BED SHEETS…..(18+)…..Part 1

It was a hot sunny afternoon, I peacefully
lay in my bed watching a movie … Oh no, it
was almost 2pm.. I jumped out of my bed
and entered the shower, carefully washed
down with my shower gel which had a
sweet fragrance like that of a fresh white
Lily. I admired my total nakedness in my
dressing mirror.. Hmm I love what I see,
even though I watch my beautiful glowing
skin and my attractive curves everyday, I
never got fed up watching it every second
because I love what I see everyday… Slowly
I robbed the cream on my smooth soothing
skin ,rolled my deodorant under my armpit,
carefully placed the cap of my bra on my
b—-t and lock it tight behind me pushing
my b—-t up making it more round and
attractive.. I slipped into my lingerie then
into my long skirt which was an inch below
my knee. Slipped into my sleeveless blue
blouse that half way covers my b—-t, I
placed my small ear rings on and splashed
my body with the sweet scented Avon body
splash. Finally I was ready to step on the
road. From my house to Kaneshie market
is just a 10 minutes walk but a 4-5minute
drive. All the trotro seem fully loaded
before it gets to the bus stop, even though
the sun was out I decide to walk. Anyone
that passes by me steals a glance.. Haha it
was a great feeling catching the attention
of both the young and the old. As I walked
elegantly on the street of Mataheko I
spotted a young man coming ahead of me,
the color of his shirt caught my attention,
as he drew closer, I noticed there was
something more attractive about him than
just the color of his shirt. His hair was
neatly trimmed and his mustache carefully
shaped, I got more attracted so I looked
more, I loved his curved muscular body in
his colorful shirt and his well ironed
trousers that hanged on his ankle and his
loafer neatly polished with his shirt well
tacked inn, in fact he was decently dressed.
The amazing part was that he looked at me
as he got closer and I couldn’t take my
eyes off either, we both looked deep into
each other’s eyes till we passed by each
other… “Wow! This guy is cute” I said to
myself, I couldn’t believe it so I turned to
have a second look and guess what…. Our
eyes met again because he also turned to
take another look at me, but I played smart,
I turned quickly and walked a bit faster
than my legs could carry with a sweet
broad smile on my face. The rest of my
journey to kaneshie market was full of
smiles and flash back of that sweet
moment that happened in just a swift.
Finally I bought the fresh fish at kaneshie
market and returned home in a taxi
because I was already late and mom was
going to kill me if she gets home before

The taxi parks in front of my gate, I paid
the driver and alight from the taxi with my
fresh fish.. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This
young man was right in front of my gate,
“OMG! It was like a dream, at a point I
wanted to smile at him but hey I had to be
a lady. I walked up to the entrance of my
gate and watched him as he plays with his
ME: hi.. Are u looking for someone?
ANDREW: Hey… Wow! You are the lady I….
I wanted to smile but I swallowed it quick
and gave him a straight face as he looks
deep into my eye d–n!! That look is so

ME: yes… Are you looking for someone?
ANDREW: eerh yeah, a lady by the name
Lizzy, she gave me the direction to her
house I don’t know if I am at the right
place.. TITRIKU ST. 1st Ampah close house
number B255/2.
Well, I knew he was talking about my
cousin Lizzy, I felt jealous but I didn’t want
to show it
ME: you are at the right place.. But do you
know the lady in question?
ANDREW: honestly no, we’ve been blind
dating for 6 months, I wasn’t in the country
I returned just last night so I decided to
come look for her.
Now that made me more jealous
Me: Lizzy is my cousin, I don’t think she’s
back from class, come in and wait for her
that is if you would want to
ANDRE: yes.. Sure, it would be a pleasure…
Anyway am Andrew by name and you are?
ME: Dromor… Naa Dromor.. Meaning
I walked him in and gave him a seat in the
living room.. I served him with a glass of
fruit juice which he rejected but I insisted
ANDREW: you are very beautiful Dromor.
That compliment was like a fresh cold
water running down my hot body… I went
back into my room and changed into a
shorts that almost showed my buttocks
and a sleeveless top that had my b—-t
almost falling out.. I sat right opposite to
him in the sofa, he looks deep into my eyes
and I couldn’t take off mine too, I got up
trying to walk away from the lustful feeling
I was having for my cousins blind date..
But he gripped me from behind, pushed me
to the wall and kissed me so deep, his soft
lips got me wanting for more, I looked at
him again and we kissed deeply again,
again and again. A lot was running through
my mind at that time, I slipped my hands
down into his trousers d–n! Couldn’t
believe what my hand touched, a full
strong erected penis, he was as if trying to
tell me he wants me. He pulled up my
blouse and grab my heavy b—-t into his
mouth.. Oh my word.. That feeling my n—-
e where so hard that I couldn’t take it
anymore. I brought out his long big black
shiny penis and begins to suck it, he
groans so hard.. He pushed me against the
wall and pulled down my shorts.. Just then
a hard knock came on the door…..


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