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Subtitle:Feeling of being betrayed by ones bestie??

Authoress:Juliana Oluwasegun

Episode 8

?Layla Pov?

After washing my face, I took the bottled substance and hid it in my pocket. I walked to the living room and I saw Stephanie seated on a chair pressing her phone and I rushed to her and hugged her.

“Stephanie, I missed so much” I said and faked a smile.

“Oh my dear Layla I missed you too but first I am thirsty. Get me something cold so I can use it quench my thirst” She replied and I smiled.

“No problem Steph, I will be back soon” I said and I rushed to the kitchen.

Immediately I got to the kitchen, I opened the freezer and I took a cold juice. I poured the juice into a glass cup and I added a large portion of the substance. I mixed it and I kept the substance in my pocket then I was about to enter the living room when I heard Stephanie making a phone call. I stopped and I decided to listen to her conversation and unknown to her, the phone was on speaker and I can hear their conversation clearly.

“Hello boss, it seems she have used that substance because her appearance is somehow” Stephanie said.

“I told you to call me Bob” the caller said.

“I am very sorry Bob. Now tell me the next plan” Stephanie said.

“You need to start living with her so that you can monitor her clearly” Bob said.

“But Bob, I can monitor her without living with her so it is not necessary” Stephanie said.

“Are you trying to go again my instructions Steph, I asked you to leave with her so we can get hold of her documents” Bob said.

“No problem Bob, I will talk to her” Stephanie said and she hanged up.

I waited for sometime before joining her in the loving room.

“Hey Steph, I am sorry for taking a long time in the kitchen” I said and I handed her the drink.

“Thank you Layla” she said and she drank the entire juice.

“What have you been up to Steph, you don’t have time for me anymore” I said her and I faked a sad tone

“I am so sorry Layla, I have been very busy Infact I need your help right now and that is why I came here in the first place” Stephanie said.

“Just tell me what you need Steph and I will do it for you. You are my childhood friend and I can’t refuse you” I said and I faked a smile.

“I need to stay in your house for a month Layla, I am facing some challenges” She said.

“No problem, you are free to live with me and when will you pack in?” I asked.

“Tomorrow, thanks so much bestie” She said and she hugged me.


After spending a long time with Stephanie, she left my house and she promised to move in tomorrow. She don’t know what is coming for her. I intentionally agreed to her request because if she lives with me it would give me the opportunity to add large portion of the substance in her drink or food and that will make the poison work faster. She thinks she is smart but I am smarter than her.

?Ryan Pov?

After I received Layla’s call yesterday, I felt restless but I couldn’t visit her due to the curfew in my neighborhood. After waking up, I called Layla but she did not pick my calls and I hurriedly took my bath. Then I decided to go and check up on her but first I have to branch Julieta’s friend house so I can get the mask. After driving for a long time, I finally located the house and I can see the girl standing in front of a gate holding a package. After parking my car in a safe place, I approached her.

“Hello lady, I am Ryan and I am here for the package that Julieta ordered” I said.

“Oh welcome,I have been waiting for a long time” she said and she gave me the package.

“Thanks but how can I make use of this mask” I asked her and she smiled.

“”It is very easy sir, you just have to wear it on your face and you won’t get recognized” She said.

“Thank you lady and I hope you have received your money” I asked her and she nodded.

I shook her hand and I walked towards my car. After getting into my car, I drove towards Layla’s house.


After parking my car in Layla’s compound, o walked to the front door and I opened it. When I got inside I saw Layla watching a movie and I walked towards her.

“Hey princess, why didn’t you pick my calls, I was worried” I said and she hugged me tight.

“Stop girl, I can hardly breath” I said and she released me.

“I am sorry for not picking you call Ryan, I was very heartbroken last night but thanks for paying me a visit” She said and I smiled.

“Layla, you don’t need to apologize, I can understand your situation” I said and I handed the package to her.

I watched her as she tore it open, she brought out the mask and she examined it with a smile on her face.

?Layla Pov?

I examined the package that Ryan gave me and I smiled.

“It is so beautiful Ryan and I am sure that if I wear this your dad will fall for me and he will kick Mira out” I said excitedly.

“We need to go now Layla, I don’t want to keep dad waiting” Ryan said and I rushed yo my room.

I took a quick bath and after that I wore an expensive dress and shoe then I wore the mask. My face ha changed because of the mask and the mask is so beautiful. The person that made this actually did a good job. After dressing up, I went to the living room and Ryan was looking at me in a weird way.

“Layla, this mask fits your face well and it looks quite real” Ryan said and I chuckled nervously.

“Keep quiet talkative and lat us go. I don’t want us to delay your dad and your darling Mira” I said and I ran out.

“Hey princess, come and repeat your statement” Ryan said and he ran after me.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.