BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 23


I have never experienced this kind of mixed
feeling. Didn’t know which one to pick
either to laugh or cry.. I watched him put
on his clothes .He was given a book and a
pen to sign. I didn’t know what that meant.
I stood in a distance and watched on. He
shook hands with the police men and Uncle
Ato then turned to my direction, we looked
at each other in the eyes…I tried to smile
but my eyes became teary .I went down on
my knees holding his two legs sobbing like
a baby. He held me up and hugged me
passionately shedding tears in unison.
Everybody present got emotional including
the police men…Uncle Ato drove us straight
to Creamy’s house.
We parked in front of his house,
CREAMY: thank you very much Uncle Ato…
UNCLE ATO: don’t mention… I will be
calling to check up on you every now and
I watched the two men talk at the front
seat, my eyes were still watery as I
watched Creamy talk to the man.
UNCLE ATO: take this, keep it on you..
Uncle Ato handed him an undisclosed sum
of money to Creamy, he forced him to
accept it as he tried to reject it..
CREAMY: thank you sir….I appreciate
I had wanted to stay with him but Uncle
Ato refused .I stepped out of the car and
hugged him…
NAA DROMOR: am deeply sorry …
CREAMY: Shh… You did nothing wrong… I
call it sacrifice…
He looked deep into my eye but said
CREAMY: I miss you…. Very much
I was speechless, he placed my head on
his broad chest holding the back of my
head whiles petting me with his other palm
at my back .My eyes met with that of Uncle
Ato, he smiled at me and I smiled back.
CREAMY: go home and get some rest I will
call you.
He opened the front door for me, Uncle Ato
turned on the ignition and off we went….
UNCLE ATO: Is that your boyfriend ?
NAA DROMOR: no please….we are friends .
UNCLE ATO: do you love him?
That was a big question for me to answer.
I was confused and went totally mute for
sometime.. He looked at me and smiled…
NAA DROMOR: I don’t know what you
mean by love him. I’ve never loved
somebody and I don’t know how it feels to
be loved…
UNCLE ATO: that young man loves you. He
has a good heart. If he should ask u out
don’t hesitate to accept him, he can take
very good care of you. Am a man and I
know a good one when I see one.
I smiled because I know all he’s was saying
was true. We drove through the streets of
Accra, stopped at a fast food, bought food
and finally parked in front of my gate. He
gave me a sum of money to keep on
myself. I was shocked . I have never held
such huge sum of money before…( this
man must really be rich) I said that in my
UNCLE ATO: keep this on you. I will be
checking on you from time to time. Call me
if you need anything . I need you to take
very good care of yourself.
NAA DROMOR: thank you Uncle Ato…
He smiled at me, I stepped out of the car
and watched him drive off. I entered the
house and I just couldn’t believe my eyes.
Deemah stepping out of my “so called
father’s ” room. I halted in my track and
watched her but she seem not to care
about me seeing her. She still walked on
into the main house in her short, flowery
colored straight dress shaking her beautiful
round buttocks to my face.. (I know this
man is busily having sex with this girl) I
said that to myself, no doubt about that.
No lady enters that man’s room and comes
out untouched.. I said that to myself whiles
entering the house. We exchanged glaces. I
didn’t want to question her but my
conscience won’t let me….
NAA DROMOR: Dee… Are you sleeping with
my father?

I call her Dee because it sounds casual and
ladylike in my ears and I can bet she feels
good being called by that name for short..
DEEMAH: No… I told you before
NAA DROMOR: so what were you doing….
DEEMAH: I only took his lunch to him…
She cut in before I could finish with my
question… I entered my room and locked
myself up…..
Later that night after dinner, just some few
minutes past 9 when they had all retired to
bed already. I kept rolling on my bed,
reflecting on what Uncle Ato had discussed
with me about Creamy, all I felt like doing
at that time was just being in his arms… I
quickly got off my bed changed into my a
jumpsuit, polished my face a bit and
balmed my lip. I took a few notes from the
sum of money that uncle Ato had given me
earlier in the day , my cell phone and
stepped out . I flagged down a passing a
taxi and jumped into it after telling the
driver my destination without negotiating
the fare. I tried calling him several times
but it was to no avail.
Finally I was at Creamy’s house, I opened
the door after several knocks . I noticed the
lock on the door was broken . I bounced
my head back in awe . I was getting
frightened . (oh my God, I hope he’s OK) I
spoke to myself, my heart started racing . I
mastered the courage to push the door
open…. Now this got me more tensed.. His
living room was in a total mess, his sofa
had been pushed far from its normal
position. The television was on the floor,
knives and a couple of kitchen tools were
scattered all over the floor.. I begun to fear
the more, looking around if I was safe as
well, I hastily entered his bed room….
Oh God have mercy on me…. You won’t
believe what I saw…..


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