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The black Ocean, yes, the name ranged a bell as we stood at the top edge of the mountain while staring daggers into the unmoving Waters. It had not been up to 30 minutes did we arrive at my previous home did past memories rushed through my mind.

The plan was drawn out, there was no backing out now, we couldn’t just live our lives in peace while knowing that a greater threat still lives, We couldn’t just live our lives thinking that Ocean Master had a change of heart, he was brutal Enough to kill his own brother and hunt down his daughter and since he hadn’t made any moves yet, we were gonna travel down to Atlantis, take the ancient Doz and then bring the fight to him.

Alvarez was clad in a green golden armour, a huge glow on his neck while he held bound to his trident as he stared into the Ocean. Some hours back, the whole team had disagreed with the plan but after minutes of talking it through, they all finally accepted it.

According to Alvarez’s plans, Atlantis is located at the northern Region, the most powerful Continent of all Four regions, at this moment now, Ocean Master had already gained control of all four regions and his probably planning on attacking us but it seems he has problems tracking me down.

The ancient Doz, a relic and an ancient treasure of Atlantis is located at the Never Region, the never region according to Alvarez’s Explainings was a golden empire just below the walls of the northern Region of Atlantis where Symbols are been hunted down by Atlantian breeds after clocking the preferred age and also where ancient treasures and recordings are all stored.

Alvarez had also said that the security of the Northern Region must have been doubled at Midnight but that of the Never Region will have less but adequate security Operations and also a good reason while we needed to head to the Never Region tonight, get the Ancient Doz and head back to ALIVAR.

And just like that, the plan was drawn out, the was no backing out now, Alvarez and I had revisited my previous home and now we were here, staring into the unmoving black Sea and getting prepared to jump down the Mountain and travel to the Northern Region of Ocean Master himself, it was a deadly plan but it was worth giving it a try.

“It’s time Alicia, Are you Ready!”
Alvarez stoic voice jerked me out of my thoughts while I tilted my gaze towards him and smiled as I saw his green glowing eyes.

A warm feeling encircled round my body as my eyes glowed while I smiled as I stared into the Sea, it’s like I was dreaming, the once Black sea which seem unpenetratable was now glowing, it’s like my eyes were seeing things, the sea was glowing, I could now see through it, like I could literally see everything underneath the glowing Ocean.

“Am impress Alicia, your Atlantian eyes have upgraded to the next level at such a young age, the god eye. It took me long enough before mine could do that!” Alvarez said and smiled

“What is this? I… I…. I can literally see everything, I… I… I can see it all!” I moused and smiled as I took a step forward

“Like I said Alicia, It’s the god eye, every Atlantian breed possess that but it takes time for one to acquire such state, am impress. God eye can see through the seas, it’s indeed powerful!”

Alvarez Explained while I smiled as I stared into the Ocean, it’s like my eyes were zooming visions, I could literally see like 500 meters into the Ocean, the god eye was truly amazing, it was like an x-ray vision or something but just that this… this was insane. I could literally see every range of the Ocean, staring from the corals, the plants, whales, jelly fishes and so on.

“What are we waiting for old man? Let’s get going already!!!”

I yelled, my joy knew no bounds, my joy got overrated that I had no idea of when I jumped down the Ocean, the wind kept slicing through my soft body while my God eye kept glowing and at last, a loud splash could be heard as I dived into the cold still water.

Not up to a second had pass did another warm splash landed behind me, it was Alvarez, he had also jumped. I smiled as I floated underneath the bubbling water while all of a sudden, I felt a warm heat in my eyes which then flow all through my body, giving me a mighty impulse as I pushed through the bubbling water at a very high rate, it was the help of God eye.

“Hell yeah!!!!”
I yelled as I felt Alvarez pase behind me while a smirk creeped towards my lips as I changed the course of direction and I swam downwards the Ocean.


The undying taste for flesh, the severe pain in every single limb of my body, the strange vision that veered through my eyes, the hardening of my nails, the gnashing of teeths, all mixed feelings flowed through my body as I leapt from trees to trees.

My blood had become as hot as a burning lava, my hearing, scent and all sense organs had become enhanced. As I leapt from one huge tree to the other, a slight crack in my bone send chills to my body as I missed the target branch of a tree and crashed weakly on the floor.

I yelled painfully as bone breaking illuminated round the silent Woods, I could literally feel every bone in my body breaking and reshaping themselves, my size was bewhelming, what the fuck did that vaccine do to me? I found it so hard to control as I felt the urge to tear flashes apart

I laid still on the woods, slight chills spread across my body as I slowly rose to my knees and crawled towards the rock before me while staring towards the lights that showed meters away from the lower City.

My size had lessen, my clothes torn apart only to be leave in my torn boxers, the claws and fangs I felt had also been suppress, there was no fur on my body, my initial skin was back, I was back to normal and the urge for flash had also disappeared and vanished away.

Maybe I got it all wrong, maybe all was just a dream, I thought amidst myself while still on my knees. Am Wrong, who could have thought shape shifting was real, no way it was real, maybe it was all a dream or maybe I sleep walked to the woods but all felt so real, am going crazy.

“What the Fuck happened to me??”……………..


