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Elia watch him smile at her after calling her cunning, why was he smiling? No idea but its a good thing he agreed to what I requested, my brother and I have always wish to go there but like usual money was the problem and we couldn’t fulfil that dream of ours ” come on Elia, let’s head back ” Alexander mumble before turning around and leaving, I had to fasten my steps to catch up with him.

“Are you going to drop me home?” I asked but he said nothing, just keep moving ” master?” He stop, I watch a frown creep into his face.

” something is not right ” he mumble but am getting confused, moving ahead a little I gasp at the sight of our dead driver, his legs, hands, eyes and ears missing, the car squeezed badly ” come ” Alexander grab my hand and pull me back into the forest.

” what happened to him?”

” dragons”

” dragons?” I mumble ” why will they just eat the legs, hands, eyes and ear ”

” not eat ” he growl ” a sign”

” a sign for what?”

” shut up Elia ” Alexander growl ” you ask too many questions, we don’t have time?”

” are they after you” the moment I ask I heard a loud growl, looking up I shudder at the size of the dragon, black in colour…Alexander quickly throw me over his shoulder and fasten his step, increasing his speed ” oh my God, they are after you! ” I knew they was something fishy about Alexander but why a dragon, what will a dragon want from him?

Well normally a dragon will want to kill any human it come in connect with so that must explain why but this dragon didn’t eat the whole driver body.

” such wrong timing?” He growl jumping another branch, missing the fire the dragon sent towards our direction.

” will I die??”

” maybe ” Alexander chuckle, in such situation he is laughing, why will he be laughing ” hide there ” he stop then drop me down, I move into a hole, trees all over the place, hiding didn’t mean I won’t watch.

Alexander turn around and the dragon descend, the whole ground shake but then it start to change its body structure, turning to human, a woman with blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in nothing, she is completely naked ” I finally found you Alexander the fifth ”

” I thought your mission was to kill Alexander the fifth?” Alexander furrow his brows ” not my driver” this time he frown but the blond hair woman only chuckle.

” since when do you use humans as drivers ” she mutter studying Alexander ” since when do you run from a fight, oh yes…you were holding a woman, where is she?”

” I don’t see why I should show you my woman ” Alexander smile but his words made me blush, his woman? Is that how he sees me? His woman!!! ” besides maybe your eyes are starting to malfunction ”

” could it be that you run to hide her face from me, for you to protect a woman is a big deal ” the blond hair woman grin ” now this trigger my interest, I will want to see her ”

” that will only cause death for you Anna ” Alexander smile ” did father send you on this ridiculous errand? Did you really need to use fire in getting my attention? ”

” you have been the target of death for a very long time, it still confuses me why father will wish for your death ” Anna chuckle ” but no matter how hard I train it is still hard to defeat an abomination as yourself ”

” you shouldn’t have touch my driver, he was good at his job ”

” miss, where are you!” Anna yell but that only made Alexander frown ” this woman must be your weakness, have i finally found it?”

” shut up Anna ” growling Alexander collect the paper she was offering him ” get out of here before I kill you ”

” jezzz, you look better when you run” Surprisingly Anna move closer and kiss Alexander on the lips, he said nothing, didn’t respond to the kiss nor did he try to push her away, the kiss last for a minute before she mumble” see you brother ” and with that she quickly transform back to a dragon and fly away.

She called him brother so why kiss him? Do families kiss each other on the lips, is that a common thing? Why am I over thinking this?

” Elia?” Alexander mumble ” you can come out now ” hearing his voice I crawl out of the hiding place, dirt all over my body ” are you okay ” he turn to my direction, worry not in his eyes, it has always been hard to read them anyway.

He touch my face then nod ” you are okay ”

” what just happened?? ” I asked ” did that dragon transform to a woman who was your sister and she kissed you??”

” No” he tuck the paper into his pocket ” you saw wrong”

” so my eyes were deceiving me then “furrowing my brows Alexander nod” probably ” he start walking ” hurry up, we are walking on foot back to the city ”

Fastening my steps I try catching up with him” that will take days ”

” it will”

” master”

” hmm”

” are you a dragon ”

” No”

” she called you brother ”

” she did ”

” and you’re not a dragon ”

” I am not ”

It look like he doesn’t want to talk about it but since I had nothing else to do I keep talking ” why is your father interested in your death?”

” I don’t have a father ”

” but she…”

He interject ” she knows nothing”

” do you like her?”

” No ”

” she kissed you”

” so??”

” you didn’t frown which means you like her ”

” hmmm” Alexander mumble still walking, jumping a fallen tree and I did same “being kissed by Anna is not a big deal ” he suddenly stop walking ” are you jealous by any chance Elia?”

” what!! Me?? No way ” I stammer while a blush creep to my cheek ” I just want to know why siblings kiss each other ” averting my gaze from him I heard him chuckle.

” okay ” when he turn around and continue walking I exhale, why on earth will I be jealous, its just strange for siblings to kiss each other in that manner, I mean its incest and gross ” but since you’re with me now I think I need to stop doing that, I do not want you thinking I like her ”

” okay” I mumble when I don’t know what else to say, am not even his woman yet and he is already pushing other girls away.

All these got me thinking, a dragon has the ability to change to human, scientist mention that dragons no longer exist but I just saw one with an unusual ability, if she could do that, it only means, vampires exist, werewolves also exist and Alexander have to be one of them for him to be getting this much attention.

” master?”

” hmm”

” what are you?” Asking he turn around for just a second then look away, I caught him smiling, he said nothing for two solid hours, it could be more but then am not really with my wrist watch.

” what do you think Elia ” he chuckle softly, a fake one ” I might be a human that is getting unwanted attention, don’t compare me with those animals…am far more greater than that” after that we said nothing to each other, am left thinking and trying to process what he just told me.

Alexander walk me home, the moment we arrive he didn’t even stop, just keep walking till he is out of my sight, greeting mum I move to my room, shut the door and collapse on the bed, my legs hurt and am still surprise we arrive home this early, I was expecting two days journey.

Looking at the ceiling I just couldn’t stop thinking about Alexander, I want to know more, more about him, his life, his family and what kind of person he is.

He always trigger my curiosity.



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