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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





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He always trigger my curiosity. Elia close her eyes, feeling the exhaustion wash from her body, gaining little strength, she can’t help but to think about tomorrow, spending the whole day at the amusement park which is the wonder wheel.

It will be amazing, I will get to see everything I have been missing.

” Elia ” hearing Lucian voice I turn around to see him standing, the window open ” I hate seeing you like this ” he looked pained ” I want to see you in some other circumstances, sneaking into your room every night seem wrong and then you didn’t reply me earlier ” he rush his words like he is pained.

I did forget about my phone, all I have been thinking about is Alexander and now I suddenly feel bad, standing to my feet I move towards his direction and hug him, his body stiff from surprise ” sorry Lucian, I…I…I misplace my phone ” withdrawing I stammer.

” did something happen to you?” His voice fill with worry, shaking my head I step back then watch him exhale ” have you eaten ”

” I haven’t ” mumbling my stomach grumble ” mother must be waiting for me downstairs, dinner must have been served ”

” okay ” Lucian sit on the bed then mutter ” I want us to know each other more Elia, we only get to talk for few minutes at night and then am gone…how do I make you love me when we see only at night and most of the nights you are tired”

” Lucian ”

” let go out tomorrow ” he smile ” somewhere fun ”

” I can’t” mumbling I exhale ” I have work tomorrow ” more like I have a date with Alexander, my boss, we are going to the amusement park but I can’t say all that to Lucian, he will break down

” when will you be free ”

” am free at night and Sundays” mumbling I smile ” we can keep seeing every night then by Sunday we go out…deal?”

” deal ” he move close to kiss me but I turn my head, his lips landing on my cheek, I could feel him exhale ” thank you Elia, even if its just a little portion of your heart, am happy ” smiling he kiss my forehead then leave, what have I gotten myself into.

Lucian doesn’t look like human too, I remember seeing him with fangs the first time I lay eyes on him.

He might be a vampire.

” Elia!” Hearing mother voice I snap out of my thoughts ” food is ready!”

” coming mother ”

Maybe I should stop over reacting and over thinking everything.

The next day Elia walk into the mansion putting on a tight blue jeans that hug her curves and black crop top, showing her tummy and a little cleavage, maybe she was trying to look good in Alexander eyes though she felt kind of sad because she has no way of connecting Lucian because her boss happen to be jealous and throw her phone away.

Moving to the assembly, Elia could only think about him, Alexander, the man that triggers her curiosity and other things..the dream she had last night kept her in a confused situation, she dreamt of him alright but the dream wasn’t normal.

He was touching her, places no one else have ever touch before, doing things to her, things she never allowed anyone to do after what happened to her at the age of thirteen, maybe that was why she was scared of men, men moving close.

That was why she never accepted a date with her class mate back in high school but Lucian change that, he ask her out and she accepted and now Alexander is doing things to her.

Stepping into her dream is acceptable but touching her the way he did was not acceptable and now she has no idea how she is going to face him without blushing.

While thinking she absolutely forgot that Alexander will be waiting for the maids to arrive, she step in wearing an odd wear while Alexander is putting on a black trouser and black long sleeves.

Black have to be his favorite colour.

Rose and the others look at me with worry and fear, fear that this evil boss is going to kill me, beat me up and maybe fire me but I know he will do neither…he told me he likes me and I know fully well he won’t hurt me expect spanking.

” master” I yell waving my hand from behind, his gaze meet mine, he looked at me for few minutes before licking his lips, my face turn to a shade of red.

” come ”

Nodding my head I fasten my step to him, aware everyone is watching, he move closer, lean and whisper to my ears ” where are your working clothes Elia ”

” you promise to take me to the wonder wheel today, have you forgotten..the amusement park? ” looking at him, he withdraw then exhale ” of course I did, I don’t put such silly things in my head” he growl, he look pissed ” do you really need to dress this way, I mean you are practically naked”

Blinking I frown ” you don’t like it?” Why am I even asking him? I don’t care if he likes it or not, I didn’t dress up for him.

” I do like it ” he frown ” I was over reacting, it suit you ” his hands move to the necklace he gave me which I have tried so hard to remove but it doesn’t bulge ” I will take it that you find it hard to take off, putting consideration to how you hate me, you might have tried ”

” I did”

” hmm” he look at me expressionless ” I guess it worked then ” with that he avert his gaze back to the maids ” assembly dismissed, miss Evelyn, you came late, I wasn’t blind ” how did he notice that when all his attention was on me ” go to the punishment room ”

” sir” she stammer, turning around evenly appear to be a young girl, probably fifteen or sixteen of age, too young to be working but then rose words came back to me, they need the money to keep living.

Watching her move away I look up at Alexander, his gaze on lady morin, telling her things to do before he return ” master?” Moving towards his direction, he dismiss Lady morin then look at me.

” what is it Elia ”

” what do you plan on doing to Evelyn ”

” punish her ” a smile rose in the corner of his lips ” what is it Elia, feeling sympathy for her, you want to switch places with her?”

” will you let me?”

” why will I stop you” he furrow his brows ” I do like you Elia but that doesn’t mean I will stop you from making your decision ” not saying anything I frown, turn around and move towards his limousine, didn’t wait for him before opening and stepping in.

How cruel can one get.

So he can punish me?

I was expecting him to say something nice like ” I can never hurt you Elia, I won’t permit you to switch places with anyone ” but instead he speak through unreadable expression on his face.

” the wonder wheel” Alexander mumble as he step in and shut the door ” tonight” he look at me with angry expression ” I will spank you ” the words left his mouth only to keep ringing in my ears, what did I do to warrant such.

” why??” I growl

He grab my arm and pull me closer, my face an inch away from his ” first you walk out of my presence?? It shows no respect on my path and now you raise your voice at me, how disrespectful can one get ” he exhale ” I have to say Elia… You have become very very bad, a bad girl and bad girls get punished ”

For some reason I feel sad, I don’t like it when he calls me a bad girl, I want to be called a good girl, strangely…I want him to always call me his good girl then pat my head ” am sorry ” mumbling I look down, he place his hand under my chin and make me look at him again.

” if you understand your mistake then your apology is accepted though the spanking still stands ” he pull away and the moment he did it felt like I was release from some kind of spell.

Why did I apologize?

I felt like I should, like something forcing me to.

This Alexander freaks me out.

Moving backwards I growl ” I will not permit you to spank me” he turn and stare at me ” I did nothing wrong and that girl is too young for you to torture her” I growl ” don’t you have a heart?”

” I told you Elia ” he smile ” I have no idea if I do have a heart, I have been heartless for a very long time so why should I care?”

” because am here now ” the words came out before I could stop it so I purred on ” if you need to punish someone else then punish me, I can take it, all the whipping, hot iron on skin, spanking, slapping… I will happily receive all that if only you stop hurting others ”

He remain still for awhile, watching me then suddenly hold his stomach and start laughing, this time the laugh seem cruel” punish you?” He chuckle then cough ” how silly can one person get??”



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