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” Why do I have to be among all these, I don’t even know you, I don’t wish to be with you!!” Aqua was drag into the ritual ground, her long silver dress slightly torn apart, tears could be seen in those brown eyes of hers.

Being a no body in the eyes of the council meant anyone can just pick you up in the village and ask to be with you forever, asking for a blood bound ” you will get to know each other, in your next life ”

” he is a wizard, am a vampire!!” Shouting I cry ” am about to get married to the man I love, the man of my dreams ” my gaze move to the wizard standing and grinning ” please tell them to let me go, Lucian is waiting for me at the alter, I can’t afford to miss that ”

” you will be reborn in the future aqua, reborn and tied to me, that is the essence of this ritual ” smiling his black eyes glitter from mischief ” don’t worry about love, I will make you love me when we meet again ”

Tying my hands and legs I was left in the coloured floor, where lines have been drawn ” master, your blood ” why do the council fear this man, yes wizards have magic but they is something more to that…I watch them inject his hand, drawing his blood into that.

” let me give it to her myself ” the council nod and he move closer to my direction, bending down and touching my face ” you are the most beautiful girl I have ever set my eyes on…only fools will let you marry someone else ”

” you’re wrong, when you love someone… “He cut me off laughing

” those silly proverbs…you’re such a silly little girl” When he talk fangs could be seen in his teeth, is he a vampire or a wizard? He could be the abomination everyone talks about. ” go to sleep now, you will feel great pain when burning to ashes but remember, this is for us…when you grow up, you will feel this bound between me and you ” he inject it on me slowly ” this forced commitment you’re in now”he lean close licking the blood that came out of from the scratch I had earlier and with that he withdraw, stepping out of the lines.

” now?” Shooting a smile he nod and the ritual begin but how is this right, am the only one that will be committed to him, he didn’t take my blood the way am doing, he isn’t going to die but I am, he isn’t going to be reborn like I will be.

My whole life have been broken and scattered because of this man I don’t even know his name, this wicked and selfish man.

Screaming in pain as my body burn to ashes, I made a promise to myself, not to fall in love with any man that posses black eyes in my next life and definitely not to be this weak for them to drag me around and if am to meet Lucian again, I must love him again, everything have to work out between us.

If only I will be able to remember.


You do not want to miss this amazing novel, another long ride that will blow your minds and captive your heart.

Grab some popcorn, sit down and get ready to feel amazed.


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