BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 15


He gave me a closer look… He pushed me
away then jumped off the bed, and gave
me another look…I shamefully turned away
CREAMY: look am very sorry, I didn’t mean
to touch you, its not intentional….
NAA DROMOR: its not your fault, its mine…
I started it
CREAMY: no you didn’t …I…I
NAA DROMOR: creamy stop it OK
He walks around the room looking all
confused… I got out of the bed and held
him… I succeeded in calming him down…
Throughout the rest of the hours left to day
break we where both up, lost of words and
lying in total silence.. I don’t know when
sleep engulfed me but the rising sun woke
me up….our eyes met when I opened mine
from my deep sleep, he smiled at me
CREAMY: you look more beautiful in your
sleep. Been gazing at you all night till this
morning I haven’t blinked once…. Good
morning sleepy head he said to me . Rise
and shine .
I smiled back but didn’t reply him..I
checked the time and it was half past 8.
Mom and Lizzy will be out and about their
individual business by now… I wasn’t
scared at all because I knew they will all be
thinking I am locked up in my room as its
been the normal routine for the past two
After taking my shower, he served me
breakfast.. We had a long conversation. I
couldn’t tell him about my family’s little
deep dark secret…I was shocked at the
secret he broke to me when I inquired
about his break up with my cousin.
CREAMY: She disappointed me by aborting
my baby when I asked her not to . I was
ready to own up responsibility but she
gave me no reason. All she wanted was an
abortion. I loved your cousin to bits but I
had to let her go….
Tears coursed down his face, my mouth
was wide open in shock, I arched my brow
hmmm another breaking news. I just
couldn’t believe my ears that Lizzy had had
an abortion… (Oh my God, this girl is more
secretive than I thought) I said that in my
mind, I started reflecting on her encounter
with the tenant and with Andrew that night
.I was deeply lost in thought that I couldn’t
hear Creamy pour out his soul.
We parked in front of our gate.
NAA DROMOR: Thank you
CREAMY: Its fine, but you really have to be
careful… Anytime you feel like going out
call me I will be at your service OK
We both smiled at each other, he grabbed
me by the head and planted a deep kiss for
close to five minutes. I felt at his ease in
his company . We parted ways after that….
I entered the house, the main door wasn’t
locked because I knew in their minds I
should be in my room… I entered my room
and locked myself up…I had smiles all over
my face, the kiss was a total mind
refreshment…but I still couldn’t believe he
strongly resisted my seduction… Do men
like him still exist?
A knock came on the door, I didn’t want to
go open up because I didn’t know who that
could be, perhaps my mom… But the knock
kept coming and I had no choice than to
get the door.. I couldn’t believe my eyes
.We both looked into each other’s eyes
Naa DROMOR; what brings you here? Your
wife is not here…
TENANT: I came to see you .
NAA DROMOR: guess you’ve seen me . You
can take your leave now .I don’t have all
day to stand and stare. He drew closer . He
was overstepping his boundary .
He pushed the door open wide and entered
the room. My heart started racing
wondering what he was here to do if not
my mom .He pushed me to the wall and
tried caressing me, I fought back even
though he was stronger than I was. I felt
drained of all my energy but I managed to
escape from his grip. I landed a slap on his
face out of anger… He pushed me to the
wall again .I tried to free myself again but
this time the grip was stronger, he held me
by the neck against the wall, threatening
me not blow air about our affair else he will
kill me .

I couldn’t move anymore because I was
getting weaker by each second. He started
kissing me… I begun praying for rescue in
my mind… Somebody come save me (God
what do I do), I was gradually loosing
strength, my sight became blurred and my
feet became cold, from nowhere I felt an
adrenaline rush run through me, I kicked
his balls so hard with all my energy
reserve, he screamed so loud and quickly
let go of me. I fell on the ground feeling
totally weak. I watched him groan in pain
as he held his balls while clinging to the
wall. I leaned against the wall too watching
him get up slowly I begun to panic, he got
up on his feet and gave me a angry look .
He took a step towards me, I got more
frightened, my body became totally cold,
my mind started roaming like ROM out of
fear as he walked towards me still holding
his balls and groaning in pain .
I reached for a mug from the dinning table,
as he got a bit closer and tried to hold me I
slipped from his hand and hit his head
hard with the mug. Just then Lizzy
entered……Guess what happened


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