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“Yes, yes…. oh, yes!!”

Bluey could hear the female’s scream of pleasure or rather pains, followed by the sound of hard pounding. The slap of hips against hips so loud in the air

“seriously, he really gonna fuck those girls to death”Bluey said more like a question

Yeah! They were in their room but they could hear the sound of what was happening outside

“Yeah lazy ass. He seems to be very angry. What you did was out of record”Jenna said and Bluey sigh

“He should face me not those innocent girls. He killed some already. Oh God”She muttered , throwing worried glances at the door occasionally.

Jenna joined her on the bed. Her gaze moved to the eyes tattooed under Bluey’s breast cuz Bluey was wearing a Corp top

“It’s beautiful. Who ever drew this is indeed talented and skillful”She said tracing her fingers on it

Suddenly they heard another scream.

A mighty roar split the air as Angelo reached the pinnacles of pleasure and pain followed by the screams of girls.

“He should keep his voice low! “She replied covering her ears with her pillows

That is the Eight round of long hot séx, Bluey noted at the back of her mind

“He’s cruel!!. I wasn’t expecting his dick to work perfectly after the kick but hearing the girls screams… I doubt “She said faintly

“The boss is stronger than you know. It amazes me how he spares you. You’re lucky”Jenna said

“hmm” She hummed shutting her eyes
12am…. MIDNIGHT.


Angelo walked into the abodoned convent. It was midnight and a normal time any humans should be asleep

But not for Angelo. After fucking those girls to death, this was the next place he needed to come

He entered the inner room and then he saw him laying on the bare ground facing the wall

He hate to see him that way but there’s nothing he can do. At least it’s better than seeing him dead

“Have you found her?”He asked without turning to face him

He perceived his sent already and knew it was the Mafia

“I haven’t “He replied sadly.

“we are wasting much time. He’s responding to treatment and immediately he’s back, he’s gonna come for her. She shot him. He’ll be back for revenge. For her, for you, for your little boy and eventually I’ll be killed. The whole of Italy will know what danger is. Find her and get the diamond necklace before he does” He said and Angelo sigh

The same necklace that he wanted to steal from her but ended up falling in love with her

The necklace cost a fortune. Her parents were damn rich

He needed to find her, for her safety, for him and most importantly his little boy

“it’s been four years…. Will you recognized her when eventually you finds her”He asked and Angelo smirked

Of course! He was way smarter

“under her breast are my eyes. I had it tattooed before the accident “He replied

“I need to find her. Recognizing her wouldn’t be hard”He muttered


Bluey felt the sun ray shinning directly into her eyes

She smile! It was another day for another rule to be broken. She yawned and wanted to stretched out her hands but she felt it stucked

The perceived the scent but it was not the same with that of her supposed room

She immediately snapped her eyes opened. She gasped as she saw the eyes staring directly into her own eyes

It was Angelo. The Mafia

He smirked and puffed out the smoke he took from his tobacco.

“you were smiling in your dreams. You kicked some d**ks right? “He asked and Bluey rolled her eyes

“What the fuck was she doing here. How did she even get here. She could recalled sleeping beside Jenna

“Your red panties are arousing “He said licking his lower lip

It was then she noticed her wide opened legs. She tried to cover it but to no avail

“Your legs and arms are handcuffs. You can’t hide anything “He said coldly

She wanted to close her thighs again but she couldn’t.

“fuck you… Stay away from me “She said struggling

“You will keep hurting yourself.” he replied and blew out smoke from his cigarette

“Kill me! Just do it!” She said

“I can’t.” he said moving close to her and trailing fingers on her legs up to her thigh.

“Stay away from me Murder.” She said within gritted teeth as he raised up her gown exposing her beautiful thigh and having more view of her panties.

He pushed it aside and slid one of his fingers

“Please don’t do this! Please.” She said begging

“Don’t beg me, I get more mad.” he yelled pushing two fingers into her

“get those fingers off me! I hate you.” She said struggling

“I need to taste your boob’s too”He said and moved towards her top

It was a button top. Yeah! She had woke up last night to change her top

“don’t you fucking dare!! “She yelled as he fastened her buttons

“Don’t you even have any feeling in you? Any human feelings? You act like a monster!” She yelled and he grabbed her face.

“Shut the f**k up!” he yelled clenching his jaws in anger.

He groaned

He was actually the one wasting time and without thinking he torn her top apart making her gasped


Poor Bluey ????

Arianna ???

Who’s this unknown ???

He torn her dress……oya cover your mouth and wait for next chapter


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.