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Chapter 25

Written ✍️ Evelyn Mba



Hey Frankie. Clarice called as she sat at the opposite counter..

Have you been stalking me Lari. Frank asked as he took another sip of his Morgan Rum.

Not really stalking..following is alright.

I was just following you not stalking. She smiled.

Why? Do you have something to tell me? He asked as he pursed his lips.

He could see right through her, something was bothering her and it was really showing on her face.

You can say it..
Anything you want to say, I’ll listen. He Said, and dropped the glass.

Indecision flashed in her eyes and her shoulders dropped down in defeat.

She has to say it..Olive was a kind hearted person, who did nothing wrong but had always loved her..always cared for her.

A tear slipped down her eyes as she recalled the day, her mother nearly beat Olive to death because she broke the silver chandelier.

But wasn’t really Olive, it was her..

She did it but Olive took the blame for her.

I’m evil.. I’m really an evil person to let to that Happen. She cried out, as the memories came fresh on her head.

Mom sold her…Mom sold Olive away.
She didn’t runaway Frankie, she was sold. Clarice cracked.

Her eyes pierced his, she knows how Frankie cared for Olive.

Although the guy was rich, he still took poor Olive has his best friend.

What? Sold? Frank yelled in anger, standing up in the process.

Yes, you heard me right. She was sold to sex traffickers.
At least, that’s what I heard. Clarice yelled in pain.

And you kept quiet..all this while.

She loved you Lari…she took you as her real sister, not her step sister.

How could you?
How could you keep quiet all this while? He yelled, scattering his hair. really sorry Frankie. I am really sorry. She cracked, pressing her head on his chest.

Keep that apology for Olive.. cause am getting her back. He said calmly, walking away.

Frankie… Frankie, am really sorry to you and Olive.. am.. am really sorry. Clarice yelled, as he walked away.

She slumped on the chair, palming her teary face.

My mother caused all this… She whispered slowly.

The Bar was dim like always, with a small bulb on the center that brings out different colours.

Two ladies sat on the other side of the counter, talking and laughing.

Hey, I made it happen. Tiana giggled.

You made what Happen? Mia asked, as she looked at the drink in her glass, trying to figure out what it was.

What are you looking at, Mia? Just listen to me. Tiana frowned and collected the glass of drink from her.

Hey, am just doing my business, don’t butt in. Mia Chuckled as she dragged the bottle from her.

Dix. Mia yelled at the Bartender, who ran to her side.

I think she’s thirsty, kindly give her a glass. Thank you. She said and Tiana glared at her.

When are you moving in? Tiana asked

Tomorrow or next. And who’s that girl again? The slave I mean? Mia asked, laughing.

Olive. That’s her name. Tiana scoffed.

The match is now in your hands now, Mia.
Play it well and make sure to score a goal. Tiana smiled.

You shouldn’t compare me with her, Tiana.

She’s a slave and I’m his Ex.

Let’s see who wins. Mia Chuckled.

It was still dark and the weather mild and soft.

The stars twinkled, giving the sky amazing beauty.

What a wonderful scenery to watch.

Olive’s eyes ran up and down Bruce’s body, biting her lips.

Why didn’t he button up all his buttons.

Was he trying to seduce her.? She wondered and shook her head free from all the thoughts.

What’s wrong, mouse?
Your body is trembling weirdly. He said and smirked.

Her eyes widened and she faked coughed.

It’s nothing, I was having a little cold that time. She lied and he scoffed.

You can’t even lie, mouse.
Try another thing. He whispered as he bit her ear lope.

I was just staring. She closed her eyes.

I’ve been trying to keep my body calm, mouse but you’ve been a distraction. He Whispered again.

She gulped down nothing…God! What was she suppose to say at this point.

Words got stuck in her tiny throat and she just kept quiet.

How about we begin your punishment tonight. He said again, as he got ontop of her.

And claimed her lips in the most gentle way ever.

T. B. C


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