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“Dan Kang killed his wife?” The cop said.

Polly breathed hard and almost fell but the cop held her arm.

“Steady….calm down” he said.

She was taken in properly and made to sit.

“Contact a nurse, her face needs to be treated” one of them said.

” The report made two years ago was that Dita Kang fell from the stairs” the cop said.

” That was a blatant lie” she said.

” How” the interrogator said.

“She was pushed down the stairs by my dad during an argument, dad never loved mum, they always argued and fought, dad was always he guilty one, he never listened to mum’s ideas despite the fact that mum is the owner of the company” Polly sniffed.

” Dita Kang owns K group of companies?”

“The proof is here” Polly said, giving them the recorder.

It was played and and two voices spoke, Molly’s and Mr Kang’s.

“I knowingly didn’t tell anyone that I saw you pushing mum off the stairs” Molly said.

” Thanks for that, it wasn’t intentional Molly trust me” Mr Kang replied.

“Stop trying to lie again, you intentionally pushed her during the argument, she fell And cracked her head cos of you, you never loved her” Molly replied.

” That’s because she loves trying to command everything about the company” Mr Kang said.

” She has every right to do that cos the company is hers” Molly replied.

” But she signed it over to me immediately we got married” Mr Kang replied.

” So you married her cos of the company?” Molly replied.

” Molly look, just continue keeping the secret and I promise to do everything you want, anything” Mr Kang said.

” Anything?” Molly said.

” Trust me” Mr Kang replied.

The record ended.

“I eavesdropped this three days after mum’s death, I decided to record for a day like this” Polly said.

The interrogator stood .

” Get an arrest warrant for Dan and Molly Kang” he said.

A cop went into the upper office and when he came back, he brought the warrant.

He left the station with six other cops.

“Easy, easy ok?” The interrogator said, patting Polly who immediately started crying again.

The nurse came in and started treating her face, Polly kept crying throughout.

“What are you doing here Twinkle?” The interrogator asked as a guy entered the station.

” I’m done with my classes, I just thought of coming to stay with you till you’ll be done” he replied.

” I won’t be done anytime soon” the interrogator replied.

” But I can’t stay at home alone dad” Twinkle replied.

“I might stake out you know” the interrogator replied.

“When did interrogators start staking out?” He said and they both laughed.

Twinkle sat and started playing games on his phone but when Polly kept crying, he looked up.

The nurse has finished treating her face by now.

“The running girl with a bloody face?” He said.

“What’s wrong with her?” Twinkle mouthed to his dad.

“None of your business, just sit quietly” he replied and Twinkle smiled, admiring his dad’s spirit.

He has decided to become a cop too cos of his dad.

“My name is interrogator Ha Jin, feel free to tell me any other thing” the interrogator said.

Polly sniffed.

“Like I said, I need you to steady and calm down ok?” Ha Jin said.

” I’ll try” Polly hiccuped and Quincy rushed in.

” Polly!” She called loudly, rushing to her.

” Rihanna” Polly stood .

Quincy hugged her so tight immediately she got to her.

Twinkle watched them with interest.

“I was so scared, I thought something bad happened to you when I saw the post about you running with a bleeding face” Quincy said.

” I’m not fine Riri, I’m hurt and devastated, I’m just… everything bad, I’m in pains and it hurts like hell” Polly cried and Quincy tightened the hug.

” Whatever it is, you’ll be fine, please stop crying” Quincy said, stroking her hair.

” Dad killed my mum” Polly said and Twinkle’s eyes widened.

Quincy gently broke the hug with a shocked look on her face.

“What….did you say?”



After Molly saw the post of running Polly, she got suspicious.

She went for her bag in class and rushed out of school.

She got to the park and was about to enter her car when the cops zoomed in.

They came straight to her and her heart is already playing around her throat.

She started shaking visibly.

“How….may I…help you?” She asked fearfully.

” Detective Kyung” the first one showed his ID.

” Detective Dave” the second one did the same

” Miss Molly Kang, we have a warrant to arrest you for keeping the secret of a murderer” detective Kyung said.

” Arrest?, No….I don’t want to get arrested” Molly said, fidgeting so much.

Students swooned around to watch the scene.

Her hands were forcefully cuffed.

“I did nothing wrong! Let me go bastards!” She started screaming as she was urged to move.

” Keeping quiet right now will really help later in court” detective Dave said.

” I don’t want to go to court!,…it wasn’t my fault just ask dad!” She continued shouting as she got into the cops car.

” What just happened?” Bae said.

“Polly was running with blood on her face just now and now Molly got arrested?” Trinidad said.

” Where could Polly be” Izzy said.

“Riri is missing too” Bae said

“Let’s go to the station first” Trinidad suggested and they all got into Bae’s car.

“Did you see Riri?” Genova asked Craig.

“I didn’t, the school is full of gists about Polly and Molly so I don’t have time to sight her” he replied.

Genova tried Quincy’s line again but she’s still not picking.

She has not been picking since he started calling her line some minutes ago.

“Where’s she, I’m worried as hell, is she ok?” He wondered.

” Did she go home?” He muttered and went back to class but her handbag is there.

“Where’s she then?” He said, getting more worried.

“Looking for your Riri?” Reece asked behind him and he faced him.

” Well yes” he replied without hesitation.

” Wait…I called her your Riri and you said yes?, Meaning you’re really into her for real?” Reece said.

