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( S£xy Riri… )

Genre: College romance

Tags: Suspense, Bullying, Hatred, Heartbreak, Jealousy, Secrets, Betrayal.


By, Naomi Cindy B.


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HEARTBREAK, that word has never came as a surprise to her. She’s used to it more than she’s used to blinking.

Her heart is in shreds already… Guys are always ready to date her but they’re also always ready to break her heart.

Why?, She has no idea.

She’s curvy, s*xy and beautiful, her shapes is a killer, she’s a popular model… She’s among the top three in Australia.

Her name is Quincy Norbert. She has experienced heartbreak in the past two years so much that she had almost forgot what being loved felt like.

Her dad is one of the richest in Australia but she makes her own money… She’s f*cking rich!, She’s twenty one.

Guys are only after her body and richness. Once they have a taste of her and her money, they take off.

After experiencing the second heartbreak that year, she hatched a plan .

She planned to come to Korea from Australia with a different identity.

What identity?

What’s her plan?

Down to Korea… Genova Alejandro and Reece Alejandro are the most handsome twin brothers you’ll ever find.. they’re hot!

Their names won’t make you detect that they’re twin brothers, and so is their face.

They don’t look alike in any aspect, they’re different entirely.

While Genova is cool and mostly quiet, Reece is always loud and stubborn… Though Genova is stubborn but not until something triggers it.

Reece is a flirt and a pervert, Genova is lovely and simple, he can’t tolerate noises so he’s always with his headphones.

They’re the sons of the rich Max Alejandro, owner of Gold group, a large group of companies in Korea, he’s f*cking rich.

They’re both students of Maybelline college .

They’re both the stars of the school.

They’re singers!, Popular idols with the name SUGAR BOYS, they always sing together on stage but they’re never in good terms with each other.

How is this possible?

Polly and Molly Kang are also students of Maybelline college. They’re another set of twins (girls) from the Kang family. They’re identical but it stops at their faces.

While Polly is hot headed, a bully, stubborn, proud, arrogant and callous, Molly is gentle though Polly drags her into bullying a lot of times too and if she refuses, she bullies her. Polly is a model.. a rising star.

They live in Cosmos estate…a big estate in the heart of Gangnam with magnificent houses, only for the rich.

The Alejandro family lives in the estate too…in fact their mansion is just beside each other.

Most of the rich students from Maybelline college live in the estate.

Mr Dan Kang, the father of the twins is the owner of K group.. another big group of companies in Korea.

Mr Alejandro and Mr Kang are the two major contributors in Maybelline college.

How will Quincy meet these personalities?

What will it be like if she attends Maybelline?

Find out.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.