( Searching for true love 💞)

Written by Wilson library 🏫📚


💐 Vanessa pov💐

Years have slowly gone by since Edwards left me. I feel so lonely knowing that he’s gone.

How can I continue to leave knowing that the only person I love isn’t around me anymore.

it’s feels so fostering that I can’t see nor feel he’s touch anymore.

It’s been three good years since he left and to me it’s still feels like an incident of yesterday.

He was being rushed to the hospital and the doctor tried all he cloud buy it was all in vien.

I hope where ever you are now you must be thinking of me and also missing me just as I miss you.

I want you to know that your Best friend is now a married man and he’s doing well in the role as a father.

He’s been good to his pregnant wife Joyce and he still remains the show off superstar you use to know.

I just keep imagining how our wedding was going to be if you were never gone. I just keep thinking of how I will walk down the alder smiling to me you.

I also want to let you know that louis is out of jail and he now manages the company.

He’s now a changed person and I believe he’s looking forward in getting married to Mira your former assistant.

I Know you would be glad to know about this and maybe bless their marriage.

I want to also let you know that your mother never left you…she just saw that it was necessary for it cos she saw someone who was at your rescue at that time.

The reason you’ve not found her and never did was because she died while running away with those documents.

she had crushed into the button of the sea and was never found until Mr Charles was captured and he confessed to the police.

I wish you were here with me this Christmas season and as we now prepare for a new year to come.

I have opened a small art Gallery where I specialize in your work and also do photography.

I’m on my way there and I want to tell you know one more thing of which that would be…

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and Randy your son those too. he’s been eating a lot this day’s.

your one of only love Vanessa.
I walk down the street heading to work as usual when a little boy rushed up to me and gived me a drawing.

I open it and saw a picture of me, Edwards and our son Randy. I quickly looked around for the boy who handed it to me but he was already gone.

I rushed down the street with the drawing to look at my workshop. I got there and discovered it was open and flowers where all over the floor.

I quickly walk in and saw Edwards sitting on a stool and drawing a picture of me.

I rushed to him and gave him a big hugh smiling very hard.

“why didn’t you tell me you were coming back to the country today?” I shouted at him after looking at his luggages.

“I just wanted to give you and Randy a surprise” he said smiling at me.

“By the way I got all the letters you send to me but didn’t want to reply to any” he said and fix my hairs.

“Why didn’t you reply to them I even though you had forgotten ours” I said in a childdesh manner.

“You know I will never forget you….I just wanted you to miss me more just as I did” he said and I chuckled.

“I hope you won’t be going back to Europe for treatment and studies any more” I asked and he nodded.

I’m here to stay for good and have been thinking while I was over there about our marriage.

“let’s go for a marriage certificate” he said smiling and holding me round he’s arms.

“You mean now?” I asked and he nodded smiling.

“Yes let’s go get it now” he said and I smiled shyly.

“why don’t you rest first then after that we are going to go do it” I said and he smiled at me.

“Wait for me I’m going to bring Randy” he said and I smiled at his reaction.

“Randy isn’t at home he’s over there outside playing” I said and he rushed out and Carried him.

“I really want to see how joyce and jackson are doing with her pregnancy” he said and I smiled.

PAPA Randy called and I looked at him surprisingly.

he never got to talk and the first word he says out of his mouth is papa. what about me?.

“Randy say Mama” I said and Edwards smiled at me asking him not to say it but to keep saying papa.

I vanessa hudgens got married to “Edward Lun” in a church and we both live a happy life.

Joyce later gave birth to a girl and she was named J Hannah cause their names both started with J.

“Papa Randy please bring me the bowl on the table am occupied in the kitchen” I shouted calling on to him and he quickly brought it to me.

Mr. Edwards bring me the water on the dining table I’m watching Tv Randy shouted from the living room and we both piped at him in surprise.

We both smiled at each other as we saw him watching cartoon.


wait…. wait…wait…

I want to ask you Edwards why he wasn’t rude or arrogant to me when we first me.

I don’t know I guess it’s was destiny he said and kissed me.


please note that Edwards and vanessa had s3x after louis was captured I didn’t want to mantion it in the story so as not to make it rated.

I am really going to miss them….


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