BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 11


It was past 1am and my cousin still stood
in my room expecting an explanation which
I wasn’t ready to give….
LIZZY: You better start talking else I will
wake mom up and you know what will
NAA DROMOR: Ok fine I have a confession,
but first you have to promise me you are
not going to spill my beans to mum…..
She thought for a while… then agreed, just
as she was about sitting on my bed, she
flashes on my bloody night gown, she took
and gave me a surprised look.
LIZZY: Dromor, don’t tell me Andrew broke
your virginity….
She said, raising her voice
NAA DROMOR: Shuuuuuush !!!.. You will
wake mummy up… just sit down, it has
nothing to do with sex, yes I admit I was in
Andrew’s room, but far from what you’re
thinking. I didn’t believe when mom said
you were still a virgin, so I sneaked into his
room whiles he was in the shower, and hid
under the bed so I……
LIZZY: so you saw everything?(she
exclaimed with her eyes wide open)
NAA DROMOR:Yes… and I heard
everything… and I know you are not a virgin
as mummy thinks.
I saw nervousness and disappointment in
her ( ha-ha, let’s see who’s going to be
submissive to who) I said that in my mind…
she confessed to me she broke her
virginity a year ago, but didn’t tell me who,
that is none of my business though…. All I
needed was the truth…. Sometimes it’s
good to be smart….she handed over my
earrings, we both promised each other not
to tell mom about our little secret else my
mom will kill me…just as she opens the
door to step out of my room Andrew fell on
the ground upon leaning against my door…
we both looked into each other’s face in
surprise…. He started explaining himself out
of shame and guilt.
ANDREW: I heard voices and I…..i..i… (he
With my eyes gazed at his slender but
dashing body moving vertically from his
head to toe, I chipped in “Who cares?” and
walked away slamming the door behind me
leaving them to fix their square pegs in
square holes.
The hard knock on the door woke me up…I
checked the time and it was 55 minutes
past 11am… I might have over slept due to
last night’s encounter, the whole house was
quiet, as usual I’ve been left all alone at
home… the knock came again, I quickly
jumped off the bed and dashed out, I was
frightened to have seen Brian at the door…
yes I know you are confused… let me
explain, Brian is the “dadaba” in my area,
he’s the only son of his rich parents. Brian
was the first guy to have introduced me to
sex, I was green then but he ruined my
pride out of our curiosity. We are of the
same age, but he knew more than I did, he
took my pride at a very early age…. I stared
at him like a stooge.

BRIAN: Can I at least come in?(with that
charming look in his face)
Just as I closed the door behind me, he
grabbed me and kissed me, I hadn’t even
brushed by then, but his mood was high so
he didn’t even care, I could feel his hard c–
k robbing me, even though I was feeling
pain at my back, I still felt the sweetness in
his kiss, we both stripped each other, just
as he placed me on the dining table, there
came another hard knock on the door…I
quickly wore my night gown but pushed
him into my room naked with his cloths
still on the floor.. I opened the door and I
couldn’t believe Andrew had returned to the
ANDREW: I came to finish what we
I was nervous, the desire for him had fled, I
watched him undress himself… suddenly I
heard the main gate being slammed, I
checked the window… Oh no! Lizzy was
heading towards the door, I was more
confused than ever…I quickly pushed
Andrew into my room picked up their
cloths and threw them at him then
slammed the door. Then Lizzy entered…
LIZZY: You now waking up I guess… I left
my phone on your dressing table after
using your pomade…
Before I could say jack, she had already
stormed my room… I started to concoct lies
in my mind…she came out with the phone
in her hand, giving me a look which meant
to me that there was nothing but trouble…
Before I could realize the floor was filled
with urine…Gosh I have peed!! Oh, the life
of a thief.


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