BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 10


This is the creepiest moment l’ve ever
experience in my entire 18 years of living. I
silently endured the scratches and broses I
got on my body while trying to hide… I was
peeping from my corner even though I was
suffering and being chocked by dust.. Lizzy
looked at Andrew’s naked body and I could
tell from the look on her face she wanted
him so bad
LIZZY: wow! You are huge in reality than
what I saw in the picture..
He said nothing but smiled… I could sense
nervousness on his face.. Lizzy dropped
her night gown and moved closer to him..
ANDREW: Baby. . your mom,
LIZZY: she’s fast asleep by now
ANDREW: your sister…
LIZZY: she’s asleep too…. Come on hold
He held her and kissed her passionately……
He s—-d her small b—-t with some kind of
love and passion I’ve never seen in his
eyes.. He carried her and placed her on the
bed.. OMG I felt the weight on me, I didn’t
know what was happening again but I
could hear groans and moans while I was
being compressed under the bed. I felt the
bed moving, and the speed kept
increasing.. All i could hear was kum, kum,
kum the movement of the bed. I could
imagine the power and the strength he’s
venting on my cousin… I felt a sharp pain
within, my heart started beating extremely
fast and from no where tears dropped
down my eyes… I can’t explain how I was
feeling at that time, you will call it jealousy
but I will call it “PAIN”.. Then I heard voices,
like ha, ha, aaww, am coming in my
cousin’s voice.. I heard Andrew too, oh,

The bed started moving faster than its
usual speed, I felt more pain on my back,
suddenly I felt a liquid fluid on my
shoulders.. Blood ?The tip of the rough
woods and nails had scratched my back
and was causing pain. It was unbearable..
As they both entered the bathroom after
that hot sex.. I came out slowly and tip
toed into my room….I couldn’t believe the
bruises I had on my back, my white night
gown was soaked in blood, I quickly
entered the shower shedding tears out of
two pains, being broken hearted and being
hurt. Whiles looking into the mirror after
the shower, I realized I had lost one ear
ring… I started looking around for it… Just
then my cousin entered.. I was frightened,
we looked into each others eyes
LIZZY: why are you still awake?
NAA DROMOR: I have stomach upset .
She stretched her hand.. They laid my ear
ring in her palm.. I pretended not to know it
was missing, I touched my ears and I was
NAA DROMOR: that’s mine
LIZZY: yes I know, but am not giving it to
you, until you tell me what it was doing in
the guest room…
What do you think is going to happen next?


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