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She almost landed on the ground but Red magically appeared and held her waist, preventing her from falling.

All the girls gasped.

“Are you ok?” Red asked and Trinidad nodded shyly before freeing herself from him.

He brushed back the hair on her face with his fingers before leaving.

“Whoa, when did he become Romeo” Bae said and everyone laughed.

” I’ll be right back girls” Polly said and left the cafeteria.

“Who noticed she has been moody” Quincy said.

“I did” Izzy said.

” What could be wrong?” Bae said and when she sighted Craig down the block, she dropped her fork and rushed down the cafeteria

She blocked Craig below the stairs.

“Hey… Lina” he smiled nervously.

“Why did you like all my pictures?” She asked sternly.

“It was….was a mistake” he replied.

“Mistake?, Hahahaha, what kind of mistake is that” she laughed.

“I’m… sorry” he said and she leaned in.

He shifted back.

” What are you doing?” He said, looking at her.

She smiled naughtily.

” Do you like me?” She asked.

“Bae you…

” Shhh” she said, placing her pointer finger in the middle of his lips.

Izzy came by and Bae suddenly pecked Craig’s cheek.

“That’s to pay for liking my pictures, your punishment” she winked and made to climb up the stairs, she met Izzy who’s coming down.

“On my way to class!” She gushed and climbed up.

Craig climbed up too, leaving Izzy on the stairs.

The next group of students who passed by the stairs brushed past Izzy and she had to hold the rails for support so she won’t fall.

“Why am I feeling like this” she muttered, touching her chest.


Polly got to the rooftop and let out her tears.

She stood by the edge, staring down.

“Should I just jump down and die?” She thought, remembering how her mum died.

She closed her eyes, letting out more tears from her eyes.

“I just want to disappear” she cried, resting on the edge.

She lost Genny, she was already thinking of finding comfort in Red, maybe she’d develop feelings for him along the way but it’s not gonna be possible since it seems he’s already into Trinidad.

She continued crying profusely, not noticing that Molly is coming behind.

Molly pointed her two arms forward, planning to just push her once she gets to her.

She kept that up and kept tiptoeing to her slowly.

Quincy climbed the rooftop with the intention of meeting Genny there but her eyes widened when she saw what’s about to happen.

“Polly watch out!” She shouted and Polly looked back.

Molly withdrew her hands and rushed downstairs.

Quincy grabbed her.

“Why would you try to push her?’ she demanded.

Molly broke free and rushed down.

“She tried to do what?, Push me?” Polly said.

Quincy saw her teary face and became more worried.

” Polly why the tears?”

“Maybe it’s hightime I stop keeping quiet, I can’t take this anymore!, I’m done keeping it all in!” Polly said audibly and rushed down the stairs.

She rushed straight to the parking lot.

She drove out of school and went straight to Hilton garden inn where she’s staying.

She got the needed evidence and rushed out.

She met Quincy outside, just coming out of a cab.

She actually followed her from school.

“Polly what’s happening?, I’m damn confused here I….

” Stop following me!” Polly snapped and got into her car.

She drove roughly out of the inn and Quincy entered the cab too, telling the driver to drive fast after her.

Polly sped so badly, ignoring all the traffic rules as she drove to the station.

Tears continued wetting her pretty face and her hands shook on the stirring.

“Mummy!!!!!” She cried loudly, her tears taste bitter as it penetrated Into her mouth.

“eomma!!!!” She screamed tearfully again.

Her tears blinded her for a moment as she sped.

She was unaware of when she crashed into a coming car.

Not until her head hit on the steering and bounced back on the chair.

Blood rushed down her face from her wounded forehead and mixed with her tears.

She left the car and the owner of the second car was already ranting, not minding her bloody face.

She took another look at the recorder with her and started running.

Everyone who has a phone recoded her.

THE RUNNING GIRL WITH A BLOODY FACE filled the whole internet within a minute.

She continued running till the cops started chasing after her.

Her blood kept oozing out, streaming down from her face to her dress.

She kept crying too and the cops kept telling her to stop from the megaphone but she won’t stop.

She finally entered the police station and all the cops stood, shocked to see her in such a state.

All eyes widened shockingly.

Polly held the shirt of the first cop she came across.

“I’m Polly Kang, I’m here to report the murder of my mum, Dita Kang who was killed by my dad… Dan Kang whose secret was kept by my twin sister, Molly Kang” she breathed, raising up the recorder.

” Huh?”



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.