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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





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This was the second time in his life that he knew he is going to experience the worst ” do you think you can do that?” Elia ask looking happy, so happy to push me to a ice cream spot so that I can activate my charm to get her more ice cream and faster ” you can do this right” she look up at me.

And I frown ” No, am not doing that ” the place sickens me, the happy screaming, children jumping from one place to another, couples holding hands, taking pictures and looking happy with one another ” this place is horrible” frowning at her I growl ” why exactly did you bring me here”

” if you hate ice cream, you can just say so ” she fold her hands, those happiness in her eyes already become dull ” we can leave if you want, it won’t make sense if you keep frowning anyway ”

” really?” Anyone could notice the joy in my voice but when she shoot those dull looking eyes I sigh then give up ” fine, I will get you the ice cream you want ” moving towards the line I ignore others as I move to the lady selling it, she has long blond hair, green eyes and truth be told.

She is beautiful.

” you can’t just ignore the line and….” She stop talking when I smile at her, putting on my seductive face ” I know miss but then I have been standing, waiting to hear your voice but the line seem to take forever to reach my turn ”

” he is lying”

” this isn’t fair”

Others growl but I ignored it, my gaze never leaving her alone ” am sure you taste just as good as your ice cream ” a blush appear on her cheeks and I smile ” I would have love to chat but I know you need to keep selling and my little sister over there need some ice cream or she will go nuts ” the lady turn and stare at Elia who is grinning from ear to ear.

” alright s…”

” call me master ” I mumble and I know how that sound but then from the looks of things, this girl will like to be dominated, taken care of by her master.

” alright master ” her face turn even more red after the words roll from her mouth, collecting the ice cream I paid her double, learned her name is Juli before moving back to the pest in my life ” here you go ”

She collect just one and smile ” you can lick the other, how did you do that anyway ”

” it wasn’t hard Elia, I am handsome anyway ” shrugging Elia shoot me a confused glare ” and I told her my little sister is waiting ” patting her head she slap my hands off.

” am not your sister ”

” oh I know” smiling I look at her face ” no brother will want to get into their little sister panties ” my words did the trick, she always look beautiful when blushing.

” we should go ” she turn around and fasten her steps to the hunted house, I knew I shouldn’t have followed her in but I did and I end up regretting it…everywhere dark, Elia hold my hand, body shaking from fear, any little sound she will scream and cling closer.

When a zombie appear out of the blue I was surprise when she literally climb my body, legs wrap around my waist, hands wrap around my neck and her face buried in my chest ” Elia?”

” please” she sob ” take me out of here” it is either she is scared of darkness or everything freak her out, exhaling i hold her tight and fasten his step out of the ridiculous place and finally getting some sun and fresh air.

” Elia?”

She lift her hand and stare at my face ” am sorry, I didn’t expect it to be so dark, I hate darkness ” I frown because my life is full with darkness, not a single light in it ” you can let me go now ” she mumble and I nod, letting her go I run my hand through my hair ” we can return now, I think I want to be alone ”

” hmm” my eyes study her gently before speaking ” No”

She shoot me a quick glance, startled and confuse ” why not, I know you are not happy here ”

” I said No and I mean No ” holding her hand I pull her to one of the ridiculous play things children like getting into, paying the needed money we step in and within no time it start moving, looking at Elia she is happy again, yelling, laughing and smiling ” such a child ”

They is more to this Elia, something she is hiding, something that scares her and I do plan on finding out” that was amazing master ” she chuckle ” look, win me some Teddy bear ” she drag me to the machine, giving her some money, she keep on trying but nothing happen.

” let me do it ” pushing her aside I tried the first time but nothing happen which is really surprising, Elia chuckle and when I shoot her a glare she zip up….unbuttoning three buttons I roll my sleeves up then bend to do this properly.

Elia stood shocked to watch such seriousness from Alexander as he try all his best to win this, his tongue is out and his full attention fix on that bear, who would have thought they is a side like this to Alexander ” master is okay, is not really important ”

” Elia, it so happen that this bear is trying to defeat me in this, I never lose ” he growl putting another money and continue with his silly game.

What happened in that hunted house earlier made me smile, I never expected him to look at me with care, he can be kind and wicked, no body knows when his character will change and that really freak me out.

” master?” Hearing a lady voice I turn around to stare at the woman that usually sell ice cream, why is she here? Why is she calling him master.

” got it ” Alexander smile holding the teddy bear, his gaze move to the lady, his smile not disappearing ” Elia, hold it ” giving me the bear he move close to her, she blush and I frown.

” I thought I would say hi to your sister”

” is that really why you came juli?” Alexander furrow his brows ” here I was thinking you like me ”

” I do like you ” juli rush her words which got me frowning and Alexander smiling, what game is he playing at…holding the teddy bear tight I look at juli, she must be around twenty five or twenty six.

She is matured.

I don’t want to see this,I should give them privacy, turning around to leave Alexander hold my hand stopping me ” where do you think you’re going”

” anywhere but here” frowning he pull me closer and I gasp, his hand move to my neck and in a blink of an eye he kiss me, juli at the back gasp out of surprise while I gasp out of pleasure.

When I open my mouth unknowingly, he withdraw, frowning ” you do not go running when I don’t permit you, understood? ”

Frowning I roll my eyes ” yes master”

” this girl need to be tamed ” holding my hand he ignored juli as we walk back to his limo, getting in he shut the door, ask the driver to takes us back to the mansion. he look really pissed ” you roll your eyes at me after I work so hard for that teddy in your hands ”

I completely forgot” thank you ” biting my lower lips I look at him ” I just didn’t like how you smile at her, like she is your precious”

Realizing what I said I slap my mouth with my hand and a smile rose in the corner of his lips ” oh don’t worry Elia, you are my precious and this night I plan on showing you exactly how I treat my precious ”

” I don’t understand ”

” I told you I will spank you earlier and then you punch my dick, you roll your eyes at me, you ask to switch place with Evelyn ” he smile and I realize I have commit a lot of errors ” but then you were jealous which really made me smile, should I forgive you?”

” yes!” My word came out in a rush which made him chuckle, leaning close he kiss my neck then bite my ear before mumbling.

” my silly little girl ”



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