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(stripped beneath his paradise)

✍️by authoress gabby Daniel ✍️
❎don’t copy or repost❎

Genres: Dark Romance

Tags: College,Forbidden Love,Hidden Romance,Secrets,S*x,war,hatred,revenge,separation,Twist of fate!!

Chapter 1&2


She kept running but not to the pace she wanted

She wish to run faster but the condition she was in wouldn’t permit that decision

Her feet kept brushing the wet thick grasses

She felt so tired…. So weak but she wouldn’t dare to stop running

She looked back and saw the monster still chasing her

Hot tear gestured out of her eye…. What’s this how she’s gonna end up

She shouldn’t have fall for him

She would have listened and stayed away but her stubborn sef wouldn’t

“Stop getting close to me…… , you’re gradually making me falls and I don’t want to make you to become my weakness pretty eyes….. You will get hurt by my enemies,…. ” She still remember his words

And for a moment in her life, she believed him

Now his enemy want her

“where was him……was he really gonna disappear into the thin air and let his enemy devour her” She thought and ran deep Into the bush, jumping each woods she came across with

She couldn’t take it anymore….. She felt weak…. Her lower abdomen hurts

She sniffled and tear up

“don’t do this to me….. Please show up” She cried harder

And then she fell to the ground….. Her legs hurt

She could barely move them

She looked back and her heart skipped as she saw the monster right in front of her

“She finally stopped….. I thought he’s gonna teach you how to be ruthless, fierce and cold like him but I thought wrong….. You’re a running brat” he spat out

He crouched down and touched her hair

she shut her eyes as her heart started racing

“he left you……he’s never gonna come back to you after putting you in this condition…… He’s cruel…. You ought to have known before falling for him. That fool cheated me….he went for what’s mine but now that you’re here, you’re gonna be mine…. Just mine”he said and his boyish smirked grew

“I’m not yours…. I’m forever his… Fuck off”She said and spat on his face

He groaned and through his face sideway as he wiped it off.

He grunted and without thinking, he grabbed her neck

“The fast you accept the reality, the best for you ” He sneered and tightened his grip on her neck

She tried to catch her breath but she couldn’t….. She felt her vision getting blurry
and more tears fell off her eyes

“what’s this how she’s gonna die…. What about her family…. What about him” She thought but just then something popped up on her head

She slowly moved her hands to her pocket and felt the gun

“use this whenever you get into trouble “she remembered his words and with shaking hands she brought out the gun

And she shot him directly in his chest

“Argghhh “he screamed in pain and that was when she pushed him off her

“fuck off!! “She yelled as he whimpered in pains

And suddenly he stopped moving. Her eyes moved to his chest and she gasped at the amount of blood rushing out

She crawled towards him and touched his chest….. Her eyes widened when he heart wasn’t racing

“I killed someone “She gasped

“look for the boss….. He should be close “She heard a faint voice

“his men!! “She gasped and groaned out as she raised her body

She lifted her body and started running again …..she kept running and suddenly someone pulled her to a corner

She shrieked in fright but when she raised her head and saw it face, her racing heart was calmed and it was like a burden was lifted off her shoulders

Without thinking she hugged him tight

“you came…. You really came for me”she muttered and tear up in joy

“I love you baby doll” That came his response as he stroked her hair

She hugged him more tightly not wanting to let go but just then a sudden pain occurred

“my… my stomach “She stuttered

“chill and lay down baby doll”He said and she did as instructed

She laid on the wet grass and shut her eyes

“it’s gonna hurt again…..ok!”He said and she nodded slowly

She felt an extreme pains

“please don’t scream…. Please “He pleaded…. She really don’t wanna scream but she couldn’t hold the pains anymore and when she was about screaming, he wrapped his hands firmly on her mouth

She screamed into his hand and all that echoes was her faint voice

“you’ll be fine “He assured and all she did was to nod her head

And after a while, she was fine as assured by him

“I thought ya…. You’re fine now? “He asked and she nodded and smiled

“I will be back baby doll…. Stay right here ” He said but she shook her head

“please…. Please don’t leave me. His men are here…. They’re gonna find me”She said fearfully

“they won’t….. I’m gonna come back for you….. I promise….. Don’t you trust me? “He asked and she quickly nodded

“I trust you” She replied. He kissed her slightly and stare deep into her eyes

“stay right here…. I’ll be back for you” He said and she nodded

She believed him

She trusted him and that was how he left. She laid still on the grass

Shut her eyes and suddenly fell into a deep sleep.

She felt some mighty hands carrying her and that was when she opened her eyes

The arms was strange…. not like the arms she wanted at that moment

“Who are you?? “She asked faintly cuz her vision was blurry

She heard no response but she felt herself been lifted into some where and she perceived it as a car

The car started moving after a while but what happened next was unexpectedly

The car exploded!!!


