaze to her face

“who the heck are you!?”He asked in anger or rather unexpected gush of surprise

Bluey made to reply but nothing could proceed out of her mouth

She was also in shock too and for a moment, she forgot she was naked

“Bluey!!!! ” A loud scream invaded her sleep

“Are you planning to live in your dreams?? “Another loud scream was heard

“Bluey!!! “Another scream came in but this time, in her ears

She woke up and spranged from the bed

She looked around and noticed she was still in her room.

“Jenna? ” She asked making sure the person she was seeing was indeed Jenna

“did someone lost her memories in her dreamland? “Jenna asked as he moved close to her

Bluey gulped and stared down at her body. Her clothes were intact

“I aren’t naked?”She asked no one in particular

“nor handcuffed?”She asked
Jenna stared at her strangely

“are you sure you’re fine? “She asked touching her forehead

“holy moly!! “She screamed and moved away from Bluey

She touched the back of her right hand trying to cool it

“you’re burning Bluey “She said.

“My hand will definitely get burnt if I touch you again. How can you be this hot! “She asked and Bluey rolled her eyes due to the way she was exaggerating

She felt her head pounding and had to rushed to the bathroom.

She stripped off her clothes

She stood under the running shower and let it dropped on her body

“it was just a dream! “She muttered. She stared down at her tattoo. She traced her fingers on it

Why will the same eyes been drawn on my stomach?

“The shock? The facial expression? The anger? “She thought and groaned as she felt a slight headache

“Ha!!”She screamed and packed a handful of her hair up

“are you sure you’re okay in there??? “Jenna voice could be heard

Bluey breathed heavily and removed her grip from her hair

Bluey came out of the bathroom , walking slowly like a living dead till she got to her bed, she’s barely breathing , the air around her feels so different too

Jenna raised her head to see her out of the bathroom already,

At a time, she was afraid if Bluey was gonna passed out in there

she quickly got down from the bed and went to her

“lazy ass, are you ok?” She asked

Bluey faced her slowly and Jenna’s eyes widened when she saw her pale face

“What’s wrong” she said , holding her face. She quickly let go as she came in contact with her skin

“l feel so uneasy ” she sniffed slowly

” Huh?” She said. She led Bluey to the bed and asked her to lay on it which she obliged

“I’ll go get you an iceberg… caught a fever” She said and made to walk away from her but Bluey heard her hand, stopping her

“You aren’t allowed to go outside “She said slowly

“Yeah, but I can’t sit and watched you this way. You look really sick. I’ll just have to sneak and come back here. I’ll try not to get caught “She said

Bluey couldn’t believe she was gonna risk her life for her

“you’re kind”She muttered and Jenna shot her a smile

She walked away from Bluey and left the room

Arianna woke with a throbbing headache which made her hold her forehead immediately

Her mouth still has the strong taste of alcohol and her head feels heavy

“Uurrggg!” She groaned and attempted to sit up but an arm is around her

“Fuck!! Who’s that?” She thought

And in the next minute, she remembered last night

She was drunk and left her room, disobeying the rules…. Then she came to his room, she can still remember getting f*ck by him last night after forcing him to do so

She smiled…..

“He was damn good on bed”She thought

She even begged for more

“Best sex in my whole life”She whispered, smiling widely

She roamed his hands on her waist fondly

She still can’t believe she was right beside him

“I love you boss” she said still rubbing his arms on her waist

Drake woke up due to the voice. He spranged up and held her arm

“Fuck!! “Draco screamed

“oh my goodness!! “Arianna gasped and quickly flipped the duvet over her naked body

This isn’t the boss but what the fuck was he doing there

“Shit shit shit shit!, No!” she shouted and held her head

“You fool!! What have you done??. You raped me?? “She screamed and Draco jaw dropped

“Raped? “He asked nonchalantly

“Yes rape….. Knowing I’m drunk, you went down with me….. You took advantage of it and fucking raped me!! “She screamed again making Draco burst into an uncontrollable laughter

Arianna frowned, wondering was funny

“Did you forget how you forced me or how you were screaming for me to go harder ” He asked and clenched his jaw

“That’s because I thought you were b….. “She paused and bite on her lower lip

“Whatever….. This never happened. Now get the duck out of my room!! “She yelled and Draco shook his head

“it’s my room”He muttered and Arianna raised her brows

“huh!! ” she muttered staring at her and then it dawned on him that it’s not her room

“Fuck Arianna!! “She cursed under her breath

” Get your ass off my bed!” he shouted and that brought her back

she spranged up, her hair covered her face but she quickly brushed it off

“Get out” he said sharply, turning his back on her

“shut!” She screamed and started wearing her clothes almost immediately

He turned, looking at her swiftly

” just go, leave” he said

“And I say you should shut the fuck up”She screamed

By now, where had her clothes on

“damn you”she said loudly and stormed out of the room


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.