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BEING HIS WIFE – Episode 4




Written by: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya


Episode 4
Nicole’s pov.
I was feeling extra lazy this morning. Just waking up and staring at the ceiling.
Quietness was all that surrounded me.
I couldn’t feel anything else but just the early morning sunrise reflecting slightly into my space.

What do I do first? Brush? Or take a bath??
I couldn’t bring myself to do anything though. I wanted to just stay on the bed as time passed. Till the jerk returns from wherever he has been.

I stretched out my hand from under the duvet and grabbed my phone.
Well, the only phone I adored among the many Damon has in his private drawer.
Yes… I opened it and took one without his permission. It certainly wouldn’t look nice if the wife of such a man would use less fancy and upgraded phones.

I tapped on the icon and got my sister on the line. I don’t usually get to call her but I just felt like it since the loneliness was too much to bear.

I waited till the last ring and she still didn’t answer the call. What’s up with her?
I briskly dropped my phone and rolled on the bed.

Gosh! I think I need a hot cup of tea before taking anything. I carefully skimmed out of bed. I got hold of my robe and put it on before leaving my bedchamber. Again, my footsteps echoed.

Zane’s pov.
I could smell her sweet vanilla fragrance upon my nostrils.
She got right off before I could touch her.

“You have work, don’t you?” She asked backing me.

“Yeah…, I do. But, I can spend a few more minutes if you want” I replied slowly getting up so she doesn’t notice.

“Please, don’t. I also have plans for today” Her response was cold and bland.

“No problem. My boss’s wife mentioned something about me investing my salary and savings to start up my own company” I breathed out even though I wanted to forget about it.

“And what did you say?” She asked still not looking at me.

“I’ll remain loyal till I have a family of my own…” I muttered uncertain about my response.

“Like they say, no pressure. If you are not ready to handle such deals, you’ll be a little patient and you’re earning just fine from Mr Damon so…. Just FORGET about it” She replied huskily and I rolled my eyes.
Telling her was a bad idea.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes slightly.

“I’m off to work” I informed her and with that, I turned around and headed for the bathroom door.

Nicole’s pov.
“Come on, nanny. Let me help you make the gazpacho. I really love that Spanish dish!” i whined like a baby and she shook her head negatively.

“I can’t let you do anything in here, your husband made it very clear to me” She replied worriedly.

“I’ll just sit and watch?” I asked pouting my lips.

“I guess you can…” She shrugged her shoulders and I sighed.

“I rather just sit at the front room and watch television” I said with a faux look.
She didn’t say anything as I exit the kitchen, back to boredom.

I’ve seen almost every movie. Both the new ones and the old ones. I got the opportunity since I have nothing to do and no where to go. If this is what I’ll go through whenever I’m pregnant, I rather not get pregnant again. Thats of course, if my husband would let me.

I suddenly heard the sounds of cars coming towards the house.
Ugh! Speak of the devil!
There’s no doubt he’s here.

I got up from the sofa and turned off the television. I quickly moved to the door and looked out. I noticed that the cars weren’t complete and there was no sign of Damon too.

“Good morning, ma’am. Mr Damon is at the hospital right now and has asked us to bring you there immediately” One of the bodyguard said removing his dark sunshades.

Hmm, Damon actually went to the hospital on his own.

But the jerk said we would be going together.
What am I gonna do with him???

“Alright, fine. I’ll be out in a second” I replied and went back inside to inform the nanny who was still busy making lunch.
The car was moving unusually, in a slow pace. I was expecting fast and a bit of rush by the driver but this was what I was getting.

Could it be Damon ordered them to move in this manner?
What is wrong with that guy??
Does he have to be this over protective towards his baby? Oh heavens!

I suddenly felt a light tickle and a painless zapping light tickle, a painless “zapping” feeling in my abdomen.
It’s the baby! It must be it.
I smiled broadly as the feeling lasted for some minutes. My baby’s moving.
This is truly amazing.

We arrived at the private hospital and I was taken up the lifter. We proceeded to the doctor’s office and was allowed inside.

Damon was on the chair operating his phone while the doctor was reading through a file. Zane was there as well but was sitting on the couch at the far end of the office.

The guard gave way and I tried going close only for my leg to get in contact with his and I almost tripped. Everyone in the office felt what just happened in a second.
Luckily, I steadied my self quickly holding onto my bump.

That was close!

But, Damon. He was staring quietly at my abdomen.

He f***king saw everything which I wish he didn’t.

He was getting angry and I could feel it.

A guy that is doing all he can to make sure nothing happens to his baby just witnessed that same baby almost falling to the ground.

His eyes narrowed up at the guard.

“You’re fired”.

Y’all haven’t seen anything😂


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