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He remain still for awhile, watching me then suddenly hold his stomach and start laughing, this time the laugh seem cruel” punish you?” He chuckle then cough ” how silly can one person get??” Looking at him I couldn’t help but to slap him.

His face didn’t bulge, just the handprint on his cheek nothing more, he look at me with furrow brows and I know I have cross the line ” you hit me?” A smile form in the corner of his lips, my eyes lower to his hands, his fist clench together then his gaze met mine.

This time fear grip me, this glare of his, scares the hell out of me, the cold emitting from his body made me shiver from fear, he close his eyes, relax his hands and exhale ” I seem to lose control whenever someone hit my face Elia ” he open his eyes and look at me ” don’t try it again ”

Swallowing I watch him watch me, silence fell between us, he said nothing then smile ” you find it hard to understand me, I don’t blame you, I also find it hard to understand me” his smile widen ” I don’t need you to get scared of me Elia ”

” am not scared ” averting my gaze from him I look forward ” I just don’t like you ”

” and yet, here we are…heading to our date ”

” this is just the only way for me to go to wonder wheel ”

” that guy that text you can’t take you there?” His voice fill with mockery ” I understand, his company doesn’t interest you ”

” don’t get me wrong ” I growl then look at him to see a grin on his face ” he has money and he loves me, I just couldn’t go with him because if I reject you then I will have to go to work ”

” killing two stones with one bird huh”

I furrow my brows ” you mean killing two birds with one stone right ” after I mumble, he took one minutes to digest what I just did then chuckle, he laugh.

” how foolish of me to forget such a thing ” he chuckle, the things that makes this man to laugh are so not funny, he thinks this conservation we are having is funny??

” I will not allow you to punish Evelyn ”

” hmm”

” you said you like me ”

” I did?” He furrow his brows smiling ” oh yes I did ”

” if you really like me then stop punishing them for my sake and please do not laugh at this ” his gaze remain on mine for two seconds before he flip out and chuckle, I knew he was fighting the urge to laugh.

He finds it funny if I try protecting people from him ” oh Elia” he lean close and smile ” why did I like you years back ” his words confuses me ” oh yes, I never knew your character, your beauty did it for me and I knew you will entertain me well ” he lift my hair close to his nose and inhale ” and I was right, you entertain me well ”

” what are you blabbering about ”

” nothing serious Elia” withdrawing he lean back and close his eyes ” we are close to the wonder…. whatever you call it ” staring at him I watch how air move into the car, his hair slightly moving

He is handsome but also strange, we stayed that way for hours, how far is this place anyway? ” master?” I called but he said nothing ” master! ” yelling he said nothing which means he is sleeping, so fast, I thought someone like him won’t let his guard down.

Moving towards his direction I touch his hair, it is really soft, what kind of shampoo does he use ” Alexander ” his name roll from my tongue, its the first time I call his name in his presence, I like it” you’re so cruel Alexander” moving my hands to his face I swallow ” so cruel that I think you should die ” my hands lower to his neck and I gently sit on his lap and hold my breath, he didn’t move which calm me down.

I know am walking into the lions trap but they is something I wish to see, my hands lower to his chest, unbutton them then gasp from the view, have never seen someone this built, the broad shoulder, his chest so built, my hands lower to his abs then back up to his chest.

From all my fighting class I have attended, no body is as strong as Alexander, after analyzing his body I now know that he is not just bark, he is strong.

Hands move to his face but he swiftly caught it in mid air,I expected him to wake up but not this soon, his eyes are still closed ” how silly are you ” he growl ” oh I should say it this way, how foolish are you ” he open his eyes, he is not smiling.

” you sit on my lap without permission, touch my hair, face and unbutton my shirt to taste my strength ” how did he know I did all these just to see how strong he is ” and here I was thinking you will kiss me ” so that’s why he is angry

Because I didn’t kiss him

” why will I want to kiss you ”

” I don’t know Elia, maybe because you haven’t seen someone as handsome as me before ” he grin then chuckle, a fake laugh ” you impress Elia, you no longer fear me, you didn’t think I can take advantage of you in this situation, you don’t think at all Elia ”

” we have arrived sir” the driver mutter but Alexander didn’t let go of my hand.

” you decided to climb my lap and touch me because you remember what your fighting instructor told you years back? You decided to risk your life for such silly things….you truly are senseless Elia ”

” what are….”

” don’t cut in when am teaching you something ” letting go of my hand he child my chin and frown ” before you do things think Elia, what you are doing may bring more harm to yourself and trust me, it did ” he pull me closer and then I could feel his excitement poking me.

My face turn pure red ” don’t blame me, am a man who decided to rest but then a beautiful girl decided to sit on my lap not quietly, she kept moving backwards and forward, unbuttoning my shirt, touching me and to top it up…your arse did it for me ” he smile ” I mean it is big right ”

” Alexander ”

” and you’re calling me by my name” he didn’t frown and that confuses me, why did I call him by his name when he is awake?, I really mess up ” touch me Elia, I have to release before we step out ” he grab my hand and place it on the bulge, my eyes widen.

He lean close and whisper ” it is your doing Elia so finish what you started” his voice seem to be pushing me to get started but the problem right now is that I don’t know how, maybe I should do things my way.

Lifting my hand up with force I hit him right there, his eyes widen and the bulge seem to reduce ” mission accomplished ” I beam smiling but the look in his face revealed that he felt little pain from what I did.

He growl pushing me off his lap ” what the hell Elia ”

” you said I should….” I stop talking when he shoot me a glare ” that wasn’t what you expected?” He furrow his brows and I fight the urge from laughing ” sorry, it… was a mistake ” he said nothing expect walking out of the car and I had to follow.

He suddenly stop at the gate and stare at me ” you’re not going home tonight ” with that he walk in leaving me speechless.



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