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BEING HIS WIFE – Episode 1


Written by: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

Episode 1
Nicole’s pov.

The blaring sound the alarm made woke me up from my deep slumber. It was another morning again with the same sun up in the sky, the same birds chirping from outside my windows and the same large bed with only me in it even though I was married.

I was married – to one of the youngest wealthiest business tycoon there ever was at Greenville. Living the life of luxury, they say.
I’ve met desperate ladies who would do anything to be in my shoes but they don’t know how empty it could feel.
This was never the life I wanted.

I would blame myself. I’m the one who went to my friend’s party that night. I’m the one who slept with Damon – someone I barely knew and it resulted to pregnancy. I was willing to keep it a secret and not to tell him that I was carrying his child. I still had my future all planned out.

It didn’t take long and he found out from my friend I thought I could trust. She told him everything and Damon showed up at my door step the next day. He wanted to marry me; damn right he did!

He informed my parents and his as well. My parents considered it while his didn’t approve of the marriage.
I was dragged for weeks until they finally accepted but begrudgingly. They claimed I was a slut and wanted to have a share in their wealth. It was humiliating but Damon still didn’t want to let me go.

He didn’t love me. All he cared about was his child and he didn’t want someone else to have it. The first month was stressful. He was a pain the a.ss and we got into fights each moment.

Well, He’s not the one affected in this godforsaken marriage. I’m the one who’s six months pregnant with his child and is starting to increase in size.
And to cap it all, he is never around. He’s always on the go with the companies he owned in different countries.

And while he’s away, his personal assistant, Zane would keep me company when he has less work at hand. He’d also take me to the mall and make sure I got what I wanted. I had my personal driver but I feel he doesn’t trust me alone with him.
He once mentioned him able to kidnap me or harass me sexually.
In all the same, I could say he’s the best friend I’ve got so far. I hope he comes over today. Even if it’s for a second since I haven’t seen him for almost a week now.

I dragged myself out of the bed moving as slow as possible.
My poor legs…!
Damon’s gonna move heaven and earth to please me after I give birth to his child.

I found myself standing before the mirror again. Feeling the heaviness from my big stomach. Pregnancy is something I literally don’t understand.
Just yesterday I was with the test result I had gotten from the doctor and today, my stomach is all bumpy.
I mean, it feels just like yesterday!

I smiled and took slow steps to the bathroom. I switched on the shower to ‘hot’ and I waited for it to fill up the bathtub. I pulled off the nightie and my undies as well. I painstakingly climbed into the tub and the hotness from the water hovered on my skin. Last night was really cold so I guess I need this.

After a long bath, I left the tub carefully handling myself. Most times, I feel like a flimsy movement would hurt the baby.

Putting on an outfit was another chore on it’s own. I ransacked through it to get something free and wouldn’t show off the bump too much. My hand rested on a green dress and I didn’t hesitate to wear it after putting on my undies.
I dried my hair which I haven’t really been putting attention to because I didn’t want to go to the salon alone.

I picked up my cellphone and exit the room. As I sauntered down the stairs, the sound my footsteps made was the only thing that could be heard amidst the gigantic house. Being alone here is really terrifying.

I moved over to the front room and sat on one of the sofa. The loneliness made me feel scarce and so alone.
And unfortunately, I’m gonna wait till the maid arrives and makes my breakfast.

A soft tap came on the door and I sprang up on my feet rushing to the door. Someone’s actually here!
God, I hate being alone.

I quickly opened the door and was instantly thrilled to see the nanny right outside the door. I could swear I almost hugged her.

“Good morning, ma’am Nicole” Her soft toned voice greeted and I smiled broadly.

“Good morning!” I responded paving a way for her to enter the house. She was carrying her white handbag which looked lovely with her white dress.

“I trust you slept well, ma’am.” She asked dropping her bag quietly on the porcelain table which was tiled through out.

“Yes, I can say I did. What about you?” replied and asked and she chuckled.

“It was splendid. My daughter loved the cake you got for her. Her best birthday, yet” She said beaming and I smiled again.

“It’s really nothing. I would love to see her again” I chimed and returned back to the sofa. She left for the kitchen to prepare something while I sat eagerly expecting to perceive her sumptuous dish.

After a while, I heard the sound of a car driving close to the house. I got up excited, again and moved swiftly to the door. I checked through the peep hole.
It was one of Zane’s car – white colored and really flashy.

OMG. He’s here! Thank goodness.


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