BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 3


I don’t know what’s making her give me
that silly look, but honestly I was nervous
and confused, so many questions were
running through my mind and I didn’t know
which one to ask first so I stupidly asked
ME: did you meet anyone outside?
LIZZY: yes I did!!
Now that sent shivers down my spine
.What got me more nervous was the angry
look on her face…
LIZZY: and spilled the beans
(OMG! Am in trouble) I bowed my head in
shame and tried to explain
ME: look it’s not what you think… He
started it, he initiated it and I….
LIZZY: so you retaliated right?
ME: look am sorry but I…..
LIZZY: Mum must hear this.
Now I knew I was a dead being that night…
My mom sees me green (a virgin) and
she’s surely going to be disappointed…
How do I fix this?
LIZZY: and she’s surely going to be
disappointed in you for being rude to her
new tenant
That was a shock to me…
ME: are you talking about our tenant?
LIZZY: yes! Who else?? Who else was here
apart from him?
Jeez that was close… I was quiet relieved
with that, I tried to explain what happened
between us even though she didn’t believe
my part of the story she just had to let it
Lizzy is my big cousin, she 25 and am just
18, her parents died at a very early age and
my mom has been her mom since. Even
though we are cousins she took the
responsibility of an elderly sister, she
scolds me when I go wrong and play with
me when we suppose to, I love and
respected her as such… As for me am the
only daughter of a single mother, she loves
me and has always been there for me, in
her mind I am her top most priority and I
never want to let her down but!………
At dinning that night, my cousin told my
mom about what happened between her
tenant and I, she got very angry at me and
asked me to go apologize… On the other
hand where did I go wrong? I don’t
remember being rude to him but I just
didn’t want to disappoint or let me say
disrespect my mom…

Later that night I slipped into my silky pinky
transparent night gown and covered up
with my morning coat, I went out and
walked to our tenants door.. I knocked
several times there was no answer, I could
see from the window his television was on
so I decided to go back into my room, just
then I heard his voice from afar
TENANT: the door is open please come in
I opened the door slowly and entered the
living room, the living room was scattered
with his boxes and chairs not arranged, I
looked around but he wasn’t around, I
stood for a while noticed he was in the
bathroom because I could hear the sound
of flowing tap ,not long he appeared from
the other part of his door with a white
towel covering his waist, the water on his
body run down his black muscular body, he
looks at me deeply in the eye, I couldn’t
take my eyes off either, for like five minutes
we were looking at each other then I turned
to go.
ME: am sorry to have bugged on you this
TENANT: no come on it’s fine
ME: I just want to apologize for my actions
a couple of hours ago, I wasn’t in my right
senses at that time .
TENANT: no.. no you shouldn’t bother I do
understand .Thats fine.
Then I didn’t know what to say again, I was
shy at how he was still looking at me, he
came closer and stretched his hand, I
shook him and we both smiled
TENANT: we are family now… You really
have a beautiful smile…. And your night
gown it’s really beautiful…
I just stared at him stealing glances below
his waistline .I realized he was gradually
getting hard on .I just smiled in my mind…
( I wish I could see this) I don’t know if he
was reading my mind but suddenly he
drops the towel……..


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