BLOOD ON MY HANDS … (18+) … Part 1


Laying in my bed at night I was awakened by mum’s screaming from the other room, I checked my phone and it was half past midnight.
I got out of bed as her screams of pain and terror grew louder.
“I have to do something before he kills her”
I slowly walked to the kitchen and I was horrified as I watched dad throw her around the kitchen and smash her head against the wall. She was covered in blood which was pouring from her forehead running down her face.
“Dad stop” I cried out but he didn’t stop, he kept hitting her like someone who had been possessed by an evil spirit.
I could feeel the tension building up in me as I tried to get him off her but he pushed me aside. Without thinking I grabbed a knife and stabbed him.
He fell and screamed out but i continued stabbing him. I stabbed him multiple times till he stopped breathing.
Confused and scared I dropped the knife and moved to mum’s side. She was laying in a pool of blood helplessly gasping for air.
“You are a murderer, you have done it again” She whispered as she closed her eyes.
“Mama stay with me please don’t go I will find us help” i cried as tears coursed down my face.
Afraid and disturbed I ran out of the house. With tears running down my eyes I kept running, I didn’t know where I was going to but I ran deep into the woods. We were at the farm house and the place was filled with more bushes than houses.
As i ran I came to a standstill when I noticed a figure moving behind one of the big trees. Fear crept in as a surge of adrenaline rushed through my whole body thinking of all the wild animals that could be hunting at that time of the night.
Before I could process anything my eyes landed on a massive black animal with glowing eyes that pierced through the darkness.
I trembled badly as it approached me. I wanted to run off but I felt my knees get weak as warm water gushed down my legs.
I walked backwards and stumbled over a fallen branch. The animal threw its head up and made a loud ear piercing sound before jumping on top of me.
As I powerlessly laid beneath it, it tore my clothes to pieces and fastened it’s teeth on my neck, i felt its sharp teeth penetrate my flesh and I let out an agonizing scream.
When it was satisfied it jumped off me trailing blood from its mouth as it ran off. I lay on the ground for a few minute feeling scared and weak.
“What just happened?” I asked as I touched where the beast had bitten me but there is no wound whatsoever.
I slowly got up feeling confused but before I could make a step I felt anexcruciating pain rush through my body.
It was unbearable, I cried out of pain as I felt my body transform.
“Happy Birthday Jaden” Dad screamed from the other room
“It’s that time of the year again” I sighed as I get out of bed.
“Talia” I heard mum call out but I instead ignored her and rushed to the bathroom.
She banged on my door for a couple of minutes before walking away.
I opened the water and let it pour on my body, water had a great effect on me, it relaxed and calmed my every nerve.
I walked out of the bathroom minutes later. After a little of struggle on what to wear I settled for a blue bum short and a crop top with sneakers. I tied my hair in a bun and applied a little gloss on my lips.
It was my brother’s birthday and I know I was supposed to be happy but my heart wad filled with anger and hate. Jaden and I were three years apart with me being the eldest. I hated him with every firbre in me because he stole my parents love from me. Once upon a time I was their princess till he appeared from nowhere and claimed my position.
Jaden was always the center of attention where ever we went, people naturally liked him unlike me who had to try so hard to fit in.
He was everything I ever wanted to be, an A+ pupil, popular among his peers, great voice, awesome personality and much more.
“If only he wasn’t born all this attention would be mine”
I frowned before getting my phone from my dressing table, I took a few selfies before walking out of my room.
“You are finally up” Mum said when she saw me walk past the living room
“Talia Daniels” She yelled and I went back.
“Morning”I frowned

” Aren’t you going to wish your brother a Happy Birthday? ” She asked
“Happy Birthday Jaden” I faked a smile as I said that
“Thank you Lia” He smiled back
“It’s Talia not Lia” I corrected him
“Lia its all the same” He laughed and at that moment I wanted to strangle him but I breathed in and out to control my anger
“Whatever” I said before walking to the kitchen
I sat down to have my breakfast as I pressed my phone, I was so busy i don’t notice mum was in the room till she cleared her throat.
“Hun, what is it?” She asked
“Nothing” I responded not looking up
“I can’t help but feel something is wrong”
“I am fine” I respondes as a fake smile crossed my lips.
“It’s your brother’s Birthday the least you can do is be happy for him” She said softly
“Mum I am happy its his Birthday”
“You know you guys are all I have and I hate to see you arguing always”
“Mum stop” I yelled feeling annoyed, why must everything be about him?
“He is your little brother, the only one you will ever have please make an effort to get along with him”
“Mum can I enjoy my breakfast in peace?” I asked and when she didn’t move, I stood up grabbed my car keys and walked out.
I drove around in circles till I found myself at Cosmopolitan mall I walked out so I could do a little bit of shopping before going back home. Nothing made me as happy as shopping did. Besides it was my brother’s birthday and I needed a new dress for his party I smiled as I selected a few dresses from Fashion World.
I got as many clothes and shoes as possible and when I was done I got myself some food before driving off. I needed to get back home before mum started nagging me.
When I get home I carried my plastic bags and walked in, It was noisy and packed with relatives who had come to help prepare Jad’s birthday Dinner that was taking place that evening.
I rushed past the kitchen avoiding everyone. As soon as I got into my room mum walked in and banged the door behind her.
“What?” I asked
“I need you to behave at least for today act like you and your brother at the best buddies on earth” She said
“Fine mum what ever you want” I clicked my tongue
“Talia Daniels” She sighed
“Get changed and come help out”
“I will be there soon”
“Now” She said looking angry
“Fine” I responded before following her.
I spent the whole day feeling upset, I didn’t like most of my relatives and they knew that fact so no one dared talk to me.


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