” Yeah we’re dating, romantically” Genova replied

” How funny, you dating that low class girl is really gross” Reece said.

Genova smiled.

“Thanks….I love her that way…her glasses, blush, big skirts and oversized shirts…I love everything oh boy but….” He said and stepped closer.

“I’ve got the s*xiest girlfriend in Korea trust me, I can bet anything” he whispered into Reece’s ear and smiled at his face.

“Baby singer…I know you don’t have sore throat, you’re just afraid of f*cking up, sorry I’m just quick-witted” he winked and left.

” Bastard” Reece muttered.



The press are already surrounding the station when Dan Kang got down from the cops car with handcuffs.

?️ Mr Dan Kang, is it true that you killed your wife cos of her company?

?️ Did you really push her down the stairs?

?️ How did you manage to seal your daughter’s lips for two years?

Another police car came to an halt and Molly was led out of it.

Some of the press shifted to her.

?️ Are you really your dad’s secret keeper?

?️ How was it like?, Keeping the secret of your mum’s killer?

?️ Did he buy your lips with something?

Molly and Dan exchanged glances as they were led Into the station by the cops.

They were made to sit in front of Ha Jin and Polly joined them.

Quincy is sitting beside Twinkle right now.

“I’m sorry ion mean to be rude but that shameless Riri girl….” Twinkle said, looking at her.

” Yeah it’s me, any gist?” Quincy replied.

” I already said I don’t mean to be rude, by the way I’m Twinkle, son of the interrogator” he smiled.

” Oh..I see” Quincy replied and concentrated back on the interrogation.

“Why did you kill your wife two years ago?” Ha Jin asked.

” It was a mistake, we were arguing and I pushed her coincidentally” Dan replied.

” It wasn’t a mistake!, I saw it!, You knowingly pushed her during the argument!” Molly snapped.

Polly turned Molly to herself and gave her a deafening slap.

Molly gasped hurtfully.

“You knew and you kept quiet all these while!, Do you know why I’ve kept the recorder to myself for the past two years?, Because I thought you’d repent one day and say it out but you kept getting worse Mollyanna! The fact that I bear Anna with you is a shame and I hate you from the pit of my stomach!, You disgust me grossly!” Polly yelled at her face.

” If you manhandle again, I won’t take it lightly” Ha Jin warned as Polly was made to sit again.

“You pushed your wife to death cos of her company?” He asked.

“It was….it was the devil, I dunno what came over me” Dan replied.

” The devil himself is tired of taking blames for humans, you guys don’t get tired of blaming him?” Ha Jin said

” How cruel of you Molly Kang, your dad killed your mum and you kept quiet after witnessing it? How were you able to sleep at nights?”

” I actually bought her off, I give her fifty million dollars every month, I bought an house for her in Paris and I bought her a private jet too, I change her car every two weeks, I bought a mansion for her in New York too and I do everything she wants” Dan replied.

” You took all these in exchange for mother’s life?” Polly stood, stylishly taking off her shoes.

” Mother loved you than she loved me when she was alive, I never liked her” Molly said and Polly slapped her with the shoe.

Molly bled and Polly threw the shoe at Dan angrily.

“I want to kill them and kill myself too!!!, Please allow me to truncate their lives!, They’re wasting air by breathing please!!!! ” She screamed.

She was taken far away from them immediately.

“So, you kept your father’s dirty secret cos your late mum loved your twin sister more, this is crazy I can’t seem to wrap my head around it” Ha Jin said.

” I’m sorry” Molly cried.

” I want to kill them just please!, Just let me kill them and just… Just end them already, they don’t deserve to live!” Polly said.

” Hey calm down, you’re in a cops station, let the cops do their jobs” Twinkle said and Polly faced him.

” Who are you?” She asked, hiding the anger in her voice as she looked at him as if to turn him to steak on a plate and tear him apart with a knife and fork.

“Twinkle” he replied.

“Should I draw twinkle little stars on your face? ,Huh?, Why did you talk you nosy jerk! ” She snapped and went for him.

She grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him up.

She gave him the punches she wasn’t chanced to give Molly, venting her anger on him.

Quincy wasn’t able to take him from her, not until the cops stepped in.

Polly was held and pulled away from him.

Twinkle’s face is all a mess with bruises already, his shirt is ruffled and his hair is scattered.

“I told you to mind your business didn’t I?, Go get yourself treated” Ha Jin said and Twinkle left the station immediately.

“eomma!!!” Polly broke down in tears again, squatting sorrowfully.


Polly came out of the station with Quincy and they met Bae and the girls in front of it.

“Polly!” Trinidad shouted, rushing to give her a hug.

“We’re just seeing the news, Polly how could you keep such to yourself” Izzy said.

Polly hugged Trinidad back.

” I can’t breathe” she whispered.

“Stop joking” Trinidad said but Polly went limp on her shoulder.

“This is not some f*cking joke babe, she passed out!* Bae said quickly.

“To the car …. Hospital…. To the car please!” Quincy said .

They jointly took her into the car and Bae did the driving to the hospital.

She was admitted and revived luckily.

“She needs adequate rest, like much rest at least for a week or more” doctor Hong said.

” But she’s totally fine” Trinidad asked.

” Sure, but the rest is important so I’m not discharging her till next week Monday or even Wednesday” doctor Hong replied.

” I’m glad, she’ll surely rest cos she obviously needs it” Quincy replied.


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