Bluey kept turning around as she started sweating profusely

“wake up Bluey….. You gonna get late for lectures”She heard the faint voice

“No! No!!! “She screamed and spranged up from the bed

She inhaled deeply

“it was all a dream…. Her usual dream”She muttered

She opened her eyes and the sun shone directly into it

She shut it and opened it again….. She got a clearer view and that was when she noticed her mum who had been watching her for a while now

She yawned and stretched out her both hands

“mum…. “She called rubbing her eyes fondly

“yes my baby”Her mum Rossie Cartwright replied

“I had the dream again…. The usual one”She said and she could see the fright in her mother’s eyes

But she quickly replaced it with a smile

“it’s just a dream baby”Rossie replied and sat with her on the bed

“no mum…. I feel more than that…. I feel like this isn’t my life. I feel like I’ve lost a great part of me. I really wish to remember my memory mum. I really wish to remember my past life ” She muttered and Mrs Rossie sighed

“take things slow baby…… You already lost four years out of you life…. I wouldn’t want you to go back to coma….please I beg of you. Stop thinking of your past life…. Pls”She said and Bluey could feel the fear written all over her mum face

She sighed and nodded slowly

“I should go take my bath”She said

“yes Bluey and also come out for breakfast “Her mum added

She pulled the duvet from her body and climbed down the bed. She twisted her mouth as she walked to the bathroom

Some minutes later******

Bluey walked out of her room after some minutes of bathing and dressing up

She could perceived the aroma of the food as she walked through their tiny corridor

She got to the sitting room and raising her head, she saw her mum and Draco setting the dinning table for breakfast

Don’t be surprised

Draco was her best friend and only the friend she had here in Italy since they moved in some months ago

“Draco…. You came”She muttered as she covered the space to the dinning table

“yeah! So we can both walked to school ” he said and Bluey nodded

“sure,,, I’m done here….lets go”She said and Mrs Rossie frowned her brows

“what about the food??”She asked

“mum I’m late” she mouthed

“c’mon Bluey, you wouldn’t want all this food to get wasted….. Just 30 minutes won’t make you fail the course” He said and Bluey rolled her eyes

“devil!! “She said and hit his chest

He chuckled and pulled a sit for her

“Thank you” Mrs Rossie said to Draco and Bluey rolled her eyes again

“you two are of no good” She said and rolled her eyes again which made them

“your eyes will fall out at this rate” Draco snarled lowly

“shut up!!”She grunted and picked up her cutlery

She dipped it into her food and started eating. Draco smile and watch her eat

“you know what Bluey? ……you really amazed me. I’m wondering how you behave like those rich kids. The way you eat, the way you behaved….. It’s like you had grow up in riches “Draco said and that made Mrs Rossie choke on her food

“w….. water”She stuttered and Draco rushed and passed the water to her

“sorry ma’am “He said as Mrs Rossie gulped the water down her throat

She dropped the cup and heaves

“it’s not good to start a conversation while eating…… Please let’s follow table matters”She said

“I’m sorry ma’am “Draco said again and she nodded

“That was closed “She thought and heaves

“common eat your food…. You’re gonna be late for lectures”She said

Bluey and Draco nodded as they started feeding on their food

After some minutes they were done with the food

“A minute Draco….. I forgot my notebook “Bluey said and rushed back to her room

She found the book just on her bed…. Maybe she had left it when putting on her shoe

She quickly grabbed it and was about running out when a hand pulled her to the wall

Her back slammed painfully on the wall…..she raised up her head and her heart skipped immediately she saw it was her dad

“d… dad”Stuttered scared

In his left hand was a bottle of alcohol and in between his lip was a cigarette

He removed the cigarette from his mouth and blew the smoke on Bluey face

“d… dad”She stuttered again

“d…daughter!! ” he said sarcastically

She shakes slightly and gulped down nothing

Any slight mistake will result to some beatings and she didn’t want that

“Bluey”Her mum walked in interrupting them

She swallowed hard seeing them both. Her heart started beating as she stared at them both

“You’re gonna be late Bluey….. Draco is waiting. You should get going “She said and as if Bluey was waiting for those words, she quickly dashed out

Richmond (That was the name of Bluey dad) walked towards his wife

He held her arm with his left hand while his right hand held his bottle of alcohol and cigarette

He held her arm painfully making Mrs Rossie groaned

“what did you tell her!!! “He sneered out

“n… nothing “Mrs Rossie replied, avoiding his gaze

“are you fucking telling me the truth!??”he asked angrily and slammed the bottle of alcohol on the wall

Mrs Rossie looked sideway and started breathing heavily

“yes I’m am…. So you think I will tell her the truth…… I know this is what she wanted and telling Bluey the truth will make her suffer and hate me more……. I can’t take it, it’s best Bluey suffered and let her enjoy what she always wanted….i want the best for her”she said all in one breath

Richmond put the cigarette in his mouth again and blow it on her face making Mrs Rossie to cover her nose

“listen and listen very good”Richmond said and grabbed her cheek

“she must not find out…. Never!!!. The mafia men will come again and I’m gonna make preparations for Bluey to be taken away….. By so doing, our secret will be safe”He said and removed his gripped from her cheek

“clear the mess”He said referring to the broken bottles

He glanced at her before walking away


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