It’s a blink of an eye and a couple days gone, it’s was night though, the ALIVAR Agency had bright lights that shown all over it’s Walls, the wind pated while bringing about the soft breeze that waved towards the large building.

Inside it’s large walls, the door pated while revealing the field agents that worked on seperated specified fields. Forensic scientist did one scan or the other while other biometric agents were seen in labs.

The ones in charge in executing the Electronics panels were also seen in their fields while armed agents stood on each guards of every corner, the ALIVAR Agency was indeed a large Organization. It had grown so huge in such a little period.

Well, beneath the underground bases stood large numbers of peeps who came to tours, the hostages rooms had been swipe clean and transform into a large Aquarium and if asked to identify it size and length, once could say it was the biggest Aquarium in the city as it contained large numbers of different Aquatic species, all thanks to Alicia and Alvarez who had gone to fetch different species.

On a wall came a name titled “the restricted passage” which pated way for a dark narrow passage that led to the main source of the building, the heart.
Inside, field agents with golden batches occupied certain fields, it was evident that they were top agents as some were seen operating the system while the armouring agents stood in the armoured rooms and so on.

“Any increase in sales from the tours?” Whyte’s voice boomed from behind a lady who operated the system.
“Yes Seir, the increase in sales had level up by a maximum of 70%, am happy to say that it’s a big win to us if compared to the sales of last week!” The lady replied while a happy smile etched Whyte’s lips

Whyte had been managing the Agency for the past few weeks since Alicia’s disappearance, since he was the oldest among them and more experience in things like that, Alicia had asked him to take the role of the acting manager which he had agreed.

“Good work pal!”
Whyte said while the lady smiled as Whyte manovoured his way towards the room which contained Liam and the rest, up till now, Boyd was still in Coma with no predictions of when he was gonna wake up.

“Hey Mr Manager!”
Jackson whined as Whyte got to them and took his sit
“Come on Jackson, stop that or I’m gonna punch you hard!” Whyte retorted while the rest laughed

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into some few more minutes, the team had now quitened down as thoughts of Alicia’s way abouts seemed to be crossing through their minds

“Any idea on if she’s in danger or something?” Scott was the first to speak with his head held high, an angry look on his face while his mind was restrained with Alicia’s thoughts

“I don’t know man but Alicia is pretty tough, am sure she’s gonna be Okay!” Liam replied and relaxed his palm on Scott’s shoulder

“Get your hands off me Liam, how do you even know that huh? She was suppose to have been back a long time ago and now it’s been two weeks, two good weeks Liam and still now words from them. Who knows if they fell into that dirty man’s trap, who knows if they are even alive or dead? I know I never should have let her go!!” Scott veered angrily while he rested his head on the soft table

“No one knows buddy, Alvarez and Alicia should…. ” Whyte said but couldn’t finish his words as a young guy barged into the door while breathing heavily, he looked like someone that had just been chased by a wild ghost

“What Happened?”

“Am sorry Seir but he’s taken down some agents, from the looks of it, it’s….. It seems to be a Supernatural, you really need to see this Seir……..”


The entire team had gathered at the heart of the building after hearing the figure’s sudden words, some armed agents were all alert as well, all waiting for Whyte’s orders to be executed

“What’s the alarm about?” Whyte asked while the lady in charged of the operating Tech had her hands fastened on the computer as she typed some buttons

A few seconds passed and the large screen flickered while a video popped on the screen almost immediately, inside the screen stood a young figure on a yellow golden armour while he took down agents with a big Aura on his body

“That’s him Seir, he just popped out of no where and has been shouting out young Miss Alicia’s name, we tried talking to him but it led to this Instead, he’s strong to be taken care of, he has taken down and injured a dozen of our best field agents!” The lady replied

“How’s that possible?” Jackson stuttered as all eyes never left the large screen that was impaled at the far center of the room
“Orders to take him down Seir?” Some armed agents said and tightened their grips on their Weapons but Whyte stopped them as he then made to speak

“Have seen things like this and from the looks of that, he’s pretty strong so….. Open the door to the restricted passage and lead him here!” Whyte ordered while the agent nodded and opened the restricted door

It’s been Minutes, all agents had their grip tightened on their Weapons while they stood in aiming positions with their Weapons aimed across the door. Lydia who faltered with fear hid behind Liam’s back while Whyte and the rest stood unmoving

A tiny crack pated way from the metal door while revealing the young muscular figure who barged through the door and halted a few feets away from the aiming team

“Let me guess, y’all wanna take me down too?” The calm but gently voice of the young figure could heard while Whyte smiled as he took a step further

“A wide guess from me, these Weapons won’t take you down that easily and so, we are gonna do things the old fashioned way…… Am Whyte, ALIVAR’S top Manager…… Who the hell are you?” Whyte asked, a smile on his face while he stood so calm with his folded arms behind his back

“Smart choice, Am an Atlantian, Hera by name and I got bad news, Alicia’s in trouble…… She’s been captured and we all need to save her!!”……..

Hehe 😅😅😅
Wahala for who no Sabi breathe underwater 😂😂😂

How they want take Save person were day under water? Na wa O. Even that Boyd will not wake up self.
…….. So watcha all think about this episode?


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