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He took it and entered the bathroom.

She changed into a top that reached the middle of her thighs, offing her right shoulder.

Genova came out of the bathroom with only the towel on his waist and she quickly turned her back on him.

He went to her and turned her to himself.

“My abs” he said, pointing at his chest.

She laughed nervously.

” Ok seen” she said and turned her back again.

He smiled and hugged her from behind, crossing his arms on her b**bs.

They’re coincidentally in front of the mirror.

Feeling his bare chest on her back feels different, f*cking different.

And his wet hair that’s scattered on his head with the ones that fell on his forehead rebelliously.

He looks irresistible.

“Stop giving me that look” she said, looking at his face on her shoulder in the mirror.

” What look?”

“As if you wanna eat me raw” she said and he smiled.

“I’m still searching for mayonnaise, once I find it, I’ll eat you raw with it” he replied and she giggled.

” You’re naughty”

” Never knew we’re gonna be spending tonight together after all” he said.

” Me too, but I’m happy” she replied, cutely taking in her bottom lip.

“Stop that” he whispered.

“What?” She replied.

Instead of answering, he kissed her neck gently and she gasped at the warmness of his lips.

“Pink” he whispered

“Yes sunshine” she replied.

“Kiss me” he whispered.

Quincy went mute at first but when she took another look at his lips in the mirror, she turned to him suddenly and crashed her lips roughly on his own.

Genova held her waist as their lips moved rhythmically on each other.

Her br*asts rubbed on his bare chest and he grabbed her waist tighter.

She rubbed her palms delicately on his body and his hair stood pointed in their holes.

They started traveling to the bed and when they finally got to their destination, they went down together and she sat straddled on his torso.

She bent over him and kissed his chest before rubbing it again.

She snaked her palms from his chest to his face.

She caressed it seductively and his skin tingled.

He got impatient and sat up, he grabbed her ass and she released a gasp as he pulled her closer.

He was about to move to the next stage…

“Are you guys asleep already?” Kimberly asked from the door.

Quincy quickly got off him.

“Yes Kim!’ she said.

” Oh, ok then, goodnight!” She replied and left.

Quincy inhaled and looked at Genova who has a naughty smile on his face.

“Pervert” she shot and got him one of her joggers and hood.

He put them on and fell on the bed.

She slept beside him but he immediately hugged her to himself.

“Goodnight s*xy”

“Night night.. naughty” she smiled, holding him too.



“Genova” Max said, walking fast to Genova as he came in.

“Who’s my biological mother?” He asked immediately and Max stopped.

” Where’s she?” Genova asked again.

“She’s… Genny..

“Who’s my biological mother!” He yelled and Hanna came down.

” That snake abandoned you since you were some months old” she said.

” And I wasn’t talking to you” Genova glared.

Hanna scoffed and Reece came downstairs.

“The bastard is back” he said hatefully.

Genova looked at Max again and went upstairs.

He entered his room and picked just one thing, the multicoloured headphones that Quincy got for him.

He came back afterwards.

“Whenever you’re ready to tell me who my mum is, you know where to find me” he said to Max’s face and left the house.

” Did you knowingly do this cos you know Maybelline is coming back soon?” Max said to Hanna.

” Yes!!” Hanna yelled and went in angrily.

“Mrs Maybelline?, Main owner of Maybelline college?, How’s she concerned?” Reece asked.

Max went in without answering.



“I’m glad you’re finally awake” Quincy said, stroking Polly’s hair.

She’s already awake when she got there.

“I’m glad too, I thought I’d die” she smiled.

“Your dad got five years, Molly got a year and two months” Bae said.

Polly smiled.

” Just get well soon babe, the doctor said you’ll stay here till Wednesday” Trinidad said.

” He’s joking, I’m leaving today” Polly said.

” You’re the one who’s joking” Quincy said.

“How could i possibly stay here till Wednesday next week, cut the crap” Polly replied, trying to sit up but Bae pushed back her forehead with a finger.

She went back down.

“Rest” Bae glared.


” Rest” Trinidad interrupted.

” I hate you guys” Polly said.

“We’re staying with you till 10 when we have our first class” Quincy said.

” Whatever, I’m thirsty” Polly pouted .

“I’ll get you some water” Trinidad said and left the ward.

She came back with a glass after some minutes but unknown to her, some of it trickled down.

She handed it to Polly who drank a lot.

Izzy came in and her face brightened up when she saw Polly conscious.

“DollyP!!” She screamed, rushing to her in excitement.

She stepped on the water and slipped.

Craig came in with Genny.

“Izzy!” Quincy screamed as she started going down.

Craig took just two steps to Izzy and grabbed her arm.

He pulled her back to her feet but he slipped on the water too.

He fell and she fell on top of him, their lips accidentally met and slammed on each other.

Every eyes got wider but Bae’s eyes almost popped